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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - KNOW

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Autobiography, 77:be bothered. I suppose I am no feminist but I know that if women are real and intelligent they canAutobiography, 84:asked to be born; they were not old enough to know anything about Jesus, why, therefore, shouldAutobiography, 85:and listen to anything you have got to say, you know that, but the moment you start telling liesAutobiography, 85:Me." Why should I be kinder than God? Did I know more about love than God did and if [86] I didAutobiography, 86:more about love than God did and if [86] I did know more about love how, then, could God be God,Autobiography, 86:would be greater than He along some lines? Did I know what I was doing? How could I go on teaching?Autobiography, 86:my entire life on the words of St. Paul; "I know Whom I have believed and am persuaded that He isAutobiography, 86:sure is the fact of Christ Himself. I do know Whom I have believed. That fact has stood the testAutobiography, 91:but they are few and far between. I know that I am today what many, many lives of experience andAutobiography, 92:that time they would forever keep silent. I do know that whoever I was and whatever I did in aAutobiography, 93:General Manager. How he knew I was ill, I do not know, but he was one of the five men I haveAutobiography, 94:she could catch her breath, "My dear, as you know, I went to the Wesleyan Chapel. It was not veryAutobiography, 97:of every step she took and letting Miss Sandes know also what she [98] was doing. The whole matter,Autobiography, 100:to write about the next few years or to know just how to handle the next phase in my life. LookingAutobiography, 100:who liked and appreciated me and, as far as I know, I had had absolutely no problems between myselfAutobiography, 100:between myself and my co-workers. I did not know what it was to want financially for anything. IAutobiography, 106:I have discussed the problem with them and I know that all they ask is equality of opportunity, ofAutobiography, 108:such that I have seen to it that the three girls know all there is to know about housekeeping. TheyAutobiography, 108:to it that the three girls know all there is to know about housekeeping. They are entirelyAutobiography, 108:are an English lady and I've got sense enough to know it. There are things I know and things youAutobiography, 108:got sense enough to know it. There are things I know and things you don't, and you're coming downAutobiography, 108:there is nothing about laundry work that I don't know and I owe it all to Mrs. Schubert. Here isAutobiography, 110:midnight and after telling me what I ought to know and giving me a cup of strong coffee he left me.Autobiography, 111:much to do with the parishioners and I let them know it. I started a Bible class, however, and thatAutobiography, 116:practitioner is to me completely amazing. They know people; they live lives of sacrifice; they areAutobiography, 118:Keller and Victor Fox I love devotedly, and they know it. There are few people in the world asAutobiography, 121:bishop of that diocese would, of course, have to know the details. I remember well the evening inAutobiography, 124:I have taken a theological training and I know what I am talking about. Intelligent young men willAutobiography, 124:they are interested in the fact of Christ. They know too much to accept the verbal inspiration ofAutobiography, 125:looking back now I question if I ever let them know how serious the situation was. The BishopAutobiography, 125:Bishop wanted to write to my people and let them know the situation but I would not let him. I'veAutobiography, 125:use a typewriter; I could not teach; I did not know what to do. There was only one industry in thisAutobiography, 126:they evaded realities even when claiming to know exactly what God meant and intended, and sought toAutobiography, 128:Yet, all the time, I had been heard but didn't know it. All the time plans were being laid for myAutobiography, 128:As I told my daughter years later, "We never know what lies around the corner." The next morning IAutobiography, 129:of course, exceedingly proper and they did not know what to make of me. A gang of them used toAutobiography, 129:had nothing, whatever, to do with me. I did not know the names of these men and women. I had neverAutobiography, 131:everybody was gossiping about her; she did not know how to stop it. She cried and she wept; theAutobiography, 132:probably been drafted and has no alternative. I know soldiers very well and I know how they detestAutobiography, 132:no alternative. I know soldiers very well and I know how they detest the "hero" talk of theAutobiography, 133:intelligent creature we call man. I would not know. I am sure there is something to numerology, forAutobiography, 135:to many people. There was so much I wanted to know and I had to find the time [136] for all theseAutobiography, 138:it. They never discovered how little I knew. I know that no matter what the class learned I learnedAutobiography, 142:might be right and if so, intuitively one would know it; but the intuition does not work unless theAutobiography, 143:with me. We are peculiarly attached and yet I know she feels entirely free. Even though she hasAutobiography, 145:there is a bad element but I would like to know in what section of human society you will not findAutobiography, 147:poison in my mind. I'm sure I am irritable and I know I am difficult to live with because I driveAutobiography, 150:and as my imagination always works overtime I know that I have spent a great deal of my lifeAutobiography, 150:If people tell me that they are never afraid, I know that they are liars. They have some fearAutobiography, 159:a man in Los Angeles said