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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - KEY

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Discipleship2, 303:this year. The word "direction" is the key to the evolutionary process, to the concept of light, toDiscipleship2, 305:and studied for a number of years, will become a key form by means of which aspects of the creativeDiscipleship2, 306:of what already is, but are [306] indicatory key forms of what may or shall be - a very differentDiscipleship2, 308:disciple or initiate. The germ, seed thought, key form and invocative potency of that which hasDiscipleship2, 320:he works. What does this hint mean to you? A key to the correct interpretation of a hint lies inDiscipleship2, 331:In these ways, the disciple simply turns the key, and group evil enters. For instance, the harmDiscipleship2, 346:as given on page 308 can be regarded as a key to the entire technique. It is, however, a techniqueDiscipleship2, 347:service and ashramic activity. The germ, seed, key or inherent, invocative potency which willDiscipleship2, 349:It is alignment that holds the clue or the key to all these deeply spiritual events. It is theseDiscipleship2, 388:What does this hint mean to you? Hint V. - The key to the correct interpretation of a hint lies inDiscipleship2, 395:on Initiation - Part IX Hint Five. "The key to the correct interpretation of a hint lies in itsDiscipleship2, 409:World Teacher has also come forth to sound the key or note for each new civilization and to expressDiscipleship2, 432:words which we have been considering are major key words in the hierarchical program. One of theDiscipleship2, 484:to inner contacts and outer relations. It is the key to the development of a trained psychologistDiscipleship2, 518:way into Shamballa. That was and is an essential key statement for you. Those upon the second rayDiscipleship2, 519:the orthodox and theological esotericist. Some key thoughts I can here give to you, and if you useDiscipleship2, 523:you last year that simplicity held for you the key to all success. You are not truly successfulDiscipleship2, 533:September 1943 BROTHER OF OLD: There are certain key points in all lives which are deciding andDiscipleship2, 533:registered your "seeking vibration." Another key point comes ever at the age of fifty-six, and asDiscipleship2, 536:one sentence which could convey to you the key whereby you can unlock the door of the future. It isDiscipleship2, 542:real expansion; it is adequately staffed at its key points. I would ask you undeviatingly to standDiscipleship2, 565:of both of them. This you can do through the key which you will find in the first sentence of theDiscipleship2, 597:and help which you will give to the younger key people, as they endeavor to adapt the Arcane SchoolDiscipleship2, 597:stands steadily with you and with the younger key people. I particularly want her to work with themDiscipleship2, 651:of Being and attainment. Those are the four key thoughts for your personal reflection during theDiscipleship2, 654:come the words, spoken I know not when: "The key is in your hands; open the gates and let the crowdDiscipleship2, 655:the door when called upon, [655] but retain the key. The surging crowd will touch you not nor hurtDiscipleship2, 662:It is a symbolism which holds for you the key to the future. I would like to take these sixDiscipleship2, 691:Relationship. 6th month... Identification. The key to Understanding. These words are probably notDiscipleship2, 699:to soul contact and impose a different note and key upon your life. Does this injunction surpriseDiscipleship2, 738:to you. True occult reverence holds the key. This means recognition, not obedience, not stoopingEducation, 26:point should be carefully noted. It holds the key to future racial unfoldment. For it the newEducation, 31:increasing degree the man's thought forms. The key to the formation of the Mayavirupa is found inEducation, One of:are now living and the emergence of one or two key people in every nation have a closeEducation, One of:in every nation have a close relationship. These key people make their voices heard and evokeExternalisation, 39:these groups will all have in them two key persons or points of energy through which the forces ofExternalisation, 40:it can play an important function, and occupy a key position), which can gradually aid in the taskExternalisation, 47:the tenth, which will be composed of the key people in the other groups, beyond stating that whenExternalisation, 59:groups - that which is formed of the key people in all the groups, and this one. The ninth group,Externalisation, 59:make its inception possible; one or two of the key people, however, may form part of the financialExternalisation, 70:are now living and the emergence of one or two key people in every nation have a closeExternalisation, 70:in every nation have a close relationship. These key people make their voices heard and evokeExternalisation, 82:law which can truly save the world. Perhaps the key to your success along this line will be theExternalisation, 102:to the activity of those who form part of the key groups; they will themselves form correspondingExternalisation, 110:man, will be found to hold, as always, the key to the study of human affairs as a whole. Just asExternalisation, 227:faith, but because it esoterically provides the key to the open door between Shamballa and theExternalisation, 344:force. May [344] I repeat those two key words to the use of this Shamballa energy: Group Use andExternalisation, 384:admit that all are needed. Cooperation