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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - KINDS

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Intellect, 76:eyes. We seek satisfaction in phenomena of all kinds, only to find them turn to dust and ashes,Intellect, 83:written in the fourteenth century, says: "Three kinds of men see God. The first see him in faith;Intellect, 101:a great recording center for impressions of all kinds, upon which we act, or to which we refuseIntellect, 114:is a symbol of a central energy. Forms of all kinds in all the kingdoms of nature, and theIntellect, 179:to life, and with worries and desires of all kinds. This is the usual personal life for most of us,Intellect, 188:- an affirmation beyond opposites of all kinds." - Suzuki, Daisetz Taitaro, Essays in Zen Buddhism,Magic, 116:love his fellow men. Principles are of three kinds and the higher must be reached via the lower: a.Magic, 197:to self-aggrandizement and ambitions of various kinds. Here it should be noted that none of theseMagic, 262:and form-building. Forms are of four kinds in this era of the fourth round: 1. The Form of theMagic, 289:constantly moving ether of space, are of many kinds. One of the concepts, lying back of theMagic, 298:to indicate the prevalence of fears of all kinds. They dominate most situations and darken manyMagic, 460:forth from the Universal Mind and is of varying kinds and was (esoterically speaking) generated inMagic, 625:the aspirant and for the disciple there are two kinds of fear which require to be especiallyMeditation, 95:constantly circulating thought-forms of various kinds (the content of the man's mind and theMeditation, 126:V - Dangers to be avoided in Meditation The Kinds of Obsessing Entities These are too numerous toMeditation, 131:of his three vehicles and may be of different kinds. Let me briefly point out some of the methodsMeditation, 131:Definite attack on the physical body. All kinds of means are employed to hinder the usefulness ofMeditation, 145:forms are usually, though not invariably, of two kinds: The student builds a form daily, with careMeditation, 175:be harnessed by rites. The rites are of three kinds: Protective rites, which concern your ownMeditation, 177:you know and have been told above, of different kinds, and are primarily four: Of prime importanceMeditation, 243:things are now, disease, corruption of different kinds and trouble in all the bodies is everywhereMeditation, 344:to the need appreciated. Service is of many kinds, and he who wisely renders it, who seeks to findMeditation, 352:Air, Fire, and Water. Except a few of the higher kinds and their rulers they are forces of naturePatanjali, 22:and to obsessions. Sleep is of several kinds, and only a short tabulation is possible in such aPatanjali, 67:remain erroneous. Vision is of various kinds and these might be enumerated as follows: PhysicalPatanjali, 94:Sutra 7.) He teaches that meditation is of two kinds: With an object or seed, and thereforePatanjali, 112:disciple, The eight "means of yoga" or the eight kinds of activity which will bring about thePatanjali, 126:latent in the mental body. They are of three kinds in each case, making literally nine types orPatanjali, 126:in each case, making literally nine types or kinds of seeds: Seeds brought over from previousPatanjali, 127:energy and Patanjali says they are of five kinds and proceeds to deal with them specifically. ByPatanjali, 139:way to suppress them. They are divided into two kinds, subtle and gross. The first are those whichPatanjali, 145:standpoint of the Yoga Sutras, karma is of three kinds: Latent Karma. Those seeds and causes whichPatanjali, 190:form and life-purpose. 2. Thoughts are of two kinds; those tending to form-building, to limitation,Patanjali, 202:[202] Purification is necessarily of various kinds and relates to the four vehicles (the physicalPatanjali, 234:invisible. 22. Karma (or effects) are of two kinds: immediate karma or future karma. By perfectlyPatanjali, 244:Objects upon which to concentrate are of four kinds: [245] External objects, such as images of thePatanjali, 284:its Results 22. Karma (or effects) are of two kinds: immediate karma or future karma. By perfectlyPatanjali, 301:[301] They delight in contemplation of varying kinds. Our worlds are but the reflection of God'sPatanjali, 363:appropriate here to point out that the various kinds of concentration dealt with in this third bookPatanjali, 369:of opposites. Those of other people are of three kinds. 8. From these three kinds of karma emergePatanjali, 369:people are of three kinds. 