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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - KEYS

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Discipleship1, 322:of Heaven by violence is very real and the keys of the entrance lie within your grasp. But thisDiscipleship2, 313:mind he discovers that he possesses the "three keys" which will permit him to delve into theDiscipleship2, 344:is being prepared. They are in the nature of keys to a door and - when properly grasped, understoodDiscipleship2, 716:of God. 6th month - Within my hand I hold the keys of life. I unlock the door for others and theyFire, 110:from a third angle and therefore study: 47 The Keys to the Secret Doctrine, by H. P. Blavatsky. SeeFire, 110:II, 551. Every symbol and allegory has seven keys. - S. D., II, 567; III, 3. Only three keysFire, 110:seven keys. - S. D., II, 567; III, 3. Only three keys available in the nineteenth century - S. D.,Fire, 110:II, 543, Compare II, 617, 842. There are seven keys to the Entrance door to the Mysteries. - S. D.,Fire, 110:Compare I, 346; II, 330; II, 668; II, 731. The keys, as hinted by H. P. B., are: Psychological. -Fire, 110:S. D., I, 22. The Jews availed themselves of two keys out of the seven. The Metaphysical key isFire, 110:- S. D., I, 338. Compare III, 198. 48 "The seven keys open the mysteries, past and future, of theFire, 110:There are three locks to be opened. Seven keys. Every book can be read esoterically, subjectivelyFire, 110:subjectively and spiritually. All the keys are not yet available. (See Secret Doctrine, I, 330,Fire, 496:and by its due sounding forth in different keys and combinations will come the possibility toFire, 606:and space will have discovered [606] one of the keys which will unlock a door hitherto fast closed.Fire, 625:of the astrological teaching that is one of the keys to the Secret Doctrine. 3 We should thereforeFire, 675:and in this thought we have indicated one of the keys to the astral plane. 18 The Stanzas at theFire, 849:consciousness) and know the varying group "keys," the group tones and colors. It will consequentlyFire, 872:third, fourth and fifth Initiations the three keys to the three mysteries are given to him. The keyFire, 873:Elementals The mystery of electricity has three keys, each of which is held in the hands of one ofFire, 928:which, sounded rhythmically and in different keys, accomplish certain desired ends, such as theFire, 981:the devas to their work. Speech is one of the keys which opens the doors of communication betweenFire, 1141:etc. Left to right - lesser cycles. The three keys: Cosmic interpretation. The symbols standing forGlamour, 24:by phrase and regarding it as giving us seven keys to the secret of the elimination of glamor. TheGlamour, 24:the solar Lord. Seven sentences, embodying seven keys for the dissipation of illusion. A finalHealing, 411:of God?" Faintly the answer comes: "I hold the keys of life and death. I bind and loose again. IHealing, 491:the life which has gone and which also hold the keys to his future incarnation which he will nextHercules, 85:We are told that Christ gave to Saint Peter the keys of heaven and earth; He gave to him,Hercules, 85:heaven and earth; He gave to him, therefore, the keys of these two gates. We read: "Jesus gives toHercules, 85:gates. We read: "Jesus gives to Peter ... the keys to the two principal gates of the zodiac, whichInitiation, 15:center) produces a result on some one body. It keys the atoms to a certain pitch, and enables a newInitiation, 160:Love. 9. The Great Word of our solar system keys in, if it might be so expressed, with other Words,Initiation, 165:hieroglyph gives one of the seven hierarchical keys by means of which the members of our planetaryInitiation, 167:and at the fourth and fifth, the three keys to the three mysteries are given to him. The key to theMagic, 288:to its peculiar impulse. I give here the seven keys for each of the ray methods. These can beMagic, 575:Instruments of healing. Agencies whereby certain keys are turned. Viewing them as symbols ofMagic, 578:As regards the use of the hands in turning keys I will simply give a hint. Only those hands canMagic, 614:for the mind of man presents to him the keys of the kingdom of heaven or locks upon him the door ofMeditation, 52:That the one threefold Word has seven keys, and these seven keys have their own subtones. In theMeditation, 52:threefold Word has seven keys, and these seven keys have their own subtones. In the apprehension ofMeditation, 60:wise and appropriate to give to you different keys in which the Sacred Word can be intoned; I canMeditation, 162:Word. These, sounded rhythmically and on certain keys, accomplish certain results, such as theMeditation, 164:forms are so carefully guarded and the words and keys concealed. Their indiscriminate use would butPatanjali, 339:yoga dealt with in the previous books, certain keys and knowledge, certain words and formulas, canPatanjali, 358:achieve omnipotence or all-power, when the keys of Heaven will be handed to the Son of Man and allPsychology1, 63:Son of God? Faintly the answer comes: I hold the keys of life and death. I bind and loose again. I,Psychology1, 122:Musician of the universe is moving the [122] keys, is sounding another note and thus bringing inPsychology1, 466:I - Some Tabulations on the Rays The Seven Keys to the Seven Ray Methods FIRST RAY "Let the ForcesRays, 7:of certain laws governing matter and form. The keys of the mysteries connected with energy, withRays, 650:for and undergoes the fifth initiation, and keys himself up for the promised revelation, thusTelepathy, 89:been called "the freedom of the Ashram" and "the keys to the Kingdom of God"; he can then be
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