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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - KINGDOMS

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Astrology, 6:they are," and the destiny of our planet, of the kingdoms in nature and of humanity as a whole -Astrology, 8:their united effect on our planetary life, the kingdoms in nature and the unfolding humanAstrology, 9:Life. Constellations, solar systems, planets, kingdoms in nature and microscopic man are all ofAstrology, 23:[23] upon all the lives in all forms in all kingdoms of nature. Nothing can escape these radiatoryAstrology, 24:the chains, the rounds, the races, and the kingdoms of nature. The quality of the Earth'sAstrology, 27:their effect upon the forms in the various kingdoms of nature and particularly in connection withAstrology, 29:results, as yet, upon humanity and the other kingdoms in nature. The effect of the three greatAstrology, 32:the planetary Logoi, and of all forms in all the kingdoms upon our planet. [33] UnconsciousAstrology, 80:Evolution b. The Planetary Logos Humanity Kingdoms in Nature c. Cosmic Initiation Solar InitiationAstrology, 112:grasp that the involutionary process for all the kingdoms of nature is related to the passage ofAstrology, 113:and the sumtotal of the form life in all the kingdoms of nature. These are the expression of theAstrology, 122:unfoldment of the mass consciousness of all the kingdoms in nature into the group consciousness ofAstrology, 122:the group consciousness of the three highest kingdoms through the mediatorship of the human kingdomAstrology, 134:being effected in our planetary life in all the kingdoms of nature, and, because it is an air sign,Astrology, 143:[143] in other forms of planetary life and other kingdoms in nature but with these we will not dealAstrology, 147:the three Crosses is related to one of the four kingdoms in nature and the preponderance of the rayAstrology, 159:eight signs influenced the planet and the kingdoms of nature found upon it. There was no responseAstrology, 167:into and through our entire planet and all its kingdoms in nature. From the above few points, hintsAstrology, 167:as they pour into and through all the kingdoms in nature, carrying with them also not only theirAstrology, 196:all effective in either the fourth or the second kingdoms in nature. Shamballa, the Custodian ofAstrology, 199:- The distributing agency to the various kingdoms in nature. Mars and Saturn - Both these planetsAstrology, 200:the mediating principle to all the three lower kingdoms. Humanity is the divine Messenger to theAstrology, 201:to individual man and later to the lower three kingdoms in nature. Thus you see, that from aAstrology, 211:of the purpose of soul control over the lower kingdoms in nature, via the human center of energy.Astrology, 245:can be traced in connection with the other kingdoms in nature, but the time is not yet and such aAstrology, 245:proceeding and taking place in the three lower kingdoms in nature, then further light andAstrology, 245:money - will give the clue to the three lower kingdoms. Law, natural law (the externalization ofAstrology, 255:of the zodiac in connection with the subhuman kingdoms of nature is not as yet possible. Virgo is,Astrology, 259:signs upon the Earth and their effect upon the kingdoms in nature which our Earth manifests. ItAstrology, 319:the capacity to express the life of two kingdoms, at least in some measure, and is a developedAstrology, 326:expression as it unfolds itself through the five kingdoms. and this, when correctly intuited, willAstrology, 331:life which, in its turn, affects our planet, its kingdoms in nature and incidentally human beings.Astrology, 345:The field of development for the lower three kingdoms is dependent upon the status andAstrology, 351:but it applies equally to all forms in all kingdoms of nature and also to planetary and solarAstrology, 354:the intermediaries between the fourth and fifth kingdoms. It is for this reason that you have theAstrology, 355:crisis of the individualization when the two kingdoms "approached" each other. Venus, Mercury andAstrology, 355:the third kingdom (the synthesis of the subhuman kingdoms) leading to a Great Approach between soulAstrology, 360:effects upon our planet, thus influencing the kingdoms in nature or an individual soul in form. AAstrology, 387:kingdom fashions or conditions all subhuman kingdoms. Astrology, 436:between the higher worlds and the three lower kingdoms in nature; thus Mercury institutes theAstrology, 449:life and of humanity, as well as of the other kingdoms in nature. Humanity is of peculiarAstrology, 449:of humanity to transmit life to the subhuman kingdoms. With these triangles of supernal forces IAstrology, 454:Triangles. You should note that the three lower kingdoms in nature constitute in themselves aAstrology, 486:the emergence of the new types in the different kingdoms in nature. This activity has only beenAstrology, 493:in the fourth kingdom in nature but in all the kingdoms. Our solar system is one in whichAstrology, 506:In this process He carries with Him all the four kingdoms in nature. For both these lives -Astrology, 507:and more synthetic attitude, you have the four kingdoms in nature and the veiled fifth kingdom, theAstrology, 519:i.e., into the Life and the lives of the various kingdoms in nature. Humanity, being the mostAstrology, 539:human evolution and which affects also the three kingdoms in nature, climaxing in the fourth. It isAstrology, 563:of the seven planetary centers) and the