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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - KIND

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Externalisation, 9:unerring judgment, and psychometry of the higher kind with its power to reveal the past and theExternalisation, 11:instrument of the loaned body in service of some kind or another. But this procedure will never beExternalisation, 11:and self-pity. At present many of the lower kind of mediums are exploited by the curious or unhappyExternalisation, 21:relation, and secondly, the work of a practical kind that each of you can do to bring about thisExternalisation, 28:world of any age, wherever culture of any kind made itself felt. Thus the idea was manifested. TwoExternalisation, 38:all illusions take to themselves form of some kind or other) of the "pouring in of light,"Externalisation, 39:part of educators anent illumination of a mental kind. The keynote of this effort to eliminateExternalisation, 44:through such an effort can analysis of a right kind eventually be achieved and criticism beExternalisation, 44:from what we now know as disease of the worst kind, though death and certain forms of bodilyExternalisation, 53:time, but an idealism of a more material kind - a generally recognized present idealism. They areExternalisation, 64:failings and personal ambitions of a superficial kind are present in several members in all of theExternalisation, 81:found in every country without exception of any kind, in every religion, group and organization,Externalisation, 86:to stimulation and to progress of the desired kind. This is the modern form of the ancientExternalisation, 109:at this time is such that love, sympathy and kind words are needed far more than [110] learned,Externalisation, 141:of you will have in it hate or bias of the wrong kind and your minds and hearts will be kept clearExternalisation, 143:of goodwill effort, and of endeavor of some kind towards human welfare. Now is the time for muchExternalisation, 148:and by those engaged in magical work of any kind anent the use of invocation as it applies toExternalisation, 148:active agents and responsible energies of some kind or another upon the physical plane. What is oftExternalisation, 211:can bring about world changes of a fundamental kind, and that its mode of expression is through theExternalisation, 220:and to this all national thinking of the right kind is fortunately awakening. Externalisation, 228:propaganda of a political, national or religious kind, and deciding for yourself where you, as aExternalisation, 246:which does not produce positive action of some kind becomes a festering sore. Thus, by thought andExternalisation, 270:as a result, a phenomenal intervention of some kind. Those who work more emotionally will reach theExternalisation, 306:The Needed Steps These steps are various in kind though one in intent. The first step is to realizeExternalisation, 347:is a focused expression of force of some type or kind. Two great streams of energy - one focusedExternalisation, 370:exercise their free will in establishing the kind of world in which they choose to live. They willExternalisation, 455:in response to human demand (in degree and in kind, according to the quality of the demand), theExternalisation, 476:to temporary methods of "being nice" or "being kind" or taking gentle measures. The forces of evil,Externalisation, 570:Hierarchy; they will appear in office of some kind or another; they will be the currentExternalisation, 579:and for a political activity of the spiritual kind; science will produce a world wherein labor (asExternalisation, 679:a civilization "imposed" by an oligarchy of any kind. This will be a new phenomenon and one forFire, 77:of will and technical observances, attains to a kind of nominal Buddhahood individually." -Fire, 100:and content will prove invaluable and of a kind hitherto not given out. The place of the ethericFire, 159:of opposites. The sheath or form of whatever kind then automatically disintegrates. Fire, 167:astral and mental matter into activity of some kind. Because the action is rotary, the resultFire, 180:- are centers of force of some particular kind or quality. This is a fact generally recognized, butFire, 255:His body of manifestation, all groups of every kind, [256] from the involutionary group-soul to theFire, 280:the manifestation of SEX in substance of every kind, from the tiny atom in the body to the vastFire, 310:lowest atom or cell, is actuated by mind of some kind or another. It is only as the place of thatFire, 339:substance. All that concerns forms of every kind and in every type of essential existence. In theFire, 357:is consequently the embodiment of a particular kind of electrical force which flows through HisFire, 436:electrical phenomena, or with energy of some kind. This energy, or electrical manifestation, thisFire, 453:the spread of education (of the concrete mental kind) everywhere. This will result in: IncreasedFire, 472:incarnation is called Prarabdha. The third kind of karma is the result of the merits and demeritsFire, 486:resistant to the fire elementals of the lower kind which work in the mineral kingdom. ComprehendFire, 495:ease, the transmutative processes of the grosser kind (such as are involved in the manufacture ofFire, 499:unifying results within those kingdoms of a kind inexplicable to man at his present stage ofFire, 515:To do this with clarity, and so bring some kind of definite concept into being from the darkFire, 583:cycle of reincarnation back to