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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - KINGDOM

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Fire, 526:triad, or of man functioning in the human kingdom on the three lower planes. At his transferenceFire, 526:planes. At his transference into the spiritual kingdom, these three aspects - the mental body, theFire, 530:with the evolution of man, per se, in the fourth kingdom, and he only begins to transcend them asFire, 532:of the permanent atoms of any particular kingdom form the streams of force or spirillae in theFire, 532:of the permanent atoms of man in the spiritual kingdom (the three triadal atoms, atma-buddhi-manas)Fire, 533:astral, and mental. The Lords of the third Kingdom, the animal. They are seven Entities whoseFire, 533:principle, so these lords embody for the animal kingdom the manasic principle, which is the goal ofFire, 535:entities who are the sumtotal of the vegetable kingdom in its diversity of manifestation inFire, 536:negative forms above, and including the human kingdom. Fire, 543:in world affairs until he enters the spiritual kingdom at the first Initiation; and a final andFire, 555:the group to the unit. Through a more evolved "Kingdom of Nature" to a less evolved. As regards theFire, 558:of another large section of the animal kingdom. When these two things can be seen working out inFire, 559:be coming into his divine right, and the human kingdom be fulfiling its legitimate function. TheFire, 559:is one which man shares with the animal kingdom, and is based upon his animal instincts, and hisFire, 559:When he is totally emancipated from the animal kingdom, and the third and fourth kingdoms standFire, 559:will coincide with a period wherein the animal kingdom will again be under manasic impression, andFire, 563:The reason for the suffering in the animal kingdom is hidden in the mystery of the sin of theFire, 563:now exists between the third and the fourth kingdom. The effect of the life and persistence of aFire, follow:IV) Quality Entity Center Personality Kingdom 1. Atma Logos Head (Brain) Grand Heavenly Man SeventhFire, follow:are peculiarly interesting in that the mineral kingdom can in no sense be considered a principle,Fire, follow:of the abstract, and that the vegetable kingdom has a peculiar place in the economy of the systemFire, follow:of the vital pranic fluid; the vegetable kingdom is definitely a bridge between the conscious andFire, follow:sense. Though it is known that the mineral kingdom has a consciousness of its own, yet sensation isFire, follow:is more distinctly recognizable in the second kingdom, and the distinction between theFire, follow:unlike. Between these stands the vegetable kingdom, approximating more generally the animalFire, 566:Earth and Venus? Is the purpose of the animal kingdom, as a whole, in any way to be ascertained?Fire, 578:system), of the will or power aspect. The "Kingdom of God suffereth violence and the violent takeFire, 584:At the third outpouring, (in which the fourth kingdom, the human, was formed), it was this Law ofFire, 584:therefore to be seen between the fourth kingdom and the working of this, the fourth law. It is ofFire, 585:it is the working out of that law in the human kingdom, and in all the lower kingdoms, too. TheFire, 588:three kingdoms and the fourth) into the superman kingdom, the spiritual. The fourth Ray and theFire, 588:the spiritual. The fourth Ray and the fourth Kingdom form a point of harmony for the lower three,Fire, 588:For this system, the buddhic plane, the human kingdom, and the fourth Ray of Harmony or Beauty orFire, 588:is first observed - the door into the fifth kingdom of Spirit being then opened; the fourthFire, 589:little known connection with the vegetable kingdom. We must remember that it is linked to aFire, 589:cosmic Law of Attraction. It is in the vegetable kingdom that we find one of the first andFire, 589:Monad. The two parallel evolutions touch in that kingdom, and then again follow their own paths,Fire, 590:has a peculiar relationship to the animal kingdom, in that it is the Ray that governs the mergingFire, 590:it is the Ray that governs the merging of that kingdom into the human. The planet, Venus, in herFire, 594:to its goal, and love is the key to the deva kingdom, and the reason of the blending of the twoFire, 594:of divinity, in evolving to fullest measure the kingdom of God within. Love in the concrete raysFire, 599:and the door was opened from the animal kingdom into the human; and later, another door opened, onFire, 599:opened, on to the Path leading from the human kingdom into the spiritual - again a dual reason. TheFire, 604:through the portal of initiation into the fifth kingdom that we can appreciate the distinctionFire, 612:viewing mankind as the race itself, the fourth kingdom in nature, the Heavenly Men in physicalFire, 617:view find their fullest expression in the animal kingdom. When they, as the initiatory impulse, hadFire, 617:coming to a conclusion as the power of the third kingdom, the animal, over the human is being [618]Fire, 619:discarded and superseded. For example, the third kingdom, the animal, in the early stages nourishesFire, 643:lower into the higher. They build between each kingdom - mineral, vegetable, animal and human -Fire, 643:of the life from out of the lower human