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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - KEY

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Psychology2, 169:but never found that which could give to him the key to all the rest... In deep despair, he criedPsychology2, 169:aloud unto the God he had forgot: 'Give me the key. I alone can do no more good. Give me the key.'Psychology2, 169:key. I alone can do no more good. Give me the key.' Then silence reigned... Through the opening onPsychology2, 169:the pyramid, dropped from the blue of heaven, a key came down. It landed at the feet of thePsychology2, 169:at the feet of the discouraged worker. The key was of pure gold; the shaft of light; upon the key aPsychology2, 169:was of pure gold; the shaft of light; upon the key a label, and writ in blue, these words: 'DestroyPsychology2, 175:which are, in their turn, the essential key to the highest knowledge. A brief example will serve toPsychology2, 228:of supreme importance, for they embody the key ideas which will reveal Deity in operation as thePsychology2, 235:be separative in my consciousness," one of the key thoughts of his daily life. One point herePsychology2, 262:and proceed to the task of the day. They are the key people in any age, and the determiningPsychology2, 466:and no condition which cannot provide the key to the unlocking of the door into the desired widerPsychology2, 552:The little understood thymus gland holds the key to much that concerns the activity and control ofPsychology2, 585:the first step towards that universal spiritual key of which psychometry is the lowest expression.Rays, 32:moving out. [32] In these words you have the key to group initiation. The light of the higherRays, 60:the Hierarchy, and finally with Shamballa. The key to this whole Rule lies in the injunction to theRays, 80:so the number 24 expresses time, and is the key to the great cycle of manifestation. It is the clueRays, 129:part of this particular rule; it conveys the key to the immediate goal for those who have attainedRays, 131:of approach to truth. The Law of Analogy is the key which unlocks the understanding. Something ofRays, 139:the clear cold light of the reason is the first key to the first door. Rays, 202:"cosmic glamor," and will give him the hidden key to the world of feeling and of sentiency, ofRays, 247:center of the group, proclaiming God is All. The key to the significance and the clue to the secretRays, 291:controlling group life; they constitute the key to the laws under which all planetary groups work.Rays, 292:the fact that he himself, the microcosm, is the key to the Macrocosm; he is the clue to the future,Rays, 298:and utilized light can reveal. Here is another key sentence for your consideration. With the themeRays, 331:most ancient of Oriental prayers, giving the key to the three degrees of the Blue Lodge. I mentionRays, 331:contain within their teaching and formulas the key to the science which will unlock the mystery ofRays, 357:you who have not as yet achieved that state. The key to your understanding lies in the realizationRays, 366:give to the initiate what has been called the "key to the Sun" - as it conditions the solar systemRays, 366:door to initiation gives to the aspirant the "key to the kingdom of God." We have dealt in theRays, 372:life expression of the Lord of the World. The key to the mystery of differentiation is found by theRays, 404:and permits the exit of those who hold the key because they entered by that door in aeons long goneRays, 496:and your environment. "I would give you three key thoughts for deep reflection [497] during theRays, 497:three months brood on them in the heart. These key thoughts are: 1. The necessity for speed. 2. TheRays, 528:divine Being in Their consciousness. Here is the key as to why the invocation by a group "standingRays, 537:of inclusiveness. Inclusiveness is the supreme key to the understanding of consciousness. At theRays, 591:the Mind of God Himself. It is the "substantial" key to the Universal Mind. It is profoundlyRays, 646:and the first Ray of Will, for there lies the key to the revelation accorded to theRays, 735:this fact lies a great planetary truth and the key to the science of planetary redemption. When theRays, 764:other six. You speak of wide compassion as the key that opens wide the gates. Explain in words theRays, 766:of yellow, close by the outer rim, lies the key that holds hid the secret. The threshold of thatRays, 766: The Rays and the Initiations - Appendix The Key Key the first lies hid under the Threshold,Rays, 766: The Rays and the Initiations - Appendix The Key Key the first lies hid under the Threshold,Rays, 766:of strenuous decision. The hand that grasps the key must have the nail-mark through the centerRays, 766:When this is so, door the first will open. Key the second lies across the Threshold, over the heapRays, 766:Then door the second will open to your touch. Key the third lies half way up. Just at the level ofRays, 766:half way up. Just at the level of the heart that key is seen. Before it can be seized and used theRays, 766:whole. Only those thus purified can grasp the key and pass through door the third. Rays, 766:the Initiations - Appendix An Occult Message The key is found; and with the pressure of the handsRays, 766:the Light and with a beating heart of love, that key is turned. The door swings wide open. WithRays, 767:close that door, for [767] each must turn the key with his own hand and each must enter throughRays, 767:the mystic Heart, with its two lobes, lies the key to the reservoir. In the outgoing and the returnRays, 767:and one on the left. In the apprehension of the key, in the opening and shutting of doors, liesReappearance, 107:Evolution. He taught them that service was the key to the life of liberation, teaching them theReappearance, 123:within their formulas and teachings, the key to the science which will unlock the mystery ofReappearance, 139:use of the word "organizations"; it holds the key to the problem. Why is there a growing emphasisSoul, 56:of light," forever invisible to human eye. The key word "substance" with its suggestion ofTelepathy, 45:of a taking in and of a giving out. The key to humanity's trouble (focusing, as it has, in theTelepathy, 55:simple facts and recognize that you possess the key or the clue in your already developedTelepathy, 118:- Higher Aspects of Relationship The next key-thought which is of importance is found in the words:Telepathy, 122:very lowest recipient of divine impression. The key to all this is energy. Energy is substance, andTelepathy, 126:structure of all being. Humanity itself is the key to all evolutionary processes and to all correctTelepathy, 153:animal-man. I give this as an illustration and a key to a great mystery. Curiously enough, in theTelepathy, 181:Destiny of the Nations.) it will give you the key to that science of relationships which isTelepathy, 181:of relationships which is essentially the key to astrology and also to the science of Laya Yoga.
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