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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - JUSTIFIED

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Autobiography, 50:ground so that their own preconceived ideas are justified; they know beforehand what you shouldAutobiography, 169:of the Axis nations, His position has been justified. All this time the situation at Krotona wasAutobiography, 304:hour. We do not stand alone. Our efforts are justified by our relationship to all working disciplesDiscipleship1, 125:satisfaction or prideful reaction but as a justified and right reward of patient effort and trueDiscipleship1, 126:and your preferred circumstances are correct and justified. This energy and force are reinforcedDiscipleship1, 473:instructions and suggestions and the result has justified the experiment. I suggest that you stillDiscipleship1, 655:and decide for yourself whether my analysis is justified, and whether truth lies behind what I haveDiscipleship2, 326:launched and much of the original purpose justified. For the next seven thousand years [327] hisExternalisation, 142:undeveloped people. Its use has, however, been justified [143] and it is desired that itsExternalisation, 491:has been accomplished, and my prophecy has been justified during this momentous year of our LordExternalisation, 638:those three phases of selfishness - is entirely justified. That fact, in itself, supplies a majorFire, 707:Secret Doctrine will be vindicated and her work justified. 35 Avitchi. A state of consciousness,Fire, 908:evolution, but in the interim between cause and justified effect much harm, evasion of the law, andFire, 1147:into the forefront of the then civilization, and justified hierarchical effort. Thirdly, TheyHercules, 20:on this point and had to prove that he was justified in taking this step. He then makes theInitiation, 105:the ability of men duly to adjust conditions was justified, and interference proved needless. ThisInitiation, 118:basic realizations: His faith for ages is justified, and hope and belief merge themselves inPsychology1, 165:was under the sixth subray, and I think we are justified in drawing the inference that the rise ofSoul, 109:this center as Brahma-pura is found to be fully justified. But Brahma, considered in this manner as
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