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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - KEPT

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Astrology, 234:as something to be lived down and overcome, and kept secretly in the background of the ChristianAstrology, 305:connected with the Hierarchy, charts are kept of those members of the human family who haveAstrology, 326:of form. "And thus a vortex is established and kept alive by that constant dual sound. And then aAstrology, 608:out planet) is a part of this vast whole, kept alive by its "grace," [609] fused by its will, andAutobiography, 6:in bed. For the last eight years I have been kept alive by medical science, but - and this is oneAutobiography, 6:about which I could say I am proud - I have kept going on, in spite of it all. I have found lifeAutobiography, 16:Everybody has them; only some families have kept records. As far as I know none of my ancestors didAutobiography, 20:enormous trunk in which our many, many toys were kept. We were lost for quite a while and nearlyAutobiography, 29:deeply spiritual influence. Until she died she kept in close touch with me, even though I had notAutobiography, 29:governess of whom I have told you. I had always kept in touch with her and saw her shortly beforeAutobiography, 33:lasting good; I do not know: I do know that I kept them out of mischief for two hours each SundayAutobiography, 47:that I had severed all relations. I have always kept in touch with my family from then till now,Autobiography, 79:recovered. Another manager got depressed and kept threatening [80] to commit suicide. I studied himAutobiography, 98:[98] was doing. The whole matter, however, was kept exceedingly quiet as regards me and my work inAutobiography, 107:the Negro in the national life. They cannot be kept down, nor should they be. It is up to them toAutobiography, 109:a cabin, and meals at long tables where the men kept their hats on. I recollect it as a nightmare.Autobiography, 112:nurse who was getting frightened about me and kept phoning [113] for the doctor who delayed coming.Autobiography, 123:conditioned by the fundamentalist theology, kept telling me I was paying the penalty of myAutobiography, 138:and I could not possibly define it but I kept six pages ahead of the class and somehow managed toAutobiography, 159:in time spread to the whole Section and members kept resigning. [160] Autobiography, 195:who were ready for esoteric training should be kept waiting for two years in some purely exotericAutobiography, 198:our students being promptly serviced. We have kept the school on a voluntary basis financially andAutobiography, 213:of the School was gradually unfolded. We kept the work, and still keep it, fluid in an effort toAutobiography, 226:was a great student of the Tibetan's books and I kept her supplied with everything He wrote as soonAutobiography, 287:Fact of the Spiritual Hierarchy The school is kept rigidly free from dogmas and doctrines. No oneBethlehem, 184:our Christian festivals. There are two festivals kept in the Roman Catholic and the higher AnglicanDestiny, 148:the ages, Christmas Day has been recognized and kept as a season of new beginnings, of better humanDiscipleship1, 11:way attained, and an exact record of impressions kept. You should, therefore, constitute a group ofDiscipleship1, 65:on and yet leave a man free? Because it will be kept clear of all directed will-force; all thatDiscipleship1, 151:points. The circle of the stars revolved and kept its place and darkness was around on every hand.Discipleship1, 151:on every hand. Each star within its tiny orbit kept its place and slow revolved. Its contacts withDiscipleship1, 165:some one clear note. If this cyclic measure is kept thus in mind, no serious mistakes will beDiscipleship1, 211:silence which all disciples take must still be kept, but the power to share knowledge, experienceDiscipleship1, 248:blades and in the etheric body. Thought must be kept off this location, however, after the firstDiscipleship1, 290:with you and the thoughts of the group must be kept away from your decision, so that you can makeDiscipleship1, 333:yourself. If this they do not do, then they are kept on too high a mental level and are impracticalDiscipleship1, 334:not do this, then the whole activity is [334] kept on the level of theory and mentation and is notDiscipleship1, 338:and with consciousness of spiritual purpose, kept ever at its highest point of tension. Will you,Discipleship1, 343:not with the organization angle which is ever kept in the background. This will not be easy forDiscipleship1, 372:of your soul contact and that contact must be kept living and vital or else your personality idea,Discipleship1, 382:potent use in our service, provided that it is kept in place by a wise head and does not assume theDiscipleship1, 434:consideration to your meditation work. I have kept you waiting for your personal instructions,Discipleship1, 529:edge and in the woods. The lotus pool is kept replenished by water piped from the spring in theDiscipleship1, 622:factor. Your spiritual diary should be kept with care from this angle and the heart motive,Discipleship1, 695:inner Ashrams. Hitherto, these Ashrams had been kept for those who had taken the first initiation.Discipleship2, 45:if not specifically demanded. Only a few have kept the group meditation; the work of interpretingDiscipleship2, 86:and place occurs. I suggest that the work be kept fluid, as A.A.B. has always kept it. Above allDiscipleship2, 86:the work be kept fluid, as A.A.B. has always kept it. Above all else, remember that the work of theDiscipleship2, 93:stimulation. The majority of them will not be kept waiting for admission