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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - KARMA

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Fire, 991:since manifestation set in, being latent in the karma of the planetary Logos, but human beingsFire, 1021:if it might so be expressed, an agent of Karma, and sends forth the dual thought form (clothed inFire, 1051:involved monadic units. This is hidden in the karma of the Heavenly Man, and when true esotericFire, 1052:planetary Logoi, and is hidden in Their cyclic karma, - a karma which of course will incidentallyFire, 1052:Logoi, and is hidden in Their cyclic karma, - a karma which of course will incidentally involveFire, 1058:as yet to master his own dharma, to fulfil group karma, and to dominate what is called "his stars."Fire, 1085:human family. This effect is hidden in logoic karma and is beyond the ken of man. 12 Man mustFire, 1085:rain. Rain comes out of yagna and yagna out of Karma. Karma is out of the Veda and Veda is of theFire, 1085:Rain comes out of yagna and yagna out of Karma. Karma is out of the Veda and Veda is of theFire, 1085:form, food, rain and yagna as the lower four and karma, Veda and eternal substance as the higherFire, 1085:world song and giving rise to all the laws of karma that govern the development of the world,Fire, 1105:that all egoic groups come under the Law of Karma, but only as it affects the Heavenly Man, and notFire, 1125:system, but this lack of response is hid in the karma of the earlier manifestation. As we know, theFire, 1139:The ray in manifestation at any time. The karma of the informing Life of any kingdom. The secondFire, 1139:of any kingdom. The second consideration is the karma and life-history of the planetary entity. HeFire, 1141:and superhuman) which enables the Lords of Karma, and the Adepts of the good Law, to manipulateFire, 1142:to note: Three extra-systemic or cosmic Lords of Karma, Who work from a center in Sirius throughFire, 1143:the nine Sephiroth. Seven presiding agents of karma for each one of the seven schemes. These fourFire, 1149:are as follows: First, his desire to work off karma rapidly and so liberate himself for service.Fire, 1150:and occasionally the temporary arresting of his karma. These adjustments are made by the MasterFire, 1150:disciple of some standing. It does not mean that karma is set aside, but only that certain forcesFire, 1151:enunciated Word, but as the working out of the karma of a [1152] cosmic Life and the relationshipFire, 1164:of a secondary color according to the nature and karma of the Entity concerned. It is in theFire, 1170:manner, inexplicable to those ignorant of the karma of our planetary Logos, is not operative in theFire, 1171:bodily nature, [1171] this part of the general karma of the planetary Logos and the Life of theFire, 1175:of which the two most important are the peculiar karma of the planetary Logos concerned, and HisFire, 1180:closing, it must be pointed out that the Law of Karma is from some angles of vision the sum totalFire, 1183:group of active lives whom we call the "Lords of Karma." They preside over the attractive forces,Fire, 1185:and all that it is possible to indicate is the karma of the Lord of the second or vegetable kingdomFire, 1185:is hidden the mystery of present animal karma and the slaughter of animal forms, the terror of wildFire, 1203:bearing upon this mystery. This is hidden in the karma of the solar Logos, and concerns HisFire, 1203:the solar system. Entangled closely with the karma of these two cosmic [1204] Entities, was that ofFire, 1204:planet, the planetary Logos. It was this triple karma which brought in the "serpent religion" andFire, 1248:of the Monad settles the line of activity. The karma of the fifth ray is one of the factors whichFire, 1251:man creates under the working of the Law of Karma. The burning-ground of the dead personality whichFire, 1266:speak. It is also the great controlling Path of Karma. The Lipika Lords are upon this Path, and allFire, 1266:into their hands He has put the working out of karma in the solar system. They know His wishes, HisGlamour, 47:of souls with which he is affiliated through his karma, his ray type, his choice, and theGlamour, 156:type of influence upon the Dweller. It affects karma, times and seasons. The personality rayGlamour, 172:becomes possible. This technique is related to Karma Yoga in its most practical form and the use ofHealing, 15:[15] The law of cause and effect, called Karma in the East, governs all this. Karma must beHealing, 15:called Karma in the East, governs all this. Karma must be regarded in reality as the effect (in theHealing, 19:conditions is practically nil, unless you admit karma as a predisposing factor, and its power toHealing, 19:of disease could be treated from the angle of karma and be definite and conclusive in its valueHealing, 20:with the subject of disease from the angle of karma. It is difficult for me to convey to youHealing, 20:- carry in them much of the truth anent karma, will you understand? I question it. When I say toHealing, 20:say to you that the emphasis given to the Law of Karma as it explains apparent injustices andHealing, 20:way clarified? When I point out that the Law of Karma, rightly understood and rightly wielded, canHealing, 20:laws in their true significance. The Law of Karma is not the Law of Retribution, as one wouldHealing, 21:but one aspect of the working of the [21] Law of Karma. The Law of Cause