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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - KNEW

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Bethlehem, 37:and the world was made by Him, and the world knew Him not." - St. John, I, 1, 2, 3, 4, 10. What isBethlehem, 39:the truth and the life." (St. John, XIV, 6.) He knew that He synthesized in Himself the soul of theBethlehem, 47:my Father's business?" (St. Luke, II, 49.) He knew that He was ordained to work and to serve, butBethlehem, 76:of His work. There is no sign that He knew in detail what that mission was; He went into noBethlehem, 109:or revelation. He simply fell back on what He knew, what He had been taught and told. He metBethlehem, 127:triumphed over materialism and over doubt. He knew that the form side of life could not attractBethlehem, 131:and with His divinity completely vindicated. He knew Himself to be God; He had demonstrated toBethlehem, 150:which had been revealed. They thought that they knew their Master, but the familiar Presence hadBethlehem, 155:divinity, as have the mystics of all time. They "knew Whom they had believed." (II Tim., I, 12.)Bethlehem, 166:the test lay in His prevision as to His end. He knew He had to die, and He knew how He would die,Bethlehem, 166:as to His end. He knew He had to die, and He knew how He would die, and yet He went forwardBethlehem, 175:that is recorded is the reaction of those who knew and loved the Lord, and the after effects uponBethlehem, 207:as we are, yet without sin." (Heb., IV, 15.) He knew no separateness. Rich men, publicans,Bethlehem, 207:which opened up before Him. He therefore knew the difficulty of this simple rule. Bethlehem, 216:But suffering [216] has its uses, as Christ knew. In His Person He was not only the historicalBethlehem, 217:significance, and we are sure that Christ knew happiness, even though He was a "man of sorrows";Bethlehem, 217:Though Christ was "acquainted with sorrow," He knew joy in its essence, for the "joy of the Lord isBethlehem, 217:being, which is strength and joy and love. He knew also bliss, for at the Crucifixion the blissBethlehem, 234:Jesus of Nazareth as a crucial experiment. They knew Him as Friend and Master, and they flung theirBethlehem, 234:of all this was of their own achievement. They knew they were men remade, and they knew that theBethlehem, 234:They knew they were men remade, and they knew that the mode of their remaking was love. This was aDiscipleship1have since met; others I have never met; some I knew well and could understand why they had beenDiscipleship1, 283:a crisis that was more serious than any of you knew at the time? If you cast your mind back overDiscipleship1, 413:you would practice relaxation even if you knew how to do so. Secondly, you have an inability toDiscipleship1, 449:assumed correctness of your decision. Yet you knew not enough - even about your own group. At theDiscipleship1, 551:from his first instruction that the Tibetan knew from the start that K. E. S. had only a few yearsDiscipleship1, 578:and interposed my help, though you, of course, knew it not. Can I, at this point, convey to you aDiscipleship1, 676:he was before he entered prisoner into form, he knew not pain. Sickness and death, corruption andDiscipleship1, 676:riches of the universe were his, and naught he knew of loss. "The lives that enter into form alongDiscipleship2, XIII:was watching [XIII] the effects. For example: He knew not only the Ray qualities of all theDiscipleship2, XIII:in relation to total, balanced progress. He knew also the conditioning Rays of the previousDiscipleship2, XIII:not to be developed but to be transcended. He knew the astrological characteristics of the soul, aDiscipleship2, XIII:in advanced stages of discipleship. He knew the exact condition and degree of unfoldment of all theDiscipleship2, XIII:without attention to them. The Master also knew the basic and planned purpose of the soul for theDiscipleship2, 92:either to themselves or to the group. They knew certain tendencies existed but not how serious theyDiscipleship2, 101:she had at first to work in the dark; she knew nothing in her physical brain consciousness of theDiscipleship2, 160:mass appeal of instinctual animal-man; he little knew what that almost inchoate appeal wouldDiscipleship2, 212:itself. Men everywhere are, if they only knew it, always in a state of unconscious meditation,Discipleship2, 246:Yet (though you remember it not) all of you knew me well when working with the two Chohans, andDiscipleship2, 402:Aspect of the essential Trinity, of which man knew nothing, instead of in terms of the secondDiscipleship2, 437:discovers he can perceive more than he ever knew was existent or perceptible but that he is onlyDiscipleship2, 558:member of my group of chelas. You and I knew always that the link was indissoluble and that theDiscipleship2, 696:Ashram and remain steadfast and sure." A.A.B. knew what she was saying, but I wonder if youDiscipleship2, 733:time achieved a most definite soul contact, but knew not how to handle the force engendered. InExternalisation, 29:the medium has been a Personality Who knew and felt and was at-one with the world of ideas, withExternalisation, 90:lot and related to the eighth. They spoke and knew each other. They saw and they desired that whichExternalisation, 122:of air and water because the guides of the race knew how to control and master the forces of natureExternalisation, 184:communication brought this about; Great Britain knew nothing of the movements of Alexander; theExternalisation, 184:movements of Alexander; the peoples of America knew naught about Genghis Khan; but the sound of