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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - KARMA

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Astrology, 14:the planetary centers... This is hidden in the karma of the Heavenly Man. When true esotericAstrology, 45:bearing upon this mystery. This is hidden in the karma of the solar Logos, and concerns HisAstrology, 46:solar system. Entangled closely [46] with the karma of these two cosmic Entities, was that of theAstrology, 46:planet, the planetary Logos. It was this triple karma which brought in the "serpent religion" andAstrology, 103:through experience and the working of the Law of Karma, subject to the Great Illusion and arrivingAstrology, 105:is a dual sign. First: Saturn is the Lord of Karma, the imposer of retribution and the one whoAstrology, 105:man (the spiritual man) has freed himself from Karma and from the power of the two Crosses - theAstrology, 132:- Mars, presenting opportunity to work off karma and to be successful in so doing and indicatingAstrology, 138:in Capricorn and the man is then free from karma and needs no presentation of opportunity for heAstrology, 158:of fate" which are the enactments of the law of karma. Again and again, a certain measure ofAstrology, 164:is one of the most potent of the four Lords of Karma and forces man to face up to the past, and inAstrology, 165:the initiate from the power of the Lords of Karma. Capricorn - Guards the secret of the soul itselfAstrology, 167:is Saturn in Capricorn imposing the law of karma upon the people. A clue to the significance of theAstrology, 310:he requires. Saturn, therefore, the Lord of Karma, has his power lessened in [311] this sign. It isAstrology, 383:dharma to work out together. Just what that karma and relationship may prove eventually to be liesAstrology, 409:by human [409] error and sinfulness, by past Karma and emerging idealism (responsive to theAstrology, 435:foundations, concretization, the mountain of karma that holds down the [436] struggling soul or theAstrology, 437:in the "crumbling of the mountain load of karma" which heralds the vision of the new day from theAstrology, 443:events, that "such is the Law and such is the Karma of people and nations and such is theAstrology, 444:is simply to wait for results to appear and for karma and destiny to fulfil itself. Then and notAstrology, 444:then, all will be well. But they forget that karma fulfils itself in relation to the form natureAstrology, 444:call it, it is an essential basic attitude) can karma be brought to an end. The law of matter stillAstrology, 445:the Hierarchy and Humanity. 2.Humanity and its karma, for it is equally essential that the laws forAstrology, 445:essential that the laws for the transmutation of karma into active present good are clearlyAstrology, 468:phenomenal worlds and is also closely related to Karma. It concerns the first precipitation of theAstrology, 540:manifestation, and produces the precipitation of Karma, which, in this case leads to: The workingAstrology, 640:The seven Pleiades or Sisters, is revealed, the karma of the seven sacred planets will remainAstrology, 641:planetary Logoi, and is hidden in Their cyclic karma - a karma which will incidentally involveAstrology, 641:Logoi, and is hidden in Their cyclic karma - a karma which will incidentally involve those monadsAstrology, 646:These are the four Maharajas, connected with karma, humanity, cosmos and man. They are the Sun orAstrology, 660:cosmic mental plane." (C.F. 553) "The Lords of Karma on our system are under the rule of a greaterAstrology, 660:system are under the rule of a greater Lord of Karma on Sirius. We are governed by the Sirian LordAstrology, 660:on Sirius. We are governed by the Sirian Lord of Karma." (C.F. 570) "The consciousness of theAutobiography, 11:there is much learned talk about the Law of Karma which is, after all, only the Eastern name forAutobiography, 11:Cause and Effect; the emphasis is ever upon evil karma and how to avoid it. Yet I would guaranteeAutobiography, 11:it by and large, there is far more general good karma than evil; I say this in spite of the worldAutobiography, 71:Great Britain are closely related and have much karma to work out together and will have to work itAutobiography, 71:and will have to work it out sometime, and the karma is not all British. It is an interesting factAutobiography, 140:rebirth and the law of cause and effect, called Karma and Reincarnation by Theosophists who, soAutobiography, 140:Law of Cause and Effect instead of the Law of Karma, we might have had a more general recognitionAutobiography, 143:I found it most illuminating. I found that my karma with my youngest daughter, Ellison, is largelyAutobiography, 143:My second daughter, Mildred, has a very close karma with me. We are peculiarly attached and yet IAutobiography, 153:not eat meat as seems best to them and as their karma may indicate or their circumstances dictate.Autobiography, 154:reference to the law of cause and effect, or of Karma, as the Theosophists call it. In the earlyBethlehem, 199:where the doctrines of reincarnation and of karma hold sway, a man suffers for his own deeds andBethlehem, 216:matter or form. The Oriental believer calls this karma. The Western believer talks of the Law ofDestiny, 63:these countries but to the destiny (future) and karma (past) of humanity itself as itDiscipleship1, 5:and placed upon his shoulders the destiny or the karma of the disciple. That condition no longerDiscipleship1, 64:that later, in some far distant cycle, and when karma has worked upon them and the Great Law hasDiscipleship1, 101:carry more easily the heavy burden which human karma has laid upon them and which they carryDiscipleship1, 189:work? Partly for karmic reasons, my brother - a karma that has touched mine at various points, andDiscipleship1, 268:in the work - the place wherein your soul, your karma and your link with my group have placed you.Discipleship1, 303:of the initial group of disciples. Though your karma and circumstances at [304] that timeDiscipleship1, 307:make new and fresh links and start new lines of karma and of dharma. One of the first things that aDiscipleship1, 319:two lives ago. When he has worked through his karma and has achieved release from a certainDiscipleship1, 347:in healing. 