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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - KNOW

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Astrology, 626:of their essential oneness. Gemini, as you know, is the sign of divine interplay and it is the lifeAstrology, 627:the pair of opposites. Here we have, as you know, the Mother of the Christ Child and the fosteringAstrology, 628:i.e. the One Who wills to manifest and to know or to become aware. It is this which lies behind andAstrology, 630:life. This One wills to incarnate, wills to know, wills to be conscious, but is none of theseAstrology, 632:and wait. 2. Libra This constellation, as you know, connotes the point of balance in the longAstrology, 642:independent of planets and Matter as we see and know them on Earth, who are the rulers of theAtom, 6:definition than heretofore, and though we do not know the answers to our questions, though we haveAtom, 12:is a guarantee of success in the future. We know so much more than was the case five hundred yearsAtom, 13:are what they seem; that matter and force, as we know them, are the only reality, and that it isAtom, 16:to blend and synthesize the little we can know until some general idea of the process as a wholeAtom, 26:place. This stage is something which we, as yet, know practically little about, and is what weAtom, 27:our own mental processes; we must learn to know what we think and why we think it, to find out theAtom, 33:which is objective to each one of us. As we all know, the work of the chemist is to reduce allAtom, 35:upon my mind and yours is that we scarcely know where we stand in scientific thought, any more thanAtom, 35:we stand in scientific thought, any more than we know where we stand in the religious and economicAtom, 38:found it very illuminating. First of all, as we know, the atom is spoken of as possessing energy,Atom, 45:The old occult injunction which said to a man "Know thyself, for in thyself is to be found all thatAtom, 49:This is something of which we, as yet, know little. When this thought is developed, and the humanAtom, 58:that out of which all the different forms as we know them are built - all forms in the mineralAtom, 85:to all thinkers, the only way in which we can know God is through the study of His nature, or HisAtom, 85:study of His nature, or His psychic quality. We know that God is intelligence, we know that He isAtom, 85:quality. We know that God is intelligence, we know that He is love, or the great attractive forceAtom, 85:attractive force of the solar system, and we know that He is the great will or purpose back of allAtom, 89:that of the group. Of such a conscious union we know practically nothing as yet. This is succeededAtom, 99:from two Latin words: con, with; and scio, to know; and means literally "that with which we know."Atom, 99:to know; and means literally "that with which we know." If you take a dictionary and look up thisAtom, 110:Life which he senses, but as yet does not know. If he persists in this, he will find the group toAtom, 113:true meditation, which is a thing few people know much about. This true meditation, which it isAtom, 114:instruments and not our masters, then we shall know the true meaning of meditation. When a man hasAtom, 115:brought about by the help of Those who already know. Thus we have within the evolutionary schemeAtom, 119:with possibilities. Certain things we do know, and certain truths have been ascertained; yet evenAtom, 124:all there is within the solar system. I do not know, but it makes an interesting line of thoughtAtom, 127:from the other good and unselfish people whom we know. We have not yet cultivated within ourselvesAtom, 128:[128] which will some day be ours. We shall then know what we do every hour of the day, and not forAtom, 128:entity is during the hours of sleep. We do not know what his activities are, nor the condition ofAtom, 129:our [129] family and immediate friends, but we know practically nothing of group love. When groupAtom, 130:us consider this idea somewhat. There are, as we know, three main lines of thought in the world:Atom, 131:on in the world. That force, as some of us know, was nearly discovered in the United States fiftyAtom, 150:the central Life may be working, of which we know as yet but little. We must study not only man,Atom, 156:and that when we have fathomed that we shall know all there is to be known. What the relationshipAutobiography, X:and emotionally as well as physically. I alone know how triumphantly she opened herself to receiveAutobiography, 1:what I am from what I was. It might be useful to know how a rabid, orthodox Christian worker couldAutobiography, 4:to present Them to the world as I personally know Them, because, in the years that are coming, moreAutobiography, 4:upon later and show how I personally came to know of Their existence. In everyone's life there areAutobiography, 6:has always been so much to do, so many people to know. I have only one basic grumble and that isAutobiography, 7:means, however, of proving certain facts which I know to be essential to the future happiness andAutobiography, 7:now come when the masses of men everywhere must know them too. So here goes for the story of myAutobiography, 8:head, must fuse and blend and then humanity will know God and not just "feel after Him if haplyAutobiography, 10:darling, one thing I can tell you. You never know what lies just around the corner." I never foundAutobiography, 11:things remain fixtures in one's mind? I do not know. Apparently on this peculiar planet of ours,Autobiography, 15:she ever read this autobiography, I want her to know this. Fortunately, I believe