and Effect is not to beHealing, 21:referred to this misunderstanding of the Law of Karma as I am anxious to have you set out on thisHealing, 21:retribution runs through much of the teaching on Karma, for instance, because men seek a plausibleHealing, 22:retribution. Yet there is far more general good karma than bad, little as you may think it whenHealing, 110:a sound knowledge of the working of the Law of Karma, plus a large measure of intuitive perception,Healing, 114:coma. [114] The Law of Cause and Effect, or of Karma, governs all disease. This embracesHealing, 114:individual, group, national and total human karma. If you will pause at this point and review whatHealing, 114:the planetary Logos and conditioned by planetary Karma. It is conditioned by the forces emanatingHealing, 140:of a group origin, or the result of planetary karma or based on accident) takes its rise in theHealing, 166:all clairvoyant, if they comprehended the Law of Karma and its working out in the life of theHealing, 215:determined by the rays, by circumstance and by karma; thus all the bodily energies are swung intoHealing, 250:of our next theme - the relation of the Law of Karma to disease and death and to humanity as aHealing, 257:healer who works with no knowledge [257] of the karma of the patient. Many of their so-called curesHealing, 258:around the basic causes of disease. The theme of karma has been little considered and I shall dealHealing, 261:thus can the inevitable working of the Law of Karma (which is our theme today) be offset. TheHealing, 262:Chapter III - Our Karmic Liabilities The Law of Karma is today a great and incontrovertible fact inHealing, 263:by human beings, both individually and en masse. Karma is therefore that which Man - the HeavenlyHealing, 265:in terms of national and racial units, the karma of humanity would radically change from theHealing, 265:would radically change from the retributive karma of the present to the recompensing good karma ofHealing, 265:karma of the present to the recompensing good karma of the future. Regarding this question from theHealing, 266:good, yet the agents who have brought the evil karma upon them equally incur the retributive aspectHealing, 266:to an end the wrong attitudes on both sides. All karma of evil nature is solved by the presentationHealing, 268:"There is neither Jew nor Gentile." The evil karma of the Jew today is intended to end hisHealing, 269:and sons of God. In dealing with the subject of karma as a factor - decisive and lasting in bothHealing, 270:point at which to stop and meet this contention. Karma is necessarily a topic which is general andHealing, 270:such cures are permissible under the Law of Karma and where the healer is willing to work in anHealing, 275:of force," indicating as they do the karma of the individual, are in the last analysis the majorHealing, 275:They therefore indicate the state of his karma. This lifts the whole subject of medicine into theHealing, 282:types of disease. This is determined by the karma of the man. It is well known to students of theHealing, 285:seems too small to permit experiment, and the karma of the patient is necessarily (for the averageHealing, 288:results in mind. No neophyte knows enough of karma to work with confidence either at the task ofHealing, 288:In the next section I intend to touch upon the karma of death. If you will bear in mind that workHealing, 289:Path, we were in reality concerned entirely with karma or the effect of the inner causes of events,Healing, 290:which it is not possible to handle rationally. Karma was, for infant humanity and for theHealing, 290:and purpose and more pronounced in temperament, karma became also more personal and definite, andHealing, 290:participator in the effects. Upon the Path, the karma of the chosen group, of the individual, andHealing, 290:of karmic responsibility. Later still, karma in the three worlds is met, overcome and negated; atHealing, 290:is met, overcome and negated; at the same time karma connected with the initiating of causesHealing, 290:itself. All these stages: Elementary group karma - of the primitive man, Individual karma of theHealing, 290:group karma - of the primitive man, Individual karma of the self-conscious developing man, Karma,Healing, 290:karma of the self-conscious developing man, Karma, related to the life of the disciple,Healing, 290:to the life of the disciple, Hierarchical karma, [291] must be added to the well known Karma ofHealing, 291:karma, [291] must be added to the well known Karma of Retribution with which the disciple isHealing, 291:to it must also be added national and racial karma, plus the educational karma which all disciplesHealing, 291:national and racial karma, plus the educational karma which all disciples bring upon themselvesHealing, 291:to prepare for initiation. There is also the Karma of Reward in contradistinction to that ofHealing, 291:to that of Retribution; this is a type of karma oft forgotten, but one which will become betterHealing, 291:world cycle. Humanity has worked off much evil karma, and the karma based on causes later to beHealing, 291:Humanity has worked off much evil karma, and the karma based on causes later to be initiated willHealing, 291:such dire effects as that of the past. Not all karma is bad, in spite of what man thinks. Much ofHealing, 291:justice. Very little suffering is attached to karma where there is ignorance, leading to
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