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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - JUST

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Reappearance, 123:in the world, the fringes of which have only just been touched. Only when the Hierarchy is presentReappearance, 125:the people. Christ Himself taught that just before He came, this state of affairs would be foundReappearance, 126:fivefold development upon it. Four ages have just passed away, astronomically speaking: Gemini,Reappearance, 148:God" (Matt., VI, 33.) Here dwell the "spirits of just men made perfect" (Heb., XII, 23.); here theReappearance, 152:of words which will later be given to the race, just as the Lord's Prayer was given by the Christ,Reappearance, 156:divine attributes in the consciousness of man, just as the major festivals establish the threeSoul, 24:while differing among themselves, would hold just the reverse, namely, that all is physical, andSoul, 36:we have advanced sufficiently to realize that, just as certain patterns are formed in the body by aSoul, 47:of perception is another thyroid quality. Just as the thyroid plus is more energetic, so is he moreSoul, 65:other static property of matter, the ether is just beginning to take its rightful place in theSoul, 66:but it probably subserves psychical purposes, just as matter does. Professors Tait and BalfourSoul, 80:are, as conceptions, completely identical, just as the conceptions 'inanimate' and 'dead' areSoul, 81:'monistic,' though it avoids one-sidedness just as it avoids dualism, only that the conception hasSoul, 97:into this universe? By the power of Prana. Just as Akasha is the infinite omnipresent material ofSoul, 107:the root 'Yuga' to join or to weld together. Just as in welding, two pieces of the same metal areSoul, 113:column (Merudanda). It is to be noted that, just as there are five centers (Chakras) hereinafterSoul, 114:and optic nerves, from the parts of the brain just in front of the bulb. Writers of the Yoga andSoul, 115:up the spinal column and in the head as we have just shown, but they are related to one anotherSoul, 118:Anahata, and Vishuddha Chakras respectively, just as tracts have been assigned in special, even ifSoul, 146:man has failed as yet to recognize and control, just as he failed centuries ago to cognize thoseTelepathy, 41:consciousness of the brain in the location lying just behind the ajna center and consequently inTelepathy, 54:present, and the eye of the see-er can see it, just as the eye of the mental clairvoyant can seeTelepathy, 55:environment. It is, in the last analysis, just a question as to what "impresses" you at any givenTelepathy, 59:what we may call ordinary telepathic perception (just now coming to recognition by ordinaryTelepathy, 70:It is essential that you here bear in mind that just as the mass of men do not know, recognize orTelepathy, 76:planes to a disciple under training or who has just been admitted into an Ashram. These teachingsTelepathy, 96:is a magnetic center of light and knowledge just in so far as the magnetic aura is held by him in aTelepathy, 146:vehicle. The three head centers exist, one just above the top of the head, another just in front ofTelepathy, 146:one just above the top of the head, another just in front of the eyes and forehead, and the thirdTelepathy, 146:forehead, and the third at the back of the head, just above where the spinal column ends. ThisTelepathy, 154:the circumference of the dense physical body. Just as it can be said of the soul or of the Deity,Telepathy, 184:in its response to the life within all forms. Just as the basic mode of activity in and through
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