five kingdoms in nature (7 + 5 = 12), plus the twelveAstrology, 617:Life moves outward into all the other kingdoms of nature. Each great center is, therefore, aAstrology, 617:the redeeming of the life of all the subhuman kingdoms. This can only take place when humanity canAstrology, 637:soul) and is the builder of one of the seven kingdoms in nature - the three elemental kingdoms, theAstrology, 637:seven kingdoms in nature - the three elemental kingdoms, the mineral, vegetable, animal and kingdomAstrology, 641:affecting the transference of force between the kingdoms in nature. Inter-human - interplay betweenAstrology, 646:material nature of the vegetable and mineral kingdoms every Second Round." (S.D. Vol. III, 162;Astrology, 647:of the various great lives who inform... the kingdoms of nature, with ascertaining the nature ofAstrology, 650:Undiscovered This is the Exoteric division. The Kingdoms of Nature and the Planets. In this cycle:Atom, 58:that go to the constitution of any of these four kingdoms of nature, and view them as providingAtom, 59:seeking expression, and through the aggregate of kingdoms a still greater subjective Life may beAtom, 59:Life may be seeking manifestation. In all these kingdoms which we are considering - mineral,Atom, 61:the negative electrons, so all forms in all the kingdoms of nature are of a similar structure,Atom, 61:or intelligence. We can therefore regard the kingdoms themselves as the physical expression of someAtom, 61:the solar system is but the aggregate of all kingdoms and all forms, and the Body of a Being Who isAtom, 70:that atom will pass through all the varying kingdoms of nature until it finds its goal in the humanAtom, 70:of the planet, and Who holds all the different kingdoms of nature within His consciousness. May itAtom, 70:as it informs the totality of all groups and kingdoms, is the goal for man, the human atom? PerhapsAtom, 73:He expresses Himself through the totality of the kingdoms of nature, and through the nations,Atom, 80:built into the different forms in the various kingdoms of nature, and found that, in the process ofAtom, 81:Very briefly then we touched upon the different kingdoms of nature, and traced the development ofAtom, 81:of forms in the mineral, vegetable, and animal kingdoms what we understand as sensation begins toAtom, 84:built up into the mineral, vegetable, and animal kingdoms. Now we can pass to the next stage onAtom, 102:growth of consciousness in the three lower kingdoms. It is not possible in the short time now at myAtom, 103:mentality is beginning to manifest. In all these kingdoms you have different grades and types ofAtom, 105:gained in the earlier stages in the three lower kingdoms of nature. Man is the gainer by that vastAtom, 115:great initiation took place. All the four kingdoms have been entered by an initiation, or throughAtom, 144:subhuman forms, and saw how the forms in the two kingdoms of nature, the vegetable and animal,Atom, 151:[151] groups of human atoms to the various kingdoms of nature, and thus to the little atom ofAutobiography, 40:and the beauty of the vegetable and mineral kingdoms - constituted one divine and living wholeAutobiography, 153:man is the macrocosm for all the three lower kingdoms, he might be supposed, [154] normally, toAutobiography, 154:of the past preyed upon human beings. In all kingdoms the Law of Retribution works. It is possibleAutobiography, 276:laws governing the individual, humanity and the kingdoms in nature are studied and the wholeAutobiography, 280:kingdom. This kingdom is as much one of the kingdoms of nature as are the human or animal kingdoms;Autobiography, 280:kingdoms of nature as are the human or animal kingdoms; it is sometimes called the Kingdom of GodAutobiography, 289:Life, informing as it does all the subhuman kingdoms, the human family and the superhuman livesAutobiography, 295:through the multiplicity of forms in all the kingdoms of nature, and that the sons of men are,Autobiography, 295:the humblest atom up through the four recognized kingdoms of nature, and on through the fifthBethlehem, 21:as the urge towards perfection in all the kingdoms of nature, proves the fact of God and is ourBethlehem, 69:apart." In this cave of initiation, all the four kingdoms of nature can be seen unmistakablyBethlehem, 89:as we look out upon our planetary life, in all kingdoms the vision is discouraging. In all kingdomsBethlehem, 89:all kingdoms the vision is discouraging. In all kingdoms we find death and disease, and in theBethlehem, 89:death and disease, and in the animal and human kingdoms not only these, but also violence of manyBethlehem, 94:is this so? All aspects of the three subhuman kingdoms - animal, vegetable and mineral - are foundBethlehem, 94:lesser manifestations of deity. In the subhuman kingdoms of nature we find three major types ofBethlehem, 95:of God will surely embody the heritage of four kingdoms, as man embodies the heritage of three.Bethlehem, 95:on earth, and produced a synthesis of all the kingdoms in nature, thus causing the appearance of aBethlehem, 95:He unified in Himself the best of all the kingdoms in nature, mineral, vegetable, animal, whichBethlehem, 121:acceptance. There is much disease in the other kingdoms of nature; animals, plants and mineralsBethlehem, 121:from disease as do human beings, and these kingdoms antedate the appearance of the human familyBethlehem, 126:exceeding high mountain, and sheweth him all the kingdoms of the world and the glory of them; and
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