5th month - The recognition of karma in healing. 6th month - The interplay of love inDiscipleship1, 349:what is abstracted? Do you believe that a man's karma must inevitably lead always towards physicalDiscipleship1, 396:group members. Pressure incident to his home karma, frustrations coming from his environment,Discipleship1, 416:You are in a position, my brother, both from karma and the present world condition, to be able toDiscipleship1, 447:studied in relation to those with whom destiny, karma and vocational choice has thrown theDiscipleship1, 451:planet) has endured already its full quota of karma and that what may come now of grief, sorrow andDiscipleship1, 517:the inner side of life see the equipment and the karma, the struggle and the destiny in a way thatDiscipleship1, 714:increased and - apart from his own individual karma - he, for the first time, consciously takesDiscipleship1, 714:takes part in and shoulders a part of the karma of his group. This dual karmic undertaking sets upDiscipleship1, 720:fire. The fires of judgment and of substance, of karma and its vehicle, matter, are raging in theDiscipleship1, 726:requirements. He must ascertain just what karma must be worked out by the aspirant in his charge,Discipleship1, 726:must then induce him to add to this established karma, what I might call "freeing karma." This is aDiscipleship1, 726:established karma, what I might call "freeing karma." This is a part of the forcing process toDiscipleship1, 726:the chela in the Light: He works off unavoidable karma as intelligently and consciously asDiscipleship1, 726:and consciously as possible. He takes on some karma which ordinarily would be precipitated in someDiscipleship1, 726:life. He begins to shoulder some of the general karma of humanity, thus increasing his own load ofDiscipleship1, 726:of humanity, thus increasing his own load of karma. He begins to work with and to comprehendDiscipleship1, 726:with and to comprehend something of planetary karma, though as yet he undertakes no responsibilityDiscipleship1, 726:like to point out that I am referring to good karma as well as bad. It is the task of the helpingDiscipleship1, 726:chela in the Light so that he does adjust his karma. This the senior disciple does by thoughtDiscipleship1, 726:senior disciple does by thought impression. All karma, when consciously faced, is precipitated byDiscipleship1, 772:crisis. Those who refuse to share in the world karma and pain will find their entire progressDiscipleship2, 81:of them working off and handling severe personal karma, and some of them descending into the veryDiscipleship2, 91:relationship. This they prove by working off karma. Such were H.S.D. and S.S.P., neither of whomDiscipleship2, 103:relationships, and there is much personal karma in this group of over fifty people; this wasDiscipleship2, 189:conditions, and that through it the Lords of Karma work, exacting from him the full price for allDiscipleship2, 189:has already worked off a very great deal of his karma, both good and bad, and is now ready to buildDiscipleship2, 209:In the hands of this august Council, the Law of Karma finds adequate planetary guidance; this doesDiscipleship2, 209:the whole; but they know the nature of planetary karma and of its delayed or rapid application,Discipleship2, 213:in creating (and all men, under the Law of Karma, create their own world) no longer satisfies;Discipleship2, 219:is transiting out of a pronounced cycle of karma yoga into the required cycle of raja yoga, fromDiscipleship2, 286:It has a mysterious relation to the Law of Karma, but on [287] such high levels that only theDiscipleship2, 306:this that this formula is related to the Law of Karma; in fact, in the ancient records from whichDiscipleship2, 306:IV has the symbol of one of the four Lords of Karma at the four corners of this square or oblongDiscipleship2, 311:the word "destiny" in preference to the word "karma" because in this type of work the initiate isDiscipleship2, 312:a whole, and neither [312] is under the Law of Karma, as usually understood. This Law of DestinyDiscipleship2, 315:lighted Will. "When the purpose of the Lords of Karma can find no more to do, and all the weavingDiscipleship2, 322:in a most illustrative manner. As the Law of Karma makes its presence felt upon the outer physicalDiscipleship2, 322:the phase - the long phase - of his creation of karma and its final precipitation in (so-called)Discipleship2, 323:own destiny, the Law of Cause and Effect, or of Karma. I have here condensed into a relatively fewDiscipleship2, 339:becomes increasingly aware. The great Law of Karma has received little attention from theDiscipleship2, 339:of a karmic cycle. The ordinary teaching on Karma (particularly as to the time element) has beenDiscipleship2, 339:themselves the mysterious functions of a Lord of Karma. It is always difficult to convey any trueDiscipleship2, 339:always difficult to convey any true concept of Karma, because it predominantly concerns cycles andDiscipleship2, 340:it obliterates what is usually understood by Karma; it initiates new and spiritual causes which -
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