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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - KILL

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Autobiography, 149:the end of me because it was a great virtue to kill a white woman. It would mean a knife in myBethlehem, 112:a natural instinct is followed. An animal may kill another animal in rage or in defense of itsBethlehem, 165:betrayed into the hands of men, and they shall kill him, and the third day he shall be raisedDiscipleship1, 10:with care your thoughts anent each other, and kill out at once all suspicion, all criticism andDiscipleship1, 504:eventual achievement. Overcome fear, my brother; kill out suspicion and those vile children of fearEducation, 91:be our watchword for it is simplicity which will kill our old materialistic way of living.Externalisation, 141:materialism are working. At the same time, also, kill out all hateful criticism in your minds. 3.Externalisation, 245:era has warned us not to be afraid of those who kill the body, but to fear only those who seek toExternalisation, 245:the body, but to fear only those who seek to kill the soul. The forces of aggression are slowly andFire, 1015:sees, then the earth sufficeth not to hide or kill the flame. It feeds the flame, causing a growthFire, 1249:for many aeons the path of hatred. They hate and kill each other until they find that which diethGlamour, 223:[223] of clear perception. Their problem is to kill out in themselves their rapid response to theHealing, 99:nature's healing forces, and can even eventually kill the person concerned by so increasing theHealing, 611:this but the effort of the soul of humanity to kill out disease, restore unhealthy areas to healthHercules, 96:has gone forth. They seek that you should kill the lion that devastates their land, taking its tollHercules, 98:What shall I do? Weapons avail me not. How kill this lion and save the people from its teeth? WhatHercules, 113:slay that which is needed, close and dear? Why kill the one you love, the giver of good gifts,Hercules, 113:of good gifts, custodian of the possible? Why kill the mother of the sacred Child? Again, we mark aHercules, 117:badly done. He said without equivocation, "Why kill the mother of the sacred Child? Again we mark aHercules, 125:will not take it with me on the way, for fear I kill. At my last labor, upon the shores of theHercules, 129:while Hercules took every precaution not to kill the boar, he ended by killing two friends. ThusHercules, 151:in the sign Scorpio, the Self is determined to kill the little self in order to teach it theHercules, 156:he sought to find a way. At first he tried to kill them with a quiverful of arrows. The few he slewHercules, 179:alone, and that he is free to disregard it, to kill it, or to come closer to God by showing hisHercules, 197:it [197] on his club, and hurled it back to kill the one who sent it forth. At times he lost hisHercules, 197:Then he killed the two-headed dog but he did not kill the shepherd. He also killed the owner of theInitiation, 213:the work I do; I mount upon my slain self; I kill desire, and I strive, forgetting all reward. IMagic, 95:in this second aspect of the work. Therefore "Kill out ambition." 2. The period wherein heMagic, 116:accepted rules of decent living. Thou shalt not kill, thou shalt not steal, have to do with a man'sMagic, 258:injunction in many of the esoteric books, "Kill out desire". Perhaps a more just rendering for theMagic, 474:along because it gives a thrill - these words kill the flickering impulses of the soul, cut at theMagic, 474:If uttered with intent to hurt, to bruise and kill, they wander back to him who sent them forth andMagic, 474:him who sent them forth and him they bruise and kill. The idle thought, the selfish thought, theProblems, 65:be our watchword for it is simplicity which will kill our old materialistic way of living.Psychology1, 65:had had time to work out Their purposes: [65] Kill out desire when desire has fulfiled its work.Psychology1, 79:warriors march upon their way. They crush and kill all that impedes their way, and aught that risesPsychology1, 81:thy way is red with blood? Quality - power to kill out desire. Why do you turn your back upon thePsychology1, 175:emerging synthesis which aims subjectively to kill out greed and end the exploitation of the manyPsychology2, 135:the work I do, I mount upon my slain self; I kill desire, and I strive, forgetting all reward. IPsychology2, 459:be) some basic desire. It may be the desire to kill, or desire to have abnormal sexual experience,Psychology2, 618:the very breath of death and it can not only kill the leader through accumulated poison andPsychology2, 618:accumulated poison and distress but it can also kill the group life and render abortive the effortsRays, 210:and hence the injunction so oft misunderstood: Kill out desire. This has to be the firstRays, 305:implied in the rule for probationary disciples: Kill out desire. The deliberate destruction of all
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