8. From these three kinds of karma emerge those forms which arePatanjali, 389:of opposites. Those of other people are of three kinds. This sutra expresses the teaching inPatanjali, 390:points out that karma (or action) is of four kinds which are expressed for us as follows: That typePatanjali, 393:- Book 4 - Illumination 8. From these three kinds of karma emerge those forms which are necessaryProblems, 26:phases of life, with every kind of idea and all kinds of relationships. The creative power of theProblems, 53:and investigation. Education should be of three kinds and all three are necessary to bring humanityProblems, 158:for man's acceptance. Invocation is of three kinds. There is, first of all, the massed demand,Psychology1, 91:of development, with mechanisms of varying kinds, adequate and inadequate. We find all of them,Psychology1, 108:His group) are steadily endeavoring to reach all kinds of people, all over the world, [109] in allPsychology1, 167:the three rays as using respectively three kinds of fire to light the sacrifice of the altar, - thePsychology2, 198:Repulse The fight against evil Crusades of all kinds Love of Good Discrimination Soul Unity - ThePsychology2, 407:scale and in increasingly large numbers of three kinds of people: Those conscious of cleavage.Psychology2, 409:of Cleavage. These in their turn are of two kinds: The problems of integration. Those arising outPsychology2, 440:powers, tendencies and knowledges of all kinds which constitute a man's stock in trade and of whichPsychology2, 453:through will be disruptive and dangerous and all kinds of bad results may be incurred. ThesePsychology2, 486:to the voice of God. Mystics of all kinds, with a natural predisposition to the introspective,Psychology2, 490:value. 8. Guidance can come, therefore, from all kinds and types of incarnate or discarnate men,Psychology2, 493:on present teachings, and on contacts of various kinds. A true understanding of the dream-life ofPsychology2, 496:the successful, and causes abnormalities of many kinds. Frustrated love. This would perhaps bePsychology2, 496:dream life, physical liabilities of many kinds and a steadily deepening unhappiness. You will notePsychology2, 505:are of mental origin are fundamentally of three kinds: Those dreams which are based on contact withPsychology2, 507:upon the physical plane. They are of three kinds: The activity of the patient himself when freed,Psychology2, 532:on the physical plane, perversions of different kinds or a pronounced homosexuality. In the case ofPsychology2, 540:prone. To these are often [540] coupled all kinds of skin eruptions. The cause is twofold: ThePsychology2, 540:not only produces physical difficulties of many kinds (as stated above) but which is also aPsychology2, 545:and (as we have seen) many distressing kinds of disorders. The widespread disease and ill-healthPsychology2, 545:into an abnormal activity, thereby releasing all kinds of astral forces into the consciousness ofPsychology2, 550:male and female). These difficulties are of two kinds: Those to which normal humanity is prone andPsychology2, 551:the intense activity produced will cause all kinds of tensions and reactions, resulting inPsychology2, 583:or another, of trance conditions and of many kinds of obsession, temporary or permanent. I do notRays, 752:where evil dwells." Evil is in reality of two kinds: There is that innate tendency to selfishnessReappearance, 8:of Avatars Avatars are of all degrees and kinds; some of them are of great planetary importanceReappearance, 131:philanthropic and educational tendencies of all kinds and through the instinctual motherhood foundReappearance, 151:it might be said that Invocation is of three kinds: there is, as stated above, the massed demand,Soul, 95:of one kind, and the differences in the various kinds of matter depend on the various movements ofSoul, 137:A. E. Powell says: "There are, roughly, two main kinds of clairvoyance, the lower and the higher.Soul, 143:matter on the earth are made up of 92 different kinds of atoms grouped into molecules which, takenSoul, 143:matter, our own bodies. Now, any one of these 92 kinds of atoms when stimulated in certain waysTelepathy, 9:of telepathic communication is therefore of two kinds, with the solar plexus always involved: ItTelepathy, 67:family and, as previously explained, is of two kinds: Solar plexus telepathy, instinctual,Telepathy, 82:impressions coming from mental sources of all kinds; they are also - to a much less degree -Telepathy, 109:telepathy is possible and this is of two kinds: Sympathetic telepathy or immediate understanding,Telepathy, 134:bringing with Them many and very different kinds of energies to those which hitherto have
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