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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - KIND

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Fire, 1161:with the energy of the lower man, which forms a kind of medium by which the egoic force makesFire, 1188:which characterizes the incarnations of every kind and type of living being. The student shouldFire, 1189:certain forms of negative energy of the lowest kind. Such, for instance, is the heart. There is theFire, 1190:the solar system is a planetary scheme of some kind (not necessarily one of the seven or of theFire, 1195:exponents of force or energy of a specialized kind. The quality of a [1196] Ray is dependent uponFire, 1247:the interplay of electrical phenomena of every kind. The adept who chooses this cosmic stream ofGlamour, 2:Silence, a pleased reaction to teaching of any kind does not infer the functioning of theGlamour, 29:a bewildered man, who has a potent idea of some kind or another, but who finds it quite impossibleGlamour, 63:their way, and use no discrimination of any kind. This is illusion, through acquisitiveness. ItsGlamour, 71:entrenched desires, potent aspirations of some kind and definitely human-made forms which -Glamour, 82:the Path. Insulation and isolation of the right kind lead to the right relationships and theGlamour, 83:their meaning twisted into a plea for the wrong kind of isolation by those with separate tendenciesGlamour, 85:currents; one is swept into activity of some kind by uncontrolled forces, and the world of forceGlamour, 86:man is the victim of mass energy of a low kind, for his etheric body is responsive to, and drawsGlamour, 117:to which a man will easily succumb, and that kind of glamor which he will the most easily create.Glamour, 201:aspirants and disciples, evoking the subtlest kind of discrimination; but once that testing hasGlamour, 211:of fresh interests of a mental and spiritual kind which gradually supersede desire and drive outGlamour, 227:serene and unafraid in the face of the worst kind of discoveries about themselves and the world ofGlamour, 247:plexus leading to emotional satisfaction of some kind? Is it to be responsive to the mind and workGlamour, 258:nil or - where [258] there are results of any kind under these circumstances - they will be in noGlamour, 263:and experience, is distorted by illusion of any kind, arrested in its expression by glamor, orHealing, 25:as group ills and the sweep of epidemics of any kind through the masses are founded in someHealing, 26:radiatory worker, or psychological expert of any kind! A disciple dare not subject himself to theHealing, 74:will have disease, illness, or weakness of some kind. Every outer congestion can always be tracedHealing, 80:a connection leads to trouble, though the first kind of difficulty is usually more serious than theHealing, 95:controlled by astral reactions of an undesirable kind, such as worry over non-accomplishment, theHealing, 96:mental plane, there may be trouble of another kind, due to a failure to "carry through" the thoughtHealing, 115:heart complaints, and to nervous trouble of some kind or another. The straight mystic succumbs moreHealing, 122:do produce difficulties and problems of some kind or another, either within the consciousness ofHealing, 124:masses of men, arousing them to activity of some kind - often good and spiritual, sometimes evil,Healing, 130:These difficulties are of a most general kind but do affect primarily second and sixth rayHealing, 156:and of group interplay of a deeply spiritual kind, and new forms were required through which thisHealing, 192:disease and physical limitations of any kind will vanish, but this will only happen when the soulHealing, 198:sum all up: Disease, physical disability of any kind (except of course those due to accidents and,Healing, 225:and throws off constantly and continuously every kind of disease - those which are the result ofHealing, 231:Light and the Forces of Evil. Magic of the right kind was very familiar to the Atlantean people,Healing, 284:that sound medical practices of an orthodox kind accompany the subtler modes of help. It is in theHealing, 320:point of energy which results later in some kind of manifested form. It may be a thought-form, aHealing, 323:which I present to you. Wrong food of every kind, the inhalation of smoke down the centuries, theHealing, 340:the predisposition to sensitivity of an abnormal kind. Occult students well know that at the timeHealing, 347:as it is appropriated by a form or forms of some kind, which we note as it is attracted from itsHealing, 356:simply life, functioning under direction of some kind. As to the part love has to play in theHealing, 358:The more low grade human types produce this kind of healing with facility. This is equally so inHealing, 361:groups will employ mantrams of a definite kind, and that in those mantrams the name of the BlessedHealing, 373:Others of a modern and tentative experimental kind must be lifted out of the hands of the fanatics;Healing, 459:burned in the room, and no incense of any other kind permitted, for sandalwood is the incense ofHealing, 496:future and undergoes a sort of rest period, a kind of digestive process, in preparation for theHealing, 509:plane conventional ideas of goodwill or of being kind, or they are working emotionally because theyHealing, 565:This eventually leads to disease of some kind or another. It is possible, is it not, that you haveHealing, 565:from that body of a correspondingly intense kind. This friction set up is so acute