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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - KING

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Astrology, 155:(white and one-pointed) and the defeat of the king of beasts (the personality) leading to theAstrology, 155:In the true rendition of this ancient myth the king of beasts is blinded and killed by the piercingAstrology, 275:star (the interlaced triangles) which we call King Solomon's seal. This interlacing of the twoAstrology, 305:star of humanity, and of this Science King Solomon's Seal is the well known symbol. These stars,Astrology, 310:outside control. He knows innately that he is king of himself, the ruler of his own life and,Astrology, 364:and, for this reason, the double triangle or King Solomon's seal is one of the subjective symbolsAstrology, 389:to you the higher or spiritual aspect of King Solomon's seal. When these six types of energy areAstrology, 665:a sacred planet." (Vol. II, 36) "The moon is the king of the planets." (Vol. II, 401, Note) "TheBethlehem, 42:Of Him we are told that: "This Melchizedek, King of Salem, Priest of the Most High God [43] ...was,Bethlehem, 43:...was, in the first place, as His Name means, King of Righteousness, and besides that, King ofBethlehem, 43:means, King of Righteousness, and besides that, King of Salem (that is King of Peace). BeingBethlehem, 43:and besides that, King of Salem (that is King of Peace). Being without father or mother orBethlehem, 60:and (5) the arrival of the Magi (the 'Three King's); there is (6) the threatened Massacre of theBethlehem, 166:by material achievement and by being acclaimed King of the Jews. Success constitutes a far moreBethlehem, 232:and instead of being the divine Son of God, and King of the Jews, He was nothing but an ordinaryFire, 711:the Vyvaswatha. As his name implies, he is a king whose car can travel in ten directions, or takingFire, 711:or taking the occult microcosmic sense, he is king of the human body, which has ten senses ofFire, 904:most to give." - The Disciples, by Mrs. Hamilton King. Fire, 988:works under the Hierarchy, or under the great King, carrying out His planetary purposes. [989] TheHealing, 260:was signed at Runnymede, during the reign of King John on June 15th, 1215, A.D. Here the idea ofHercules, 28:which Hercules undertook, and the test to which King Eurystheus subjected him; and then we shallHercules, 30:the outcome of the situation. Eurystheus, the King, ordered Hercules to capture them. Many attemptsHercules, 38:lured them to bewilderment, the maze of Minos, King of Crete, the keeper of the bull. Crossing theHercules, 43:- Labor II The Story of the Labor Minos, King of Crete, possessed a sacred bull, which he kept onHercules, 47:straight for his goal, and in Pisces we find the King. The more closely we study this heavenlyHercules, 50:ages? Here it is pertinent to note that Minos, King of Crete, who owned the sacred bull alsoHercules, 104:himself, for he has that within him which is the king or the ruler. Hidden in the constellation isHercules, 105:thoughts: first, that man was the ruler, the king, God incarnate, an individual son of God; second,Hercules, 106:the work that he has to do. As Leo, [106] the king, the soul, starts upon his work, he realizesHercules, 108:the slaying of the lion of [108] his own nature (king of beasts) alone and unaided, and so earn.Hercules, 108:the soul, symbolized the lion, the prince, the king, the ruler, and because of this he symbolicallyHercules, 119:all. It is to be remembered that the lion is the king of beasts. The native attains finally in thatHercules, 170:his way until he came to the court of the king who ruled the underworld, Hades. The latter, grimHercules, 180:Gate the eleventh in search of Augeas the king. When Hercules approached the realm where Augeas wasHercules, 180:assailed his nostrils. For years, he learned, King Augeas had never cleared away the dung hisHercules, 181:will do this mighty task without reward?" the King declared suspiciously. "I have no faith in thoseHercules, 181:must be struck, lest I be chided as a foolish king. If you, within a single day, shall do what youHercules, 181:boast, but try you may." Hercules then left the King. He wandered through the blighted place, andHercules, 181:their waters through the dung-filled stables of King Augeas. The rushing torrents swept away theHercules, 181:latter scowled. "You have succeeded by a trick," King Augeas cried out in rage. "The rivers did theHercules, 182:down your stature by a head." [182] The angry King thus banished Hercules, and bade him nevermoreHercules, 195:heads, three bodies and six hands, is lord and king. Unlawfully he holds a herd of dark red cattle.Hercules, 200:The third constellation in Pisces is the King named Cepheus, the husband of Cassiopeia and theHercules, 200:the father of Andromeda. This suggests that "The King" represents the Spirit or Father aspect.Initiation, 38:unit and directing all evolution, stands the KING, the Lord of the World, Sanat Kumara, the YouthInitiation, 40:or esoteric as the case may be. Only the King persists steadily and watchfully in active physicalInitiation, 88:return to its shelter from the Presence of the KING; because now the purified astral and controlledInitiation, 88:controlled mental can safely stand before that KING. When purified and controlled they stand andInitiation, 223:R Raja Lord The word "Raja" simply means King or Prince, the word has been applied to those greatMagic, 503:develop the capacity to live increasingly as the king seated on the throne between the eyebrows.Meditation, 75:can then stand in the Presence of the Great King, the One Initiator. Meditation, 358:body. Raja Lord The word "Raja" simply means King or Prince; the word has been applied to thosePatanjali, 47:the secret of the jewel. When Christ is known as king upon the throne of the heart, then He willPatanjali, 120:of action. Raja Yoga stands by itself and is the king science of them all; it is the summation ofPatanjali, 120:the work of evolution and crowns man as king. Bhakti Yoga is the yoga of the heart; it is thePatanjali, 131:all that is the content of the awareness of the King of the World. The Yoga Sutras of PatanjaliPatanjali, 245:lost in Him, concentrate his own mind until, 0, King, the fixed attention becomes firmly fixed uponPatanjali, 247:form, without desire for anything else, that, 0 King, is contemplation. It is brought about by thePsychology2, 170:[170] into light within the chamber of the king. Build from the heights, and thus shew forth thePsychology2, 170:shine. He struggled towards the chamber of the king. And still he struggles." Rays, 625:by this ray. During the world war, Italy had a king, a dictator, and a pope, and this produced aSoul, 154:"there is an immortal essence presiding like a king over his appetites." But why abandon the
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