to a definitely moreDiscipleship2, 134:will note that the entire process is therefore kept in the realm of the non material and that theDiscipleship2, 173:to bring about. The "door where evil dwells" is kept open by humanity through its selfish desire,Discipleship2, 232:to demonstrate this mode of helpful activity; he kept the esoteric teaching for the few, the veryDiscipleship2, 596:which may be done by all of you upon whom I have kept a supervisory eye during the past few years.Discipleship2, 683:and reactions of humanity, and who have kept [684] the light shining with radiance no matter howEducation, 70:its earliest breath. A careful record will be kept of that exact moment, the moment of birth, orEducation, 74:or lack of interest. He is frequently kept quiet and out of the way because his parents are tooExternalisation, 38:The work of the Destroyer Aspect has been kept relatively in the background and only during theExternalisation, 141:the wrong kind and your minds and hearts will be kept clear of all undesirable reactions. This isExternalisation, 192:begin its work. These preliminary stages must be kept fluid and experimental; the vision ofExternalisation, 210:and national mailing lists, but let them also be kept in both New York and London, for it is theExternalisation, 256:with the Forces of Light. The faith of many has kept the door ajar, yet even these have forgottenExternalisation, 421:Christ. These three festivals are already being kept throughout the world, though they are not asExternalisation, 421:time is coming when all three festivals will be kept simultaneously throughout the world, and byExternalisation, 452:Secondly, the fact that all this is nurtured and kept alive by the forces of evil, working upon theExternalisation, 544:by giving us the eleventh commandment; this, if kept, would entail the keeping of all the others.Externalisation, 553:ever before. The Wesak Festival has long been kept in many countries and - as time goes on and theExternalisation, 556:fixed intention to all of you who have for years kept these [557] Festivals. In truth, I bring youExternalisation, 641:you will train your workers. See that they are kept in steady circulation. 5. Endeavor to make theExternalisation, 691:and his sphere of activity; this channel must be kept entirely clear of all lower identifications.Fire, 212:fohatic force. This logoic Rod of Power is kept within the Sun, and is only recharged at theFire, 294:would point out that the mind must carefully be kept from reducing all these ideas into a ranklyFire, 374:and the distinction between the three must be kept clear. First, the vitalization of the logoicFire, 416:and the mystery of the long and painful watch kept by the SILENT WATCHER, 48 has its origin in theFire, 640:In their own department these Agnichaitans are kept busy building the mineral forms through theFire, 776:their work is rapidly increased, and they are kept fully occupied in the work of perfecting theFire, 912:spaces on the planet which are required to be kept inviolate; they defend them from molestation,Fire, 932:in force from a reservoir of energy which was kept in a quiescent condition until the physicalFire, 946:energy, of force centers set in motion, and kept in active vibration, by the pulsation of stillFire, 948:of all that is worst in man's nature, and kept alive by the prompting of his lower desires. ThisFire, 949:product of man's ignorance and selfishness, is kept alive and vitalized in three ways: First, byFire, 1150:is set aside, but only that certain forces are kept in abeyance until a designated group work hasFire, 1252:and is found "upon the mountain top, being kept alive and flaming by all the winds of heaven." ItGlamour, 28:is either in a state of glamor or illusion or is kept relatively free from these conditions.Healing, 105:yourselves. If this basic rule of silence is not kept, it will indicate that you are not yet readyHealing, 135:a clearer comprehension of my thesis if it is kept relatively free from the technical terms and theHealing, 156:and correct functioning, can be vitalized and kept in good and true condition by the activity inHealing, 208:areas in the body. The blood stream will then be kept also in perfect condition. The clue toHealing, 208:supplied with the needed forces and is thus kept in perfect condition. Coming midway between theHealing, 249:knowledge - the epidemic factor may be kept surprisingly within bounds. This, however, stillHealing, 278:is today so great that millions of people are kept alive - if not cured - who in earlier days andHealing, 281:cures or to ameliorate conditions. These have kept pace with man's growing capacity to discover andHealing, 288:of work along these lines, records should be kept. In this aspect of the work the patient willHealing, 452:exists, so long will the form persist. It is kept in manifestation through mental vitality. ThisHealing, 528:in spite of their claims. None of them - if they kept properly certified records which would beHealing, 652:the process and the intent of his soul. What is kept alive is the physical body, but the interestHealing, 676:of the healing disciple. The will which must be kept in leash is the will of the personality which,Healing, 676:work. It is this thought-form which must be kept free from a too powerful use of the will, for itHercules, 43:King of Crete, possessed a sacred bull, which he kept on the island of Crete. Eurystheus sent forHercules, 57:when his loved teacher bound him to an altar and kept him bound throughout a year. Suddenly oneHercules, 75:For a long period of [75] time Hercules was kept in bondage. The world today is full of teachers,
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