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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - KEEPS

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Astrology, 116:the "thread or sutratma," the silver cord which keeps them bound to each other throughout the cycleAstrology, 615:This sustained effort of the Logos is what keeps all forms in manifestation and preserves even theAtom, 111:centered upon the matter he has on hand, and who keeps his attention fixed upon the particularAutobiography, 192:names but I will not), as "the peculiar lady who keeps her ear at the keyhole of Shamballa." ItDiscipleship1, 56:a mental clarity and of a power to think which keeps him incessantly and constructively active. TheDiscipleship1, 143:draining and leakage of the etheric body. This keeps you devitalized and hence the emphasis I haveDiscipleship1, 415:(such as rapid movement and rapid speech) ; it keeps you working at something all the time andDiscipleship1, 526:as should a disciple. Your inferiority complex keeps you in a state of glamor and is purely aDiscipleship2, 487:or help - to step over the mental barrier which keeps you from conscious knowledge and which (whenDiscipleship2, 599:problem and your present failure to do so that keeps you where you are. If perhaps I define orDiscipleship2, 763:reality borders on a lack of truthfulness, [763] keeps him from clear-eyed recognition of status -Education, 92:energy to all the physical organisms and keeps the body "whole." There is a thread of energy, whichExternalisation, 420:religion has its great festivals, the Buddhist keeps his different set of spiritual events, and theExternalisation, 531:Path of Earth Service. This Path, as you know, keeps the Masters attached to service in the threeExternalisation, 561:etheric body are symbols; their unified relation keeps the man functioning and demonstrating as aExternalisation, 620:life is a side issue; it is something which he keeps carefully to himself and which he isExternalisation, 691:in the task, and implemented by the will which keeps the channel of contact open between theExternalisation, 701:of all that infringes human free will and which keeps humanity in ignorance; it applies equally toFire, xiv:To the open-minded student and the man who keeps the recollection in his mind that the truth isFire, 81:center in man, likewise the Yogi of the heart keeps his central position in the universe and henceFire, 154:contact of any atom with any other atom, which keeps the planets at fixed points in space andFire, 154:and separated stably from each other; which keeps them at a certain distance from their systemicFire, 154:from their systemic center, and which likewise keeps the planes and subplanes from losing theirFire, 219:their complete freedom from each other; it also keeps them rotating at fixed points from the globeFire, 339:distinctive feature, that coherent force which keeps the purpose of the entity ever in view,Fire, 401:dealt with is the dynamic fire of motion, which keeps in activity each atom of matter. The fire ofFire, 594:motive for manifestation, and love it is that keeps all in ordered sequence; love bears all on theFire, 704:hid the possibility of egoic unfoldment, and keeps secret the karma of the Heavenly Men, the fiveFire, 1194:the Dharmakaya body' in mystic parlance; keeps, of the Sambhogakaya, only the great and completeFire, 1244:pioneer work. This first path is the one that keeps a man linked to the Hierarchy which is pledgedGlamour, 259:(which is often referred to as temperament) and keeps the singing aspect entirely astral in nature.Healing, 192:builds the temple of the body, and then keeps it full of light, will disease disappear; thisHealing, 370:affected by a greater controlling factor which keeps them so moving. In dealing with disease, theHealing, 477:still a slight rapport between the two, and this keeps the spiritual man still close to the bodyHercules, 58:are signposts on the Way." Then Erytheia, who keeps the gate which all must pass before they standHercules, 76:to us is ever through deeds of love". Erytheia keeps the gate, the soul, which is ever opened byHercules, 142:of the fire, in the preliminary effort, still keeps that symbol in the picture. While sex, underHercules, 191:Whom we live and move and have our being, also keeps herds of animals that answer to the name ofHercules, 202:themselves. They work through meditation, which keeps them in touch with the spirituality that isInitiation, 186:The Path of Earth Service This is the Path that keeps a man linked to the Hierarchy that is pledgedIntellect, 111:the tongue as well and all five senses. The soul keeps clear best in the quiet, but in jaded bodyIntellect, 127:awareness [127] emerges inevitably and keeps man pushing forward, and seeking for that whichMagic, 36:and repels, responds or denies response and keeps all forms in a constant condition of vibratoryMagic, 420:and of taste, and that food is desirable which keeps the physical body in condition to serve theMagic, 430:in intuitive perception. [430] You ask me: What keeps a man from becoming a member of such a group?Magic, 455:consciously in its Creator's thought. It "keeps its distance" occultly from its Creator. ManyMeditation, 32:and that absorbs all that is desirable, yet keeps, ever its own shape. Patanjali, 394:the man from his Father in Heaven, and nothing keeps him linked to the lower material plane. Problems, 112:knows the distinction between paternalism (which keeps the [113] Negro backward, uneducated andProblems, 162:religion has its great Festivals; the Buddhist keeps his particular set of spiritual events, andProblems, 172:this moment appears to prevent world unity and keeps the United Nations from arriving at thosePsychology2, 421:is then torn in two directions: his desire-mind keeps him dwelling in the realm of longing, of hopeRays, 92:each of Them through His Own Ashram. He "keeps the wheel revolving." This has a specific relationRays, 97:their relationships only emerge as the initiate keeps the rules. Let us now take this rule stanzaRays, 451:energy to all the physical organisms and keeps the body "whole." There is a thread of energy, whichRays, 462:with definiteness upon the mental plane, and keeps his "focus of awareness" increasingly there,Rays, 510:uttered, this Word produces three effects: It keeps the channel for the descending light of theReappearance, 154:religion has its great festivals, the Buddhist keeps his different set spiritual events, and theReappearance, 167:life is a side issue; it is something which he keeps carefully to himself and which he isTelepathy, 152:to the mind or, via the brain and the mind, keeps the soul informed. It is this system of nadisTelepathy, 174:which also holds a group together, which also keeps an audience listening, and which makes an
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