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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - KINGDOM

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Fire, 1169:with the building of the forms of the animal kingdom, for they are the builders of the body of manFire, 1170:itself with the attraction that a higher kingdom of nature will have for the highest lives of theFire, 1170:have for the highest lives of the next lower kingdom. It governs the radioactivity of minerals, theFire, 1170:of minerals, the radiations of the vegetable kingdom and (curiously enough) the entire question ofFire, 1170:the purely physical senses; so in the vegetable kingdom a certain series of perfumes are evidenceFire, 1170:of perfumes are evidence of radiation in that kingdom. There is, moreover, an interesting linkFire, 1170:link between those who are members of the fifth kingdom (the spiritual) and the vegetable, for inFire, 1170:who are the sevenfold life of the vegetable kingdom. We must not forget that man is occultly aFire, 1170:planetary Logos, is not operative in the animal kingdom during this Cycle or chain. One of theFire, 1170:the earlier three Initiations concern the animal kingdom and man is viewed therein as an animal. InFire, 1171:the Life of the informing Spirit of the animal kingdom become adjusted. If this is meditated upon,Fire, 1171:it what the rays of the sun are to the vegetable kingdom. It governs the process of petalFire, 1173:consequently a vital connection with the human kingdom, and there is an occult significance in theFire, 1174:of the human atom into another and a higher kingdom. It is the law which (when comprehended andFire, 1174:the Hall of Wisdom, into the fifth or spiritual kingdom. This Law of the Schools does notFire, 1174:Probationary Path. All the units of the fifth kingdom, therefore, all the members of the Hierarchy.Fire, 1177:Examiners," and Their work concerns the human kingdom specifically and entirely. They areFire, 1177:of the form, For the radioactivity of the fourth kingdom in nature. We might regard the presidingFire, 1178:units who pass through its halls and the mineral kingdom. The human units on the earth scheme areFire, 1185:the karma of the Lord of the second or vegetable kingdom with the Lord of the fifth kingdom, and aFire, 1185:or vegetable kingdom with the Lord of the fifth kingdom, and a close line of linking energy betweenFire, 1185:linking energy between the Lord of the mineral kingdom and the human. These points are only forFire, 1185:Moon chain and the Lord of our present animal kingdom are "blood brothers" and in theirFire, 1197:There is a karmic link between the animal kingdom and the fifth Creative Hierarchy of the earlierFire, 1208:that there is a definite progression from one kingdom into the next higher above, so there is aFire, 1209:importance assigned. Study of the matter in each kingdom will not as yet bring full enlightenmentFire, 1209:the constitution of the elements of the human kingdom and its principles, which are theFire, 1212:of the peculiar trouble and nature of the human kingdom, and it might here be said that on ourFire, 1212:a conscious relation and response, to the animal kingdom. The problem of simultaneously receivingFire, 1213:has to be accomplished by the units of the human kingdom in full individual consciousness, and theFire, 1213:human units and with the pitris of the animal kingdom, and also the development of the power to actFire, 1213:and that which should be negative in the human kingdom was stimulated into a positive agencyFire, 1213:apparent, therefore, that in the fourth or human kingdom, wherein the fourth Hierarchy is seekingFire, 1213:three groups, Of the energy for which the animal kingdom stands, Of purely human energy, [1214] OfFire, 1214:reflection of the greater Man and the Fourth Kingdom a true exponent of cosmic processes. The sameFire, 1215:here that the immediate objective of the human kingdom is consciously to establish systemic [1216]Fire, 1259:numerical position. These units of the fourth kingdom, the bulk of the fourth Creative Hierarchy onGlamour, 52:and thus establishing a closer contact with the kingdom of souls and loving all beings more deeply,Glamour, 87:can be seen taking place in the animal kingdom. In this process, human beings act as the agents ofGlamour, 90:Obstacle 1. Physical coordination Mineral kingdom Maya. 2. Astral orientation Vegetable kingdomGlamour, 90:kingdom Maya. 2. Astral orientation Vegetable kingdom Glamor. 3. Mental direction Animal kingdomGlamour, 90:kingdom Glamor. 3. Mental direction Animal kingdom Illusion. 4. Personality alignment Human kingdomGlamour, 90:kingdom Illusion. 