union with his kind. Through separation he finds himself, and then -Fire, 593:loves, suffers with, and remains with His kind and with His kin. Love in the Ego gradually developsFire, 597:plane is but unity or synthesis of a finer kind. One is the synthesis of matter, and the other theFire, 613:of that force, and thus produce a form of some kind. The word "ancestor" is used in connection withFire, 633:construct, and build in matter of the densest kind in connection with logoic manifestation. TheyFire, 644:certain activities of an interesting and varied kind, but [645] of such diversity as to makeFire, 661:he realizes it not - with deva substance of some kind or another. Even when man has reached aFire, 662:Life which secretes itself behind form of every kind. It should never be forgotten that the matterFire, 668:later on the physical plane in activity of some kind. The positive vibration set up on the astralFire, 679:make up the bulk of the desire forms of every kind. The devas of transinutative force. They are aFire, 715:It was electrical phenomena of a stupendous kind, and produced the "lights which ever burn." It wasFire, 740:and sweeps into dissolution forms of every kind - subtle and dense - throughout the entire system.Fire, 744:of matter as it is released from form of any kind in the subhuman kingdoms. Pralaya is the resultFire, 802:that they tend to develop consciousness of some kind, impose certain rhythms according to thatFire, 802:fire." Electric fire is force or energy of some kind, and hence in [803] itself is fundamentally anFire, 809:which is an electrical phenomenon of a certain kind, and by the knowledge this discovery brought ofFire, 836:in nature, and who are therefore the highest kind of substance through which consciousness canFire, 839:in dynamic concentration produce forms of triple kind, three sets of forms, and myriads in theFire, 850:rules and seeks to guide. Desire of a higher kind, the fruit of manas and its use, supplants theFire, 858:every type of psychic energy of the true kind. The energy flowing from the Ego is but little feltFire, 858:by disciples and initiates of all grades. This kind is the result of the pouring in of egoic energyFire, 873:are based on electrical activity of some kind, and have to do with the "soul of things," or withFire, 887:atoms to cohere, and to form vehicles of some kind or another, can be seen demonstrating the "SonFire, 891:human. They have bodies of a peculiarly gross kind, which might be regarded as distinctly physicalFire, 901:the devas of the waters, for moisture of some kind or another is an essential to all life. TheFire, 910:plane matter of a rarer and more refined kind, but physical nevertheless. They are termed in mostFire, 929:plane. Men, when occupied in creation of any kind, and in the process of producing forms on earthFire, 945:A cosmic triangle of force of some specific kind which may bring in entities and energies of anyFire, 945:truly each man is the outcome of force of some kind - egoic primarily, but also [946] planetary,Fire, 947:man is dealing with electrical phenomena of some kind, with that which is vitally affected by eachFire, 951:matter and its direction into forms of some kind or another emanates from lower levels, and is theFire, 962:centers begin to work as a unit, thus forming a kind of triangle. By the time the third InitiationFire, 972:- directs to the thought form energy of some kind. This energy is directed from one or other of theFire, 977:find its physical expression in some deed of one kind or another. All activity of every kind is theFire, 977:of one kind or another. All activity of every kind is the result: Of thought forms builtFire, 979:manifestation. When a lecturer or speaker of any kind can accomplish that, he can always hold hisFire, 979:not worth while and vitalizes it with the wrong kind of energy, so that the form, instead of beingFire, 991:The forces of evil of the planetary and cosmic kind have been present since manifestation set in,Fire, 1012:Angel, who (in all true magical work of any kind), is the active agent. We have [1013] consideredFire, 1022:this magic of the unconscious or selfish kind leads to karmic results of a deplorable nature, forFire, 1039:the impulse of aggregated forces of some one kind, and these forms in turn produce effects on otherFire, 1042:of its seven grades and indwelt by life of some kind. Absolute intelligence informs each atom. - S.Fire, 1058:to come) to form cyclic computations of any kind, for as yet the many constellations which existFire, 1069:of the lower forms of the vegetable life (of a kind unrecognizable by us) still to be found there;Fire, 1069:development of consciousness of some kind or another. This is known to be true in a small degree inFire, 1076:kingdoms of nature a process somewhat similar in kind though not in degree is being attempted. TheFire, 1080:to the third kingdom. This relation is of a kind differing in specific detail from the meat-eating,Fire, 1107:and microcosmic, that manifestation of any kind becomes possible. On the subplane which is formedFire, 1115:thus originating is of a peculiarly interesting kind being the basic energy of all manifestation,Fire, 1117:to serve every other form. Stimulation of some kind, the tendency to increase the vibration ofFire, 1141:increase of vibration in any form of any kind can be found out at any time. This might be expressedFire, 1143:the energy-directors of a globe. Agents of every kind Who are concerned with the karmic
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