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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - KARMICALLY

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Autobiography, 302:we call the second world war was not in fact karmically necessary [303] and military warfare on theDiscipleship1, 144:the realm of forces. And, my brother, not only karmically but because the same great Master hasDiscipleship2, 540:is for you your next spiritual step forward, karmically considered. These three words are: Karma,Discipleship2, 669:discipline and difficult circumstances, not karmically ordained but of an educational andFire, 460:tragedies underlying existence at this time are karmically incident upon temporarily faultyFire, 1050:The effect produced by the action of the groups karmically allied with the Pilgrim. They are:Fire, 1152:Rays, or the planetary Logoi, are similarly and karmically linked with the second aspect logoic, orHealing, 588:the third something which is latent or karmically present in all substance, manas or mind; this isHealing, 707:This may cause (when healing is possible and karmically correct) a temporary increase of theMagic, 126:at once, and yet remain detached, and therefore karmically free from the results of such work. OnlyMagic, 185:into His group is whether or no such a step is karmically possible or whether there exist in aMagic, 187:chelas with whom a man has to work and who are karmically linked to him by ancient ties and oldPsychology1, 220:unfoldment, animal food was, therefore, both karmically and in essence, the correct food for man;Rays, 464:divinity (in time and space) expresses itself is karmically conditioned; it is impregnated by thoseRays, 653:is a right knowledge and understanding of those karmically linked to him, a right use of anRays, 668:speaking generally, [668] have been those karmically, physically and emotionally instituted; they
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