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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - KIND

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Bethlehem, 127:of difficulty. It is difficulty of a peculiar kind, in that the things done and the words spoken byBethlehem, 128:the character involved they are of the fiercest kind and the most difficult to handle. The call ofBethlehem, 131:of the mind Take every creature in, of every kind; Earth smiles around, with boundless bountyBethlehem, 142:feels, and he remains undifferentiated from his kind. Upon this, orators and dictators base theirBethlehem, 192:organization or group religion or cult of any kind has originated with a person, and from thatBethlehem, 245:and educating a mind which have no worth of any kind, and are of no value to God or men. This, weBethlehem, 266:of building a good character and being nice and kind. More than that is involved. It is a questionBethlehem, 270:the whole of the critical attitude toward this kind of investigation: " 'Though Christ were yearlyBethlehem, 281:nor with the making of claims of any kind - beyond the one stupendous claim that they are sons ofBethlehem, 283:- still suffers imperfection of its identical kind. 'No being may reach bliss alone: all must reachDiscipleship1, 6:the jungles of the Occident are of a different kind to those within the Eastern zone. They call forDiscipleship1, 14:Any phenomena of a mystical and spiritual kind should also be noted. The seeing of the light in theDiscipleship1, 15:in this diary. Any experiences of a psychic kind which do not come under any of the above headings.Discipleship1, 15:and the development of sensitivity to the right kind of impression. This can only be realized afterDiscipleship1, 20:hitherto unknown and the effects are of a dual kind, producing both bad as well as good results.Discipleship1, 46:me better results (probably of a phenomenal kind!) or a new revelation or fresh enlightenment andDiscipleship1, 46:teacher and a world worker and server. With what kind of instrument, therefore, can I now work?Discipleship1, 47:your hurt pride and qualities of this kind. These all cause you bewilderment and let loose in youDiscipleship1, 67:group of disciples will employ a different kind must not in any sense be deemed to indicateDiscipleship1, 82:would say that it is the expression of the wrong kind of indifference, leading to an almostDiscipleship1, 85:no barriers between the group members of any kind. This will necessarily involve the sacrifice ofDiscipleship1, 90:to direct the energy (some chosen and particular kind, according to the demand of the occasion) toDiscipleship1, 118:Is their effect upon you of the most desirable kind? Your interrelation with those who are yourDiscipleship1, 134:- galvanize your physical body into almost any kind of needed creative activity. One of the thingsDiscipleship1, 144:look not for the sweet, the gentle, the kind and tender because so many very good people are oftDiscipleship1, 155:differences and on soul levels no problem of any kind exists - except the problem of understandingDiscipleship1, 172:gives color and [172] performance of a tangible kind to inner, subjective activity. VisualizationDiscipleship1, 185:is the most powerful impulse behind the right kind of radiation. I would ask you: How does a MasterDiscipleship1, 203:are rendering to the group, and will establish a kind of rhythmic impact upon the patient, therebyDiscipleship1, 238:in endeavor and runs not to extremes of any kind? Yet balanced effort has not characterized yourDiscipleship1, 242:Glamor, when it is of such a definite kind, is most convincing and of a seeming reality. This is aDiscipleship1, 274:See your outlines clear and let no haze of any kind veil the sharpness of their contours. Let bothDiscipleship1, 280:in this connection. All gained quality of any kind must be regarded by the individual as a groupDiscipleship1, 284:formulate it into words and expression of some kind, preserving the spirit of psychic drama whichDiscipleship1, 329:love strongly and who aid untiringly. Give this kind of help, for well you can. In silence and inDiscipleship1, 378:you - again theoretically - to be too nice, too kind, too appreciative, but not in reality.Discipleship1, 382:to Disciples - W.D.S. January 1940 MY BROTHER: A kind heart is of potent use in our service,Discipleship1, 391:towards an increasing release from ties of any kind, though (and herein lies a subtle distinction)Discipleship1, 394:stringency; readjustments through loss of some kind is apparently crippling the endeavor of others,Discipleship1, 412:is meditation. No breathing exercises of any kind should be followed by you, but just the followingDiscipleship1, 414:refer not here to this group but to all and any kind of right group activity which may come yourDiscipleship1, 418:could enter. This is of value. Whilst this kind of activity is transpiring, there is usuallyDiscipleship1, 419:to do for you at this time is to give you the kind of meditation which is needed. it [420] shouldDiscipleship1, 449:this group of brothers? It is of so subtle a kind that, perhaps, I cannot make it present as a factDiscipleship1, 468:a few personal glamors, but they are not of the kind which hurt your group. You see with clarityDiscipleship1, 489:people and so many problems of an executive kind with which to cope and which grow out of theDiscipleship1, 495:when you yourself see or feel no results of any kind. [496] I look to you for vital service, myDiscipleship1, 504:people. When you can attract the positive kind of people and find your major pleasure in yourDiscipleship1, 534:still. It means that his work is of such a kind that it makes no impact on his surroundings and hisDiscipleship1, 541:is