to me, "If you want to know what brotherhood is not, go and live atAutobiography, 159:is not, go and live at Krotona." He did not know I lived there. The whole situation was so seriousAutobiography, 160:of 106 degrees, though at the time we did not know what it was. She is basically a pronouncedAutobiography, 168:to me, at times, that - as an Occidental - I may know better than He does as regards points ofAutobiography, 176:mass of personality followers. We simply did not know what to do or along what line to work. Mr.Autobiography, 178:they do not change the loyalties of those who know; they do not change the trend towards occultAutobiography, 181:experiment. How he ever managed I do not know and I think this is a good place in which to pointAutobiography, 184:say the general public and not occult groups. I know and believe that the general public is moreAutobiography, 186:of home and given the right parental influence I know no better system than that of coeducation.Autobiography, 187:probably right but I took care not to let her know it. The trouble with mass coeducation is thatAutobiography, 190:it as a great privilege and happiness to know Mr. Prater. Another old pupil of Madame Blavatsky andAutobiography, 191:such a technical subject as meditation that you know all about it. I began to get letters from allAutobiography, 191:not one of those occult teachers who claims to know exactly what the Master [192] wants done or toAutobiography, 192:As a Master of the Wisdom He knows what I do not know and has access to records and truths whichAutobiography, 192:which are sealed to me. The assumption that I know all that is given out in His books is a falseAutobiography, 192:is a false one. As a trained disciple I may know more than the average reader but I have noAutobiography, 193:any esoteric school has to shoulder I know I would not have attempted this work; but fools rush inAutobiography, 200:with a dislike of sex discussions but I do know, however, that the modern generation is notAutobiography, 200:modern generation is not entirely wrong. I do know that the Victorian attitude was rotten andAutobiography, 200:to this. It is almost possible that young people know too much, but I personally believe it to be aAutobiography, 200:of the sex problem of the races I do not know. I do know that under British law in foreignAutobiography, 200:the sex problem of the races I do not know. I do know that under British law in foreign countriesAutobiography, 202:that a person is divorced because what I do not know hurts nobody, but if I know then I shall haveAutobiography, 202:what I do not know hurts nobody, but if I know then I shall have to refuse communion." No comment.Autobiography, 202:of the sex problem. What it will be I do not know, but I trust in the inherent soundness ofAutobiography, 202:frequently gets them into difficulties. If they know the facts - the brutal, unadorned facts - theyAutobiography, 202:facts - the brutal, unadorned facts - they will know what to do. All this silly talk about littleAutobiography, 202:has been that they can be trusted when they know. The average boy and girl are not naturallyAutobiography, 202:and are not going to take risks when they know the risks exist. I would like to have the sexAutobiography, 211:"Mrs. Bailey, if I were to tell you that I also know the Tibetan would it mean anything to you?"Autobiography, 211:Bailey and myself. In a later life we shall know the reason for the contact this life and for theAutobiography, 215:of my own girlhood and those of my daughters, I know now what a difficult time adolescence is. IAutobiography, 215:that I knew nothing about sex, that I did not know how to handle men, that nobody had ever been inAutobiography, 217:the matter over most carefully and would let her know soon after the New Year of 1931. There wereAutobiography, 218:in this country and though I have no degrees I know I am as well educated as those who have. Not soAutobiography, 218:to be more useful human beings if they got to know more about [219] people in other continents, notAutobiography, 219:monuments and galleries but by getting to know the people themselves, so we gave up all idea of anAutobiography, 219:did not go to college. They have learned to know human beings and to realize that the U.S.A. is notAutobiography, 219:has been the source of so much world hate. I know nothing more pernicious than the slogan "AmericaAutobiography, 219:than the slogan "America for the Americans." I know nothing more insular than the habit of theAutobiography, 220:valued and where human values are emphasized I know no better training-ground for the youth of theAutobiography, 220:to see a parent standing on the sidelines and to know quite well it was bedtime. They wereAutobiography, 222:of the hills reaching down into the water. I know nothing more beautiful to look at than the viewAutobiography, 224:any reading under the bedclothes, as far as I know, because they knew they could read what theyAutobiography, 224:and we all lived together for weeks and got to know each other very well. National barriers seemedAutobiography, 226:I think that they are both fortunate. I know that Terence is for Dorothy one in a million, quiet,Autobiography, 234:guided by disciples and spiritual aspirants who know no sense of separateness, who see all menAutobiography, 238:of the ancient Sanskrit phrases because I know no Sanskrit but I, myself, wrote the commentary, asAutobiography, 240:in the history of the Hierarchy, as far as we know, that the detailed instructions given by aAutobiography, 245:underlying purpose which it may interest you to know about and they have received a worldwideAutobiography, 249:by the Master Himself as a factual condition - know their Master, accept teaching from Him and
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