is the key to expressed goodwill, and in the future periodExternalisation, 591:Whole will then be recognized by humanity. The key to the Hierarchy and Its reappearance on earthExternalisation, 669:though relatively short cycle, my Ashram is in a key position. It is closely linked to the firstFire, viii:he would give, namely, the psychological key to the Cosmic Creation. H.P.B. stated that in the 20thFire, viii:would come who would give the psychological key to her own monumental work The Secret Doctrine onFire, 13:the forms. They vibrated, they responded to the key, yet useless stood and uninhabited. *** "AUM,"Fire, 18:came the answer to the call. Vibrant as a key attuned, the eternal Primary replied. The blue to theFire, 109:the purely human. In the human kingdom lies the key, but the turning of that key opens up a door toFire, 109:kingdom lies the key, but the turning of that key opens up a door to a wider interpretation as itFire, 109:one into the mysteries of nature. Though that key has to be turned seven times, yet even one turnFire, 110:D., II, 561. Numerical. - S. D., II, 198. Each key must be turned seven times. - S. D., I, 22. TheFire, 110:of two keys out of the seven. The Metaphysical key is available. - S. D., I, 338. Compare III, 198.Fire, 110:I, 330, 343.) There is the physiological key, the psychological, the astrological and theFire, 110:the astrological and the metaphysical. The fifth key is the geometrical. Fire, 120:plane.55 The fourth etheric plane holds the key to the dominance of matter, and it might be notedFire, 132:atomic matter will eventually vibrate to another key than it did at the first dawn ofFire, 132:of a greater responsiveness, tuned to a higher key, of more adequate refinement, and vibrating to aFire, 190:and of most concrete demonstration. The key for man to discover and turn, concerns itself with theFire, 218:when sounded forth on the right note, give the key to the true inwardness of matter and also to itsFire, 218:The Knower will utter them in his own true key, thus blending his own sound with the entire volumeFire, 219:The Law of Vibration, dealing with the key note or measure of the matter of each plane. ByFire, 248:by a certain color, and rotating to a fixed key - the key of his life cycle. A man is distinguishedFire, 248:certain color, and rotating to a fixed key - the key of his life cycle. A man is distinguished byFire, 251:of the deva and human units who vibrate to His key note, and who respond to the measure of HisFire, 251:by a certain color, is rotating to a fixed key which is the key of His life cycle within the stillFire, 251:color, is rotating to a fixed key which is the key of His life cycle within the still greaterFire, 256:rotates to a certain measure, which is the key of the great kalpa or solar cycle, and revolvesFire, 256:Chohan. This sevenfold vibratory measure is the key of the lowest cosmic plane, and its rate ofFire, 263:of the Monad, make five principles and give the key to H.P.B.'s numbering in certain places. WeFire, 268:through his seven centers, which are the key to his psychic evolution. A man is also developingFire, 273:Repetition in fact: This involves the idea of a key measure, or sound of any particular group ofFire, 274:by the Self as it indwells the form, but the key will ascend by gradual degrees. It is similar toFire, 279:and attraction. In this last definition lies the key to the other states of consciousness. 15 TheFire, 283:the third aspect. The mental vibration sets the key measure and seeks to utilize and coordinate theFire, 283:last is the result produced by the union of the key measure and the quality of tone. Seven centersFire, 288:of consciousness. In this thought lies the key to the work of the Brotherhood. They attract byFire, 299:in importance from the four lower. The key is hidden in the fact that between the number of a globeFire, 306:through which a man must pass, but holds the key to the three major cycles previously mentioned.Fire, 329:the physical ethers - will eventually hold the key of the greater manifestation. Science is theFire, 334:A - Manas or Mind and its Nature 4. Manas is the Key to the Fifth Kingdom in Nature We might alsoFire, 334:in Nature We might also define manas as the key to the door through which entrance is made into theFire, 334:Each of the five kingdoms is entered by some one key, and in connection with the first two kingdomsFire, 334:two kingdoms - the mineral and vegetable - the key or method whereby the life escapes into theFire, 335:to the animal kingdom it might be said that the key whereby entrance is effected into the humanFire, 335:days. Therefore, we have: Instinct - The key from the animal into the human kingdom or from theFire, 335:the third into the fourth kingdom. Manas - The key from the human into the spiritual kingdom, orFire, 357:as each human center, will Vibrate to some one key. Have its own coloring. Resemble, when seen fromFire, 362:of all occult students. They hold the key whereby some comprehension of manas and of planetaryFire, 364:units, or with those Monads who vibrate to His key, are colored by the same color as Himself,Fire, 376:for a different purpose, vibrate to a different key, and serve their own specific ends, so do theFire, 426:fourth, fifth, and seventh rounds hold hid the key to the first aspect. For the devas it is theFire, 452:and sounds. Think this out, for it holds the key to the reason for the safeguarding of the words.Fire, 459:point out a correspondence that holds hid the key to the mystery of individualization. In this
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