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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - KINGDOMS

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Fire, 936:planet. This will not be so with the other three kingdoms. The etheric deva substance is acted uponFire, 953:the Threshold" of the Path between the two great kingdoms, the fourth and the fifth, can be studiedFire, 991:by the balancing of the forces of the three kingdoms (the spiritual or fifth kingdom, the human,Fire, 991:of the attractive power of the three lower kingdoms (the mineral, the vegetable, and the animal,Fire, 1029:the transference of force between the five kingdoms of nature. Inter-human, or relating to theFire, 1032:aspect as it concerns the human and superhuman kingdoms, or as the Manasaputras and their variousFire, 1032:of the Life who informs each of the subhuman kingdoms of nature is known with greater accuracy, itFire, 1042:the medium of: The chains. The rounds. The kingdoms of nature. The root races. 6 The Atom . - S.Fire, 1043:of the planetary Logos. The three subhuman kingdoms have for objective the [1044] manifesting ofFire, 1051:stimulated by the life of any of the three lower kingdoms in nature, - all of which produceFire, 1058:various great lives who inform the globes and kingdoms of nature, with ascertaining the nature ofFire, 1060:is the outer effect produced by all forms in all kingdoms when their internal activity has reachedFire, 1062:is applied to all the forms in all the kingdoms, it will be found possible to bridge the gapsFire, 1065:stages enumerated above. Within the three lower kingdoms of nature, the process is undergoneFire, 1069:these thoughts can be extended to include entire kingdoms of nature, the globes of a chain, theFire, 1069:forms is fast escaping. In connection with the kingdoms of nature, it must be remembered that theirFire, 1070:the atomic substance of which all forms in all kingdoms are composed to the point where they becomeFire, 1071:kingdom to be vivified. In dealing with these kingdoms, therefore, the relations might be brieflyFire, 1071:how to group the various types in the different kingdoms according to the type of energy theyFire, 1072:of the two. They are also the first of the kingdoms on the physical plane to be responsive toFire, 1074:on the Plane of Mind b. Radiation in the Five Kingdoms We have seen that the cause of radiation isFire, 1075:two. By understanding the laws of the different kingdoms, much can be learned anent the conditionsFire, 1075:which have their interesting germs in the five kingdoms. It might here be pointed out withFire, 1076:alchemical fire. Simultaneously, in the other kingdoms of nature a process somewhat similar in kindFire, 1076:foot to produce more rapid radiation in all the kingdoms of nature so that when the cycle is runFire, 1077:potentially radioactive qualities of the four kingdoms of nature with which we are most concernedFire, 1081:has also grouped the atoms in the other kingdoms of nature, and [1082] even the Dhyan Chohans ofFire, 1083:of grouping is used in connection with all the kingdoms though only in the case of the fourth andFire, 1083:only in the case of the fourth and the fifth kingdoms are individual atoms dealt with; theFire, 1083:with; the tabulations and records for the other kingdoms are concerned with groups. When a group isFire, 1087:applies within a scheme but only to the four kingdoms in objective appearance. The revolution of aFire, 1087:Thus we pass down the scale through all the kingdoms and forms till we arrive at the tinyFire, 1088:of consciousness and its transition through the kingdoms of nature are the points dwelt upon. YetFire, 1088:the present system when the forms in the three kingdoms had reached the point of syntheticFire, 1092:and its passage through all the globes and kingdoms. The consideration of this is complicated byFire, 1095:slightly at variance with that of the other kingdoms, for it is specifically an [1096] expressionFire, 1096:agony which are seen in the vegetable and animal kingdoms. In the term animal kingdom I includeFire, 1132:perfected or nearly perfected units in the three kingdoms of nature with their immediate groupFire, 1133:closest study. Let us consider the three lower kingdoms first and pass later to the methods andFire, 1133:The units, therefore, in the three lower kingdoms possess no permanent atoms but contribute to theFire, 1133:to the formation of those atoms in the higher kingdoms. Certain wide generalizations might here beFire, 1134:energy which is contributed by the three lower kingdoms is formed of the very highest vibration ofFire, 1134:of which are allied to one or other of the lower kingdoms. The mental body - mental unit - animalFire, 1134:Man is then closely linked with the three lower kingdoms by the best that they can provide, andFire, 1136:It is useful to remember that in the three lower kingdoms, manifestation, or appearance on theFire, 1137:govern the appearance periodically of the three kingdoms of nature, which are the laws ofFire, 1137:laws of involution, the laws of the elemental kingdoms, and the laws of the three great groupsFire, 1137:who form the three involutionary elemental kingdoms. These three lower groups achieve concretion,Fire, 1137:arc, through the medium of the three lower kingdoms. The fourth group is the most important in someFire, 1138:that which he has borrowed from