in [16] the greatAutobiography, 16:some families have kept records. As far as I know none of my ancestors did anything particularlyAutobiography, 16:symbolism, extraordinarily significant. I know nothing of heraldry or the correct terms in which toAutobiography, 22:to "feel" into people and circumstances and to know often what they were thinking or experiencingAutobiography, 22:precede the mental approach and the power to know. Surely spiritual instinct must precede spiritualAutobiography, 27:so; that is not the sort of person you [27] can know; do not talk to that man or woman; nice peopleAutobiography, 30:naughty episode in my life. She wanted to know whether I remembered throwing every piece of jewelryAutobiography, 30:I thought that she could not possibly know that I had done it. But I discovered that she valued meAutobiography, 30:only did I have a temper but I always wanted to know how people ticked and what made them work andAutobiography, 30:record. In this way, I found out that she did know that I had taken all her jewelry and destroyedAutobiography, 33:friendship. Maybe I did lasting good; I do not know: I do know that I kept them out of mischief forAutobiography, 33:Maybe I did lasting good; I do not know: I do know that I kept them out of mischief for two hoursAutobiography, 33:How I was tolerated by the people I met I do not know. I was so religious and so imbued by theAutobiography, 35:Young as I was, I was intelligent enough to know something about adolescent mysticism and religiousAutobiography, 36:this day I remember very distinctly. I did not know what to make of it all. When I had recoveredAutobiography, 38:that time what else it could possibly be. Now I know that I participated in something that reallyAutobiography, 40:my limited theology and my daily life. I did not know. It is said that one's deepest and mostAutobiography, 43:career. As for me, at the time I did not know exactly what to do. I had an exceedingly goodAutobiography, 44:is really serious. I decided that you did not know any better and that I had better see that youAutobiography, 48:dogmatism, great changes were taking place. I know that this period saw me take a definite stepAutobiography, 48:how much, how very much, more I need to know. Real knowledge is never static; it is but a doorAutobiography, 49:of the need of patience are those who think they know and who have all the answers. That was myAutobiography, 50:their own preconceived ideas are justified; they know beforehand what you should tell them. MyAutobiography, 50:are only wanting to hear their own voices and know everything, then I am helpless and often afraid.Autobiography, 50:would be permanently arrested. Fortunately, I know that evolution is long and steadily proceeding;Autobiography, 50:proceeding; history and civilization prove it. I know, too, that behind all intelligent processesAutobiography, 53:that some day I would get "a call" and would know what I should do. To fill in the interim I amusedAutobiography, 57:take them into my confidence. I never pose as a know-it-all. I say: "This is how I see it now; whenAutobiography, 57:I always enjoy - I don't mind admitting I don't know when I don't and that is quite often. TheseAutobiography, 59:often said the word that was needed; but I do know that often she looked on with the greatestAutobiography, 60:and I believe in it a thousandfold more today. I know that people can turn from the error of theirAutobiography, 60:salvation and the salvation of all mankind. I know that Christ lives and that we live in Him and IAutobiography, 60:that Christ lives and that we live in Him and I know that God is our Father and that, under God'sAutobiography, 61:eventually find their way back to [61] Him. I know that the Christ life in the human heart can leadAutobiography, 61:can lead all men from death to immortality. I know that because Christ lives we shall live also andAutobiography, 61:never dies, and which comes to knowledge. I know that nothing in Heaven or hell can come betweenAutobiography, 61:come between the love of God and His children. I know that He stays on guard watching "until theAutobiography, 61:last weary pilgrim has found his way home." I know that all things work together for good to thoseAutobiography, 61:my family aghast had they known of it. I do not know that I would have blamed them. Remember thatAutobiography, 64:years before that I could do for Him. I do not know and I have never even asked Him, because it isAutobiography, 65:play cards and I don't go to the theatre, and I know you will hate me and I think I had better goAutobiography, 66:I was arriving in a continent where I did not know one single human being and I had to change notAutobiography, 67:to get off to eat." What came over me I do not know but I looked him straight in the eye and said,Autobiography, 69:In those days I was utterly fearless; I did not know what it was to be afraid. Part of this was aAutobiography, 69:was taught some of the things I would have to know in temporarily taking over from her. My majorAutobiography, 70:and among Indians who live in other countries. I know something of the problem of India, of itsAutobiography, 70:teeming population and its many creeds. I do not know it intimately for I was only there a fewAutobiography, 70:- Chapter II People here in the United States know nothing of the problem and that is why they canAutobiography, 73:be done. I was simply terrified and did not know what to do. I spent the first few eveningsAutobiography, 75:My correspondence got very heavy and I came to know the mind of the soldier very well and never
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