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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - KEEN

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Autobiography, X:through the years with the precision of her keen mind and filled it with the magnetic potency ofAutobiography, 282:Discipleship entails a loving heart and a keen, alert mind. The loving heart has always beenAutobiography, 282:This is a basic truth and necessity, but a keen, alert and trained mind is of equal importance. TheDestiny, 43:yet stand pure first ray energy; hence also the keen interest in the life after death and theDiscipleship1, 47:I refer to the ability to be alive, alert, keen to recognize relationships, quick to react to need,Discipleship1, 77:humanity but, in the last analysis, I was very keen about myself [78] as an aspirant and veryDiscipleship1, 81:these objectives will involve clear vision and a keen and intelligent understanding; it willDiscipleship1, 120:ray mind is however very great, for it means a keen and useful mind and (ponder on this) an openDiscipleship1, 128:me for many years) I am simply prompted by a keen desire to aid you [129] all from the angle of myDiscipleship1, 170:and of innate disgust will give place to a keen interest and understanding of the glamor-freeDiscipleship1, 293:the aspirant, or give to him a sense of my keen personal interest. I would not help that way. But IDiscipleship1, 409:interest is more mental than aspirational. Your keen and active mind (which is, however, often anDiscipleship1, 437:ways the science of sciences. Hence also your keen mind, your untiring search for truth and yourDiscipleship1, 477:endurance of difficulties, your earnest and keen aspiration and your service to the work which I amDiscipleship1, 581:diagnosis, my brother and my friend? You know my keen desire to see you stabilized for theDiscipleship2, 35:the further on he is upon the Way, the more keen are his reactions and the more he thinks and plansDiscipleship2, 66:be presented to the world? Do you appreciate the keen ability of the trained disciple to react toDiscipleship2, 203:- if their motive is pure, their intelligence keen and their meditational capacity adequate - theyDiscipleship2, 534:lower mind did not apparently display its usual keen vision, and the "alternatives which loveDiscipleship2, 691:and that is the way for you to proceed. Your keen analytical mind will know what to do with theseDiscipleship2, 731:These must be brought about by you through keen interest in and love of others, and by stern mentalEducation, 42:of nature and man's relation to them through a keen sensitivity, and the entire gamut of hisExternalisation, 349:is expressing itself at present in the [349] keen recognition by men everywhere of the need toExternalisation, 461:frequently have a wide grasp of affairs and are keen politicians, but all they know is to be usedFire, 13:five was somewhat seen by those whose sight was keen. *** "AUM," said the Mighty One, and gatheredFire, 201:and Astral Planes e. Smelling is the faculty of keen perception that eventually brings a man backFire, 203:reached. This is paralleled by the tremendously keen use of the senses for the purposes ofFire, 995:mind (as it is commonly understood) becomes the keen steady instrument of the indwelling thinker,Glamour, 38:come when your processes of observation are so keen that you will recognize it in its true natureHealing, 99:work of healing, to keep the will (and even keen desire) in abeyance. Only initiates of high degreeHercules, 3:towards spiritual realities has never been so keen as now. The day of empirical experience on aHercules, 110:The Aryan race, to which we belong, is one of keen mental development, and the consciousness ofHercules, 146:the struggles and trials that temper the keen blade of spiritual striving. The will to search, theHercules, 205:the spiritual realities has never been more keen than it is today. The period of empiricalInitiation, 193:door but remain knocking outside. Those who are keen to serve, those who are weighed down with aIntellect, 71:eventually to be demonstrated. He will need a keen formulation of the assets with which heIntellect, 71:which he approaches his endeavor, and an equally keen appreciation of his lacks and defects. AIntellect, 112:a passive attitude, but through one of a most keen and vital interest. The meditation has beenIntellect, 128:through concentration on life work, through keen interest in the sciences which engage theMagic, 127:attention to both. Students whose aspiration is keen and clear would do well to face the issueMagic, 148:the hint can be given for the reflection of the keen aspirant. We have therefore the followingMagic, 176:occurs; liberated from discouragement; with a keen sense of proportion; a right judgment in allMagic, 245:mental activity. Constant study, much thought, keen investigation and a steady intellectual urgeMagic, 631:and that spiritual awareness which employs a keen intellect as the corollary of a loving spirit.Patanjali, 276:those astral pictures created by imagination and keen desire. The planetary "Dweller on theProblems, 16:substituting the brilliance of the intellect and keen scientific perception for the subjectiveProblems, 105:been a time when the Gentile world has been more keen to do what is right by the Jew or moreProblems, 173:the blind and the uncaring will deny it. Only a keen realization of the situation and of thePsychology1, 207:common sense, uprightness, independence, keen intellect. Vices of Ray: Harsh criticism, narrowness,Psychology1, 207:of research. The man on this ray will possess keen intellect, great accuracy in detail, and [208]Psychology1, 280:But hence also (and this must be remembered) the keen impetus now being mentally expressed whichReappearance, 5:enough and the faith of those who know is keen enough, then always He has come and today will be no
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