frittered away in profitless doings of some kind or another. It is that "plus" for which I amDiscipleship1, 570:a completely sacrificial spirit. You have done kind things and made small sacrifices but you haveDiscipleship1, 602:bringing your [602] personality problems of any kind into the group work. When you no longer careDiscipleship1, 603:to deviousness in approach to any action of any kind. Therefore, for you, simplicity and clarity asDiscipleship1, 634:strength and of resistance to calls of a lower kind. Her tower has naught to do with theDiscipleship1, 634:therefore, to learn attachment of the right kind. You had to learn to integrate into my group ofDiscipleship1, 636:and free yourself from all magical work of every kind until you are established in soulDiscipleship1, 641:the outside world may see only success or some kind of achievement. Your sense of values is sound,Discipleship1, 661:not ambitious. I do not make trouble of a group kind; I only make trouble for myself. I try to beDiscipleship1, 661:make trouble for myself. I try to be loving and kind. I work as hard as I think I should. I loveDiscipleship1, 694:the disciple will be able to contribute of any kind for a long time. Only those positively sensedDiscipleship1, 706:with group vision. [706] For how many is this kind of work possible? Not many, as yet. DisciplesDiscipleship1, 741:question of psychic sensitivity of the higher kind is involved at this stage. I have taught in myDiscipleship1, 755:the antahkarana is being built and is the first kind of contact to which the neophyte responds inDiscipleship1, 777:was the result of her first effort to do this kind of work; it laid the foundation of all theDiscipleship1, 784:their taking no action or decision of any kind. Instead of "my country right or wrong," it wasDiscipleship2, 43:of health, time, home limitations, fear of one kind or another, age, or a belief that this life isDiscipleship2, 56:the achieving of a right attitude of a dual kind: The group member fused his outer activity andDiscipleship2, 73:and stimulation or any phenomena of any kind, and then record this upon your monthly reports. I amDiscipleship2, 141:meditation to a wide scheme for a particular kind of developing meditation, greatly needed byDiscipleship2, 141:needed by disciples, prior to unfolding a unique kind of ashramic sensitivity. It was intended,Discipleship2, 218:and the Hierarchy are working in the closest kind of cooperation, then the visualization and theDiscipleship2, 305:confusion of colors shown of a heavy, brilliant kind and quality; the scheme of beauty emergingDiscipleship2, 445:radiatory will of second ray souls. This is the kind of will-expression and recognized life purposeDiscipleship2, 445:with divine purpose. This is not the same kind of magnetism as that of love. In the meditation,Discipleship2, 470:the work there would be hard but not of the same kind, and there would not be so much need forDiscipleship2, 470:strain and suffering, will be of another kind and the pain endured will be largely mental, but "youDiscipleship2, 524:out (at least for those three days) every kind of reaction to human happenings. Aim at a point ofDiscipleship2, 524:much activity, or with activities of the wrong kind; in some cases, the thought-life of theDiscipleship2, 534:Love, my brother, when present and of the right kind engenders a sense of personal responsibility.Discipleship2, 537:increases. With the average person who is kind, well-meaning and endowed with a normal sense ofDiscipleship2, 559:her confidence in you is great and she needs the kind of help which you can give. Her work growsDiscipleship2, 559:Increasingly must your life be filled with this kind of [560] service; it will lead to theDiscipleship2, 562:prior to a definite step forward of a pronounced kind which is not due simply to a normal progressDiscipleship2, 592:of well-intentioned people, forward-looking and kind, of all races and nationalities, who areDiscipleship2, 594:accomplishment. With true failures you are ever kind and understanding and have demonstrated thisDiscipleship2, 594:this often, but you are apt to despise (behind a kind manner) those who appear satisfied with whatDiscipleship2, 608:the balancing head increasingly. The so-called kind immediate thing or the thing which the studentDiscipleship2, 650:is lived out mentally for others, is the worst kind of pain. This you know. But I would remind youDiscipleship2, 688:which cannot be avoided. But it was not to this kind of change that I referred. Let me see if I canDiscipleship2, 707:probably without foundation? These are not the kind of things that your personality easily accepts,Discipleship2, 740:solar plexus. I set no meditation of a special kind for you. The group meditation will suffice. IEducationto be "educated"; (2) a social theory of the kind of [vi] society one is trying to create orEducation, vi:and actor. Our problem is to attain the kind of overall synthesis that Marxism andEducation, xi:questions of human existence: What is man? What kind of physical universe (cosmos) is it that manEducation, xi:cosmos and about human nature, what is the best kind of society for man's progressiveEducation, 15:with the realization of a clothed idea of some kind, whereas writing is, curiously enough,Education, 62:happenings and physical phenomena of every kind are simply symbols of what is occurring in theEducation, 79:not yet succeeded in giving our young people the kind of education which will enable them to liveEducation, 100:among the so-called enlightened nations, some kind of compulsory education is imposed upon theEducation, 101:bias was religious (as in Church schools of any kind), he was taught that he must endeavor to be
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