kingdom into the higher spiritual one. It will be foundFire, 644:this work of bridging from one stage or from one kingdom to another has to be performed under theFire, 644:result of reflex action from the higher stage or kingdom; it is brought about by the activity ofFire, 644:of man, and of his transference from the fourth kingdom into the spiritual. His efforts must beFire, 645:are not attuned to each other. The vegetable kingdom is in a totally different situation, and partFire, 646:a needed transmutation of the life [646] of that kingdom into the higher stage (the animal) whichFire, 646:of the life of the animal into the human kingdom takes place on kama-manasic levels. Hence theFire, 647:lotus is the result of evolution. In the first kingdom of nature, the mineral, through which aFire, 647:only one petal is to be seen. In the vegetable kingdom, viewing it as the expression of a greatFire, 647:two petals are becoming active. In the third kingdom, the animal, the center at the base of theFire, 647:root-race; the correspondence between the third kingdom and the fourth, and their production of theFire, 649:the next round (when three-fifths of the human kingdom will be developing the buddhic vehicle),Fire, 658:kingdoms, or groups, such as the animal kingdom, the human kingdom, and higher in the scale ofFire, 658:or groups, such as the animal kingdom, the human kingdom, and higher in the scale of consciousnessFire, 661:has a peculiar link with the Ruler of the animal kingdom, and as the human being has not yetFire, 665:about which produced the appearance of the third kingdom in nature, the sentient conscious animalFire, 665:kingdom in nature, the sentient conscious animal kingdom. Some such similar phrase embodies alsoFire, 669:round. They influence particularly the fourth kingdom of nature, and are the basis of that searchFire, 671:a scheme. The standpoint of the human kingdom. When this is not done, a wrong and narrow idea isFire, 677:body of that great entity who ensouls the animal kingdom. They are the total kamic manifestationFire, 687:from below upwards it is the animal in the third kingdom which individualizes. Viewing it fromFire, 687:Viewing it from above downwards it is the fifth kingdom, the spiritual, which ensouls the third andFire, 687:and produces the fourth, or self-conscious human kingdom. These figures [688] should be studied forFire, 691:See S. D., I, 201; II, 251, 252. 29 1. 2. 3. 4. Kingdom ------------------- Principle. 5. 6. 7. 8.Fire, 694:of the force flowing through them. In the animal kingdom that which corresponds to the permanentFire, 694:efforts of the highest specimens of the third kingdom, and a dual effect is produced [695] throughFire, 695:is produced [695] through this, for the fourth kingdom in nature makes its appearance on theFire, 695:interaction bring into being the fourth or human kingdom. The three fires of mind, Spirit andFire, 697:to the key employed. The fifth or spiritual kingdom is entered when the units of the fourth kingdomFire, 697:kingdom is entered when the units of the fourth kingdom have succeeded in vitalizing the fifthFire, 705:the third chain, in connection with the third kingdom, the animal, and with the third round, mustFire, 706:in the evolution of the fifth or spiritual kingdom; they are that which make it possible, for theyFire, 715:advantage of to open the door into the fifth kingdom by the method of forced initiation. A thirdFire, 716:tremendous stimulation took place in the animal kingdom - a stimulation which has persisted, andFire, 716:days the opening of the door into the fifth kingdom, or into the stage of buddhic consciousness,Fire, 716:had a profound effect upon the vegetable kingdom. This effect can be seen working out in suchFire, 716:which will work out primarily in the human kingdom but which will also be seen as forceFire, 716:be seen as force regeneration in the mineral kingdom. The energy, when first felt in the humanFire, 716:The energy, when first felt in the human kingdom, brought about the conditions which caused theFire, 716:causing the present world stress; in the mineral kingdom it affected certain of the minerals andFire, 718:find their seventh principle in the fourth kingdom in nature, 3 + 4 = 7. When the life of God hasFire, 725:which produces (in connection with the fourth kingdom in nature) the throwing open of the door ofFire, 730:consummation, but just as in the animal kingdom, the human mind was latent and instinctive, andFire, 730:latent and instinctive, and just as in the human kingdom the buddhic aspect is latent andFire, 742:last round, and has nearly developed her fourth kingdom to perfection, or as much as it is possibleFire, 751:systemic triangle, gave the impulse to the third kingdom which produced the fourth by bringing itFire, 758:work to do in connection with the animal kingdom which likewise is awaiting the day of HisFire, 768:the work of at-one-ment is completed; the fourth kingdom [769] in nature is a "fait accompli;" theFire, 774:of the fourth spirilla) the fourth or human kingdom can come into being. The word 'creation' mustFire, 779:in any scheme when the [779] fourth or human kingdom becomes radioactive; it really marks theFire, 780:as those working in connection with the human kingdom. They embody the energy of substance as
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