the three lower kingdoms, he cannot comprehend the nature andFire, 1139:groups (through the medium of the three lower kingdoms) is, therefore, governed by factors hiddenFire, 1139:and as he progresses and evolves so do the lower kingdoms. The lunar pitris are to the planetaryFire, 1141:minerals and elements, animals and vegetables, kingdoms and groups, Gods and ants are specified inFire, 1143:a group, and their correspondences in all the kingdoms. A plane. The reptile and insect world. TheFire, 1144:of karmic effects as they concern the four kingdoms of nature. Distinguish between the three mainFire, 1156:have a close connection with: The three lower kingdoms in nature. The three lower subplanes of theFire, 1163:Manasic force - two lower planes - the four kingdoms of nature. Physical energy, the left-over of aFire, 1169:the animal aspects of attraction in both the kingdoms. [1170] Fire, 1170:with the highest specimens of the various kingdoms, and concerns itself with the attraction that aFire, 1172:and the numerous planetoids, as far as the four kingdoms [1173] of nature are concerned. TheFire, 1185:pull the informing existences of the various kingdoms of nature are engaged in mutual interaction,Fire, 1194:Fathers: Three incorporeal who are the elemental kingdoms. Four material who are the forms of theFire, 1194:Four material who are the forms of the four kingdoms on the upward arc. The seven hierarchies ofFire, 1213:that which was known to be similar in the two kingdoms (the physical body with its activities andFire, 1213:and in their zeal for unity between the two kingdoms, sought unity in the lower aspects, andFire, 1213:establishing group relation with the superhuman kingdoms, man has not so erred, though relativelyFire, 1214:lives which find their place in the six subhuman kingdoms (the [1215] three elemental, and theFire, 1216:self-consciousness. The work for the subhuman kingdoms is the establishment of consciousFire, 1233:a central energy. Forms of all kinds in all the kingdoms of nature, and the manifested sheaths inGlamour, 32:obvious when it is remembered that the other kingdoms of nature are relatively free from glamor andGlamour, 42:to taking the third initiation. The subhuman kingdoms in nature are free from glamor and illusion,Glamour, 90:family and the culminating goal of the four kingdoms in nature. We could enlarge the concept byGlamour, 90:have, therefore, their equivalents in all the kingdoms and lead up to: The unfoldment of the divineGlamour, 105:to outline and determine the structure of the kingdoms into which science divides the naturalGlamour, 106:our planetary evolution in all the four kingdoms in nature. They create the obstacles, obstructionsGlamour, 131:[131] Mind of God Himself and to the planetary kingdoms. These ideas come from and they emanateGlamour, 194:levels and is instinctual in some form in all kingdoms. This is axiomatic. The five senses bringGlamour, 221:- a man-created sphere of activity. The subhuman kingdoms of nature know no astral plane; theGlamour, 221:of nature know no astral plane; the superhuman kingdoms have surmounted it and discovered theHealing, 5:soul life, and that is true of all forms in all kingdoms. The art of the healer consists inHealing, 11:greater Minds, functioning in other and higher kingdoms in nature which will surely see life moreHealing, 11:to be found upon our planet in all the four kingdoms in nature. A few [12] basic statements can beHealing, 12:and the integrating principle where the subhuman kingdoms are concerned. Disease appears whereHealing, 12:what we call disease, runs through all the four kingdoms in nature, and causes those conditionsHealing, 13:of eradication. Disease exists. Forms in all kingdoms are full of inharmony and out of alignmentHealing, 30:are the laws of group life and they govern the kingdoms of nature and find their expression (forHealing, 32:and control. Disease is found in all the four kingdoms in nature. Disease is purificatory inHealing, 49:their toll of the vegetable, animal and human kingdoms, manifesting differently in each, yet beingHealing, 82:forms found within that body in any and all the kingdoms in nature. It is part of the substance ofHealing, 93:soul life. This is true of all forms in all kingdoms." "Disease is the product of and subject toHealing, 112:creatively to the call of the three subhuman kingdoms in nature. Healing, 113:this lack of harmony runs through all the kingdoms in nature. The bulk of diseases are of: GroupHealing, 133:soul life and this is true of all forms in all kingdoms. The art of the healer consists inHealing, 154:It is the task of relating the three superhuman kingdoms to the three subhuman kingdoms, and thusHealing, 154:three superhuman kingdoms to the three subhuman kingdoms, and thus establishing the new heavens andHealing, 184:and recognize the major divine aspects in the kingdoms in nature, in the planet and in the solarHealing, 226:with this problem in relation to the other kingdoms in nature, for there will be no true escape forHealing, 236:divinity) pulsates more powerfully through the kingdoms of nature, these two penalties ofHealing, 244:life present in the animal and vegetable [244] kingdoms, and to a lesser and slower degree in theHealing, 244:life itself. In the case of the subhuman kingdoms in nature, death is the direct result of this
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