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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - KIND

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Astrology, 13:It has no emanation and no radiation of any kind and, therefore, has no effect of any kind. TheAstrology, 13:of any kind and, therefore, has no effect of any kind. The moon, from the angle of the esotericAstrology, 52:through experiment with and experience of every kind of desire and selfish impulse. Thus gradually,Astrology, 90:capable of doing this as yet. These are the kind of charts by which the Masters gauge TheirAstrology, 102:and a sense of responsibility of an individual kind. Capricorn, the "birthplace of the Christ," theAstrology, 118:and though he may be, for instance, friendly and kind, it is through a desire for popularity. ThisAstrology, 123:the Mutable Cross to certain changes of a major kind which are brought about by a more permanentAstrology, 124:Whether the majority of the lowest kind of medium (trance mediums in particular) have PiscesAstrology, 189:take, it consummates in an initiation of some kind or another. Students would do well to regardAstrology, 205:and cruelty. Remember that the worst kind of cruelty is not of a physical nature but is more mentalAstrology, 225:for it is through expressed desire of some kind that personality demonstrates life, quality,Astrology, 227:fact that it lacks spectacular interest of any kind - except in the case of disciples or thoseAstrology, 266:They indicate points of opportunity of an inner kind where consciousness is concerned, andAstrology, 373:personality integration [373] of the wrong kind and its enforced desires. Thus, through theseAstrology, 402:thralldom of desire and from form control of any kind. This is curiously emphasized by the rulersAstrology, 547:the vehicle then produces consciousness of some kind. This is a basic and unalterable law. In theAstrology, 648:attempting to form cyclic computations of any kind for as yet the many constellations which existAstrology, 677:mortal man an animal of not even a superior kind, when unlinked from the divine Individuality."Atom, 20:purpose working through forms of every kind, through races and nations, and through all that we seeAtom, 31:for those who have no scientific training of any kind, and to give them a general concept of theAtom, 59:a form through which a consciousness of some kind or grade can manifest. Thus, also, the aggregateAtom, 68:which we might call sensation of a rudimentary kind. The initial intelligence of the atom hasAtom, 71:may be doing, as he works through forms of every kind (continents, civilizations, religions, andAtom, 71:it was, in which dogma and doctrine of every kind come under criticism. Many of the [72] old formsAtom, 77:manifesting as consciousness of some kind or other. This interrelation will produce, finally, theAtom, 97:before it was incorporated in a vehicle of some kind. Then we studied the building of forms byAtom, 104:affairs, and conscious of contacts of every kind; then we meet people who seem to be asleep; thereAtom, 125:working out of consciousness of a particular kind; the development of psychic quality; the effectAtom, 151:and close interaction of the atoms of every kind, and the all-pervading unity which must ultimatelyAtom, 151:a stage in the evolution of all atoms of every kind in which they feel and search for their placeAutobiography, X:So many people all over the world have been so kind to me." For a long, long time she had wanted toAutobiography, 1:of Christian but I now belong to the inclusive kind and not the exclusive. One of the things that IAutobiography, 34:and good looks. I had been taught the narrowest kind of Christianity; unless people thought as IAutobiography, 42:scheme to save mankind and Who was not as truly kind as the average parent to his offspring. TheseAutobiography, 51:and the Heart of the Eternal is most wonderfully kind." But - it was not a really kind God that IAutobiography, 51:wonderfully kind." But - it was not a really kind God that I proclaimed. God was kind to me becauseAutobiography, 51:not a really kind God that I proclaimed. God was kind to me because He had opened my eyes and theAutobiography, 53:Girls of my class, also, did not do that kind of thing. The clothes, diction, hair style andAutobiography, 53:hair style and jewelry would not appeal to the kind of people who haunted revival meetings, seekingAutobiography, 58:eggs in the house and they had to be in some kind of container. I discovered that we usedAutobiography, 63:and being very, very good. I bought every kind of book which might help me to preach better, suchAutobiography, 68:had no one left. He wanted nothing from me but a kind word. That I gave him, for I grew to likeAutobiography, 68:no real evil and had not the faintest idea what kind of things could happen to girls. Once, forAutobiography, 72:town in Baluchistan, and Baluchistan is a kind of buffer state between India and Afghanistan. IAutobiography, 78:to face with it. It often seemed to me like a kind friend and I never had the slightest feelingAutobiography, 90:with constant migraine headaches of the worst kind and with the culminating matter of this loveAutobiography, 91:it is because we learnt through the hardest kind of experience not to do these particular things.Autobiography, 102:I've met them, also, of an equally virulent kind among the aristocracy. The prudery and theAutobiography, 104:in a more dreadful time. They [104] were nice, kind, good and worthy, but I had never before eatenAutobiography, 104:of that caliber, or slept in a house of that kind, or eaten my meals in a "parlour" or lived in aAutobiography, 