4. Personality alignment Human kingdom The Dweller on the Threshold. TheseGlamour, 90:divine consciousness. This starts in the mineral kingdom. The expression of the soul. This isGlamour, 90:of the soul. This is typified in the vegetable kingdom with its uses and beauty. The manifestationGlamour, 90:This is the recognized goal of the animal kingdom which works towards individualization. TheGlamour, 136:intuition man arrives at the experience of the kingdom of God, and discovers the nature, the typeGlamour, 140:the soul or which makes clear to your vision the kingdom of the soul, but with that form ofGlamour, 159:of the world of spiritual values and the kingdom of Light and of God. The Angel has "come to Earth"Glamour, 234:themselves as a group in relation to the kingdom of souls and to each other. Occultly speaking, theGlamour, 262:the world of the "clear cold light" and into the kingdom of God. Healing, 6:upon him of conditions existing in the fourth kingdom in nature as a whole. For these he is notHealing, 10:it) we, as integral parts of the fourth kingdom in nature, share in this general limitation andHealing, 11:beyond our comprehension, and that only as the kingdom of God is revealed on earth shall we enterHealing, 16:of that to be found also, in part, in the animal kingdom. When this general idea is grasped, weHealing, 29:world devastates and destroys the vegetable kingdom, as any chance walker through the woods canHealing, 29:group - today devastate and destroy the human kingdom. They are agents of destruction and areHealing, 30:nature and find their expression (for the human kingdom) through the medium of the mind, of theHealing, 43:augmented by energies coming from the animal kingdom, which is entirely astral in its point ofHealing, 50:through conflict Physical Note: In the fourth kingdom, the human, it is the energy of the fourthHealing, 59:soil on which we live, infecting the vegetable kingdom and also the human family. A correspondenceHealing, 59:complaints of man is to be found in the mineral kingdom. Tuberculosis, which was devastatinglyHealing, 59:and one which we are bequeathing to the animal kingdom and are sharing with them. This is beginningHealing, 60:tabulate our conclusions: [60] Disease Race Body Kingdom Organ Syphilitic Lemurian Physical MineralHealing, 88:just as the bulk of the forms in the animal kingdom are etherically focused. The forces pouringHealing, 88:focused. The forces pouring into the animal kingdom come predominantly from etheric levels and fromHealing, 93:disease in the mineral world, in the vegetable kingdom, and also among animals, even in their wildHealing, 144:is the "Gate of Cancer." Initiation into the kingdom of God is entered through the "Gate ofHealing, 148:[148] and here also this Hierarchy and fourth kingdom in nature, the human family, are fused andHealing, 225:same shadow penetrates also into the mineral kingdom, affects the vegetable kingdom, and involvesHealing, 225:into the mineral kingdom, affects the vegetable kingdom, and involves also the animals; it is oneHealing, 226:when they were so closely related to the animal kingdom that we call them by the cumbersome name ofHealing, 227:and to the close relation of the animal kingdom. The origin of the syphilitic diseases traces backHealing, 244:and to a lesser and slower degree in the mineral kingdom likewise. Death, as far as the human beingHealing, 244:accidents or the direct action of the fourth kingdom in nature. This innate planetary power leadsHealing, 244:time to the death of the forms of the vegetable kingdom and is also one of the causes which leadsHealing, 248:know, the great distinction between the human kingdom in the three worlds and the other kingdoms inHealing, 268:for a distinct unit within the fourth or human kingdom. St. Paul summed up the attitude whichHealing, 274:(in particular the etheric body of the fourth kingdom in nature) where epidemics are involved, orHealing, 297:this world cycle, and not only for the human kingdom but also for the three subhuman kingdoms. TheHealing, 301:as to the reason why humanity (the fourth kingdom in nature) succumbs with such rapidity and suchHealing, 355:unite brother to brother, group to group, and kingdom to kingdom in the expression of the Life ofHealing, 355:to brother, group to group, and kingdom to kingdom in the expression of the Life of God Himself. ItHealing, 391:threefold body, if karma so decides, or into the kingdom of souls, if karma decrees that what weHealing, 397:evolutionary product than that of the human kingdom; even for the materialistic thinker, theHealing, 424:family and faintly, very faintly, in the animal kingdom is the reaction to fear found. Could youHealing, 425:primarily caused because the orientation of the kingdom of souls, the fifth kingdom in nature, hasHealing, 425:orientation of the kingdom of souls, the fifth kingdom in nature, has been (until relatively lateHealing, 429:head. The group soul of all forms in the animal kingdom - under the Law of Attraction - withdrawsHealing, 447:in an individual, in a group, in a nation, in a kingdom of nature (a planetary center), and in theHealing, 450:of all forms of divine life and in every kingdom has been the outstanding note of this upheaval.Healing, 451:has, figuratively speaking, elevated the mineral kingdom into the skies and which has brought downHealing, 451:have been destroyed; the forms of the vegetable kingdom and the potencies of the mineral kingdomHealing, 451:kingdom and the potencies of the mineral kingdom have been disintegrated, distributed andHealing, 478:- individual, qualified by ray type, part of the kingdom of souls, and a high initiate in his ownHealing, 504:living and to the laws governing the fourth kingdom in nature, the human. We are now in a positionHealing, 512:the developing personality. Forget not that this kingdom or this aggregate of souls is what theHealing, 512:of souls is what the Christian calls the Kingdom of God and the occultist calls the spiritualHealing, 517:active, spiritually obsessed by the plans of the Kingdom of God, and completely free from the lureHealing, 523:laws to which humanity [523] (the highest kingdom in nature at present) can respond, and these -
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