theExternalisation, 391:recognition; God testified to the fact that He knew Him for His beloved Son. To these basic factsExternalisation, 405:been preserved for us down the ages by those who knew God and whom the world called mystics,Externalisation, 475:hard, trusting to the wisdom [475] of those who knew and asked their aid; most of them wereExternalisation, 476:deal more was involved and this the Hierarchy knew. This war has not only been an aggressiveExternalisation, 476:but something far more serious. The Hierarchy knew that extremely powerful forces were takingExternalisation, 476:to exploit the existing world situation. They knew also that the combination of ancient evil withExternalisation, 494:that year (1942), the great White Lodge knew that the battle had been won. Their preparations wereExternalisation, 514:Him will be greatly increased, [514] for all who knew Him in earlier incarnations in the ancientExternalisation, 514:practically sure that in Palestine they saw Him, knew Him and mayhap served and loved Him. Externalisation, 514:Body. This the initiate Paul truly sensed and knew. Via this strand passes the power to strengthen,Externalisation, 633:I began the work of the past three decades, I knew exactly the time I had in which to bring aboutFire, 492:172, 607-611) had gone far along this path, and knew even more than he gave out, and others haveFire, 689:lower Three (for we count not here the eighth) knew not nor saw; they only heard and touched. TheGlamour, 134:and the initiate-priests of the time, men knew themselves to be one family - a family of brothers -Glamour, 240:Pilate who symbolized the human intellect; He knew that no reply could convey meaning to thatHealing, 229:from certain physical habits. Humanity then knew well what was evil, because the evidences of thatHealing, 299:extension, abundant growth and undue haste. He knew not what He wanted because He wanted all,Healing, 301:and settled down to fight. He saw the right and knew the wrong and vibrated between the two,Healing, 302:with joy. He brooked no understanding; He knew no unity, for He was cold, austere, ascetic andHealing, 304:life but failed to give them understanding. He knew not then that love sustains." The effects ofHealing, 360:of the early church and none by those who knew Him. The reason is a definite one. There is no trueHealing, 392:no longer acts as a deterrent. If people but knew more, birth would be the experience which theyHealing, 459:themselves from the Great Illusion. Arjuna knew this, yet succumbed to despair. Yet in his hour ofHealing, 495:experience is far richer and fuller than he ever knew when in incarnation. If you will think thisHercules, 11:the inner life [11] that Hercules wrestles. He knew himself to be the form, the symbol, for theHercules, 11:of agelong expression. At the same time he knew that his problem was to express spiritual being andHercules, 18:beings. In this condition, he visioned the Plan, knew what he had to do and perceived the realityHercules, 26:rather bludgeon his way through with what he knew he could use than use the unfamiliar tools whichHercules, 43:was to be accomplished, and all that Hercules knew was that the bull was sacred, that it was bornHercules, 54:to distant lands, and all the sons of men who knew themselves to be likewise the sons of GodHercules, 54:the sons of God desired them. Hercules, too, knew of these fruits, and when the word went forth toHercules, 55:but none could guide him on his way; none knew the place. Time passed, yet still he sought,Hercules, 55:words of truth, but Hercules responded not, nor knew him for the messenger he was. Skilled thoughHercules, 62:have to do and where he would have to go. All he knew was that he had to turn south; a symbol ofHercules, 94:still going on between Apollo, the sun god, who knew that the doe was the intuition, Diana,Hercules, 94:intuition, Diana, huntress of the heavens, who knew it was intellect, and Artemis, the moon, whoHercules, 95:of the Lord. Time came wherein the timid hind knew well the hunter who pursued her, and gently cameHercules, 125:power of the seventh sign passed through him. He knew not that he faced a dual test, the test ofHercules, 186:from Capricorn into the spiritual kingdom and knew somewhat the significance of mystical ecstasy,Hercules, 190:what a marvellous astrologer Christ was. He knew that the cycle he inaugurated would pass away,Hercules, 195:chalice fell upon the ground before his feet. He knew within himself that this bright object wouldHercules, 209:passing through initiations of which Hercules knew nothing. Then came the historic Christ,Initiation, 35:ideal as they saw it, for the highest that they knew, and those who fought for material and selfishInitiation, 119:of energy which are available. Before, he knew that the energy existed, and used it blindly andIntellect, 173:a life the Great Ones of the ages testify. They knew themselves to be Sons of God and they carriedIntellect, 177:- that there have been at all times those who knew, those who had penetrated to the heart of theIntellect, 185:shine unobstructedly, develop themselves, as he knew, into the threefold [186] manifestation of theMagic, 213:but they are by no means identical. This H.P.B. knew, but the apparent confusion was permittedMagic, 308:themselves from the Great Illusion. Arjuna knew this, yet succumbed to despair. Yet in his hour ofMagic, 440:impulse and lo! a God was born. The tiny babe knew not the great event." This took place twenty-oneMagic, 532:he was before he entered prisoner into form, he knew not pain. Sickness and death, corruption and
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