104:them and they were more terrified of me, though kind of proud that Walter had done so well forAutobiography, 109:done nothing but who was just straight human and kind and I got another peek into the house ofAutobiography, 111:rector's wife and I am sure I was very nice and kind, but always I felt a barrier. I did not wantAutobiography, 113:and so many good things were sent in and so many kind things were done that I remain eternallyAutobiography, 113:birth, without any nurse or help of any kind. The church warden's wife discovered me that day, toAutobiography, 113:ungovernable temper) he had no vices of any kind whatsoever. He never drank; he never swore; heAutobiography, 114:bruised. I was so ill and tired and she was so kind and good that I admitted to her that my husbandAutobiography, 124:but the living Christ. After six months of this kind of life, if I remember correctly, I saw theAutobiography, 125:to whom I cared to talk. I was surrounded by kind and good friends, however, but none of them wereAutobiography, 128:get a response; that I would again have some kind of a vision, or that I would hear a voice as IAutobiography, 128:thought I was somebody. I was holding down the kind of job that anybody could hold down. It wasAutobiography, 129:I'm here." He never intruded again but he kind of watched over me. I always had cans to label and IAutobiography, 130:something to have brought herself down to this kind of work." "Better not be taken in byAutobiography, 130:difficulties to their own. The poor are usually kind to the poor. Autobiography, 131:I wasn't preachy; I just tried to be polite and kind and, therefore, got politeness and kindnessAutobiography, 131:say about her friends is beyond belief. Not a kind word passed her lips. She was giving to herAutobiography, 134:to me like complete nonsense and I doubt if that kind of lecture ever helps anybody. I registered aAutobiography, 137:the sheets and endeavor to get them into some kind of order and, as he said, the wonder was thatAutobiography, 141:with no capacity in this life for success of any kind? I knew now why I could leave him to God;Autobiography, 152:come to those who live harmlessly, who are kind and considerate as well. But harmlessness is theAutobiography, 154:that it is better to eat beefsteak and have a kind tongue than to be a strict vegetarian and, fromAutobiography, 154:many vegetarians who were lovely and sweet and kind and good. [155] It was during this year, 1918,Autobiography, 161:make it easier for other people to do the same kind of work, provided it is the same kind of work.Autobiography, 161:the same kind of work, provided it is the same kind of work. There are so many aspects of so-calledAutobiography, 162:I want to show, therefore, that there is another kind of impression and inspiration which canAutobiography, 171:friends. I knew some of these people - worthy, kind, and mediocre, none of them intellectual giantsAutobiography, 171:opened to the futility and uselessness of this kind of literature. Owing to all these variousAutobiography, 184:I am not [184] a medium but I have been a kind of "middleman" between the Hierarchy and the generalAutobiography, 186:of Alice A. Bailey - Chapter V Given the right kind of home and given the right parental influenceAutobiography, 198:done all the time, but we wanted nothing of that kind. Little by little we learned how to organizeAutobiography, 198:back of the work and no large donor of any kind. The work is supported by the small subscriptionsAutobiography, 199:no charge. These were the years in which every kind of psychologist was lecturing up and down theAutobiography, 208:me eight or nine dresses, knowing exactly the kind of thing I liked and the colors that suited meAutobiography, 223:on the shore of the lake. As soon as I found the kind of place it was, and that in spite of all itsAutobiography, 223:on the roads who were plainly the undesirable kind. I did not dress up the information in beautifulAutobiography, 226:is for Dorothy one in a million, quiet, clever, kind and firm in the right places and Dorothy isAutobiography, 227:It was an occult order of apparently an advanced kind. I had come across one of the books they hadAutobiography, 245:was the result of her first effort to do this kind of work. It laid the foundation of all theAutobiography, 252:their taking no action or decision of any kind. Instead of "my country, right or wrong," it wasAutobiography, 292:Arcane School, our students today express every kind of political belief and are of every kind ofAutobiography, 292:every kind of political belief and are of every kind of religious persuasion. They should have noAutobiography, 294:The Arcane School has no endowment, and no kind "angel" makes heavy contributions regularly andAutobiography, 302:by means of any messages of any sort or kind. Humanity is passing through the greatest spiritualBethlehem, ix:too far. - H. Le Gallienne. Reprinted with the kind permission of The New York Times and theBethlehem, 24:and the heart of the Eternal is most wonderfully kind" - so runs the old hymn, and thus isBethlehem, 24:the path Christ trod, takes courage of the rarer kind. To cooperate sanely and wisely with God'sBethlehem, 73:a mind made wise through pain, and a heart made kind through distress and through difficultyBethlehem, 74:this awakens the deepest and most constructive kind of optimism in the minds of those who ponderBethlehem, 78:and manifest divinely, if they had a different kind of home, a different environment or setting.Bethlehem, 78:We have those contacts in the world and the kind of work which are required in order to enable us
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