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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - KARMATICALLY

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Discipleship1, 184:members. [184] With those to whom he is related karmatically; or by his own choice which may not beDiscipleship1, 413:- it will be necessary for you to drop out. Karmatically, you have a relation to me and to thisDiscipleship1, 518:usefulness of disciples to those who are linked karmatically to them and for whom they feel -Discipleship1, 520:surroundings and to the conditions which karmatically you have evoked. Your physical body is alsoDiscipleship1, 560:of any karmic links. You and L. R. U. are karmatically related to me and, therefore, karmaticallyDiscipleship1, 560:are karmatically related to me and, therefore, karmatically related to each other. Unless such aDiscipleship1, 561:in relation: To your group brothers. To L. R. U. Karmatically with myself. Then for the remainderFire, 365:is desired, either from deliberate choice or karmatically necessitated. Each globe in a chain isHealing, 115:the disciple is seldom tubercular (except when karmatically conditioned), nor is he prone toHealing, 123:are based on the human relations which he has karmatically established and the reactions of thoseHealing, 279:are rife, indicate that the time has come - karmatically and from the angle of human evolutionaryMagic, 459:and guide the lesser workers and aspirants, who, karmatically or by choice, lie within their radius
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