that disease isHealing, 566:the beautiful and the true, cause disease of any kind? Let us see. The Good. What is the good? IsHealing, 568:therefore, takes place and disease of some kind follows. It is interesting to note that thisHealing, 583:are limited and imprisoned within a form of any kind - a body, [584] a plane, an organ, a center;Healing, 585:demonstrates its presence by activity of some kind or another - an activity which demonstrates itsHealing, 587:There is, in manifestation, nothing else of any kind whatsoever. Disease itself is a form of activeHealing, 592:with consequent physical conditions of a serious kind as a result. Under this category would comeHealing, 599:spiritual man to free himself from form of every kind, and therefore from disease and death. [600]Healing, 655:but there is no physical contact of any kind with the patient. The result is a constant circulationHealing, 659:an emotional sentiment expressing itself through kind actions. The rule which accompanies this lawHealing, 668:to keep their fellowmen in slavery of some kind or another, who block the expression of one or allHealing, 707:be a rise in temperature, or a collapse of some kind or another, and for this the healer, theHercules, 7:will, I believe, in time supersede the ordinary kind, dealing with horoscopes, is that syntheticHercules, 137:short the future to the uncertain present; to be kind to men, yet uncompromisingly true to theHercules, 167:especially three of them, are of a man-eating kind and that he must do something about it. PictureHercules, 183:and temple mysteries of a sordid and sexual kind. I shall not go into details, but I want to tellHercules, 203:This is no sentiment. Let us be loving and kind. That is just decent behavior; but the love theInitiation, 21:characteristic of all matter is activity of some kind, and the moment that activity is directedInitiation, 21:building of forms, even of the most elemental kind, the faculty of discrimination will demonstrate.Initiation, 23:be as yet, for this knowledge is of a dangerous kind, and at present the race as a whole is notInitiation, 42:then pass on to other work of a more exalted kind. The Manu, or the prototype of the fourthInitiation, 53:impulse, thus disseminating error of any kind, in his love and in his sympathy the Master willInitiation, 55:many organizations of an esoteric and occult kind, as well as through the politicians and statesmenInitiation, 64:and for several lives is generally kept at this kind of work. Later, as he makes Progress, he mayInitiation, 83:the medium for force of a greatly increased kind, makes his lapses from the straight path to haveInitiation, 86:the spoken word, but surely in service of some kind. A vision is accorded of the world's need, andInitiation, 91:seventh degree, is dealing with energy of some kind or other. The stages of development of theInitiation, 103:and disinterestedness of a very unusual kind, may serve to build good vehicles which will be of useInitiation, 152:which produce manifestation or phenomena of any kind on all planes. Eventuating sounds, or thoseInitiation, 155:makes it possible to manifest in matter of some kind, on one or other of the seven planes. WeInitiation, 175:are only five secrets altogether, of a major kind, revealed in this solar system, owing to the factInitiation, 196:it is essential that all meat eating of every kind be stopped, and the strictest attention must beInitiation, 197:process of developing psychic faculties of any kind should not permit themselves to eat eggs andInitiation, 198:produces powerful results in matter of some kind, being energized by two predominant factors,Initiation, 199:may be hindering a group through error of some kind, or might help the group if put to differentInitiation, 205:divinity, and [205] that all acts of every kind should be regulated by the endeavor to fulfil everyInitiation, 205:control and his refraining from excess of any kind, and by [206] the example he sets to hisIntellect, 28:modern age replies emphatically, yes, but what kind of adjustment shall it be, and determined byIntellect, 28:aims not at mere knowledge or mere power of any kind, but at knowledge and power put to right usesIntellect, 36:to us in the words of Walt Whitman: "I and my kind do not convince by argument; we convince by ourIntellect, 43:the Oriental. We have no specific culture of a kind to produce such world figures as Asia hasIntellect, 83:and other such-like things... The third kind see him in the divine light." - Pfeiffer, Franz,Intellect, 101:by the brain. Hume tells us that the "mind is a kind of theatre, where several perceptionsIntellect, 110:13-14. Meditation is activity of a very intense kind and it will be found that all these fiveIntellect, 170:vision... The light I perceive is not of a local kind, but is much brighter than the cloud whichIntellect, 227:in holding a mental one-pointedness with a kind of effortless content which may safely beIntellect, 251:refuses to have anything to do with this kind of dangerous work. No true aspirant, in his effortsIntellect, 251:for any force to use. The dangers of this kind of work are becoming too well known and have landedIntellect, 260:it to work out through creative activity of some kind. The eastern teaching tells us that energy,Magic, 90:energy and its manifestation in form of some kind, for light and matter are synonymous terms. TheMagic, 159:a condition of deep abstraction of a different kind. There is no time or purpose in enlarging upon
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