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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - KNOW

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Discipleship1, 344:You have worked well and hard, and though I know that you seek not commendation, it is of valueDiscipleship1, 344:not commendation, it is of value sometimes to know that one's efforts are bearing fruit. This groupDiscipleship1, 345:has been amazingly selfless. I wanted you to know that this has been noted by me. You have workedDiscipleship1, 348:and I would remind you of this. You will know within yourself the reason that I have brought theseDiscipleship1, 350:your seventh ray personality. In many ways you know more about the soul ray which conditions youDiscipleship1, 352:Did you duly do so? They are, as you well know, the first, the third and the fourth or the rays ofDiscipleship1, 355:of wide usefulness and increased service. You know well your weakness and your strength. There isDiscipleship1, 359:Close with the invocation which you know and love so well: May the Holy Ones whose disciple I amDiscipleship1, 359:all things new; it lives and moves in those who know the Self as one. May that peace brood over us,Discipleship1, 362:opens into the world which is that which all men know. When both the doors stand open wide, theDiscipleship1, 362:be known into the world of that which all men know. Thus new thoughts can be carried into theDiscipleship1, 362:is good and for that I thank you, my brother. I know that you do not ask for recognition but thatDiscipleship1, 364:disciplinary measures. What these are, you also know. Are they not simply the enforcing of certainDiscipleship1, 367:action. Will you assist me in this problem? I know you will, my brother. And will you take this asDiscipleship1, 368:life with the vastness of our plan. All of you know so much. Your theory is so good and sound. ButDiscipleship1, 371:Others emerge into the hierarchical Light and we know - as we study them - that though there isDiscipleship1, 371:hitherto has bested all your efforts. This you know and to this you refer with a sense of blindingDiscipleship1, 371:failure. How can I help you, therefore, when you know the causes of hindrance, the obstacles toDiscipleship1, 373:brother, because I have confidence in you and I know that you have confidence in me. I haveDiscipleship1, 375:to strengthen your will to be. This I think you know. You are a second ray soul in a first rayDiscipleship1, 376:increased capacity to serve. This capacity I know that you seek, and the door of service standsDiscipleship1, 377:on the fact that your personality ray is, as you know, that of the first Ray of Will or Power. ThisDiscipleship1, 380:alone when blame descends, for I am true and know what I should do. I thereby shield the weak andDiscipleship1, 381:and of the Hierarchy. This, I think, you know. I would ask you to work along the line of the will,Discipleship1, 383:remains, however, to be done (and this again you know). Follow the instructions given to youDiscipleship1, 384:my brother. Progress is being made and you will know the joy of eventual liberation from thisDiscipleship1, 388:time for that which is negligible in results. I know you will realize the reason for my remarks andDiscipleship1, 390:problem is to deepen this realization, and to know yourself to be the Angel, standing between you,Discipleship1, 393:Begin with those you have at hand and those who know and love you and together set ajar the door toDiscipleship1, 395:with them as one might expect. You, my brother, know to what you have had to rise, as the monthsDiscipleship1, 396:has been through deep sorrow, as all of you know. The processes of readjusting the rhythm of herDiscipleship1, 397:the relation of happiness to joy? a. What do I know of each? b. Which is characteristic of theDiscipleship1, 397:- How can I enter into the joy which the Masters know? a. Upon what is this joy based? b. WhatDiscipleship1, 399:serve joyously or to serve intelligently? Do I know my reasons? If this review work is a definitelyDiscipleship1, 399:shines upon the Path. But, realizing this, do I know anything of the joy which should irradiate myDiscipleship1, 401:from the non-essential. This I think you know. Having realized this, a future of constructiveDiscipleship1, 401:to you, therefore: Face the future with joy and know that it holds for you renewed opportunity, andDiscipleship1, 401:life expression during this incarnation. As you know, your rays - soul and personality - are theDiscipleship1, 404:but at present you have all you need to know in order to carry on satisfactorily. In humility andDiscipleship1, 404:love lies your release, my brother, and this I know you realize. This year has been one of supremeDiscipleship1, 407:with the mental formulations of that which you know to be true and with a precise statement of thatDiscipleship1, 407:plexus too active in its functioning. This you know well. Upon this, the heart quality mustDiscipleship1, 410:do as you are told, knowing that I may perhaps know a little more than you. [411] Imagine yourselfDiscipleship1, 413:but you are always at such a point and never know when to relax. Even when amusing yourself, youDiscipleship1, 415:disciples. You have oft made the remark that you know so little, that you have been forced aheadDiscipleship1, 417:in the consciousness of his brother and so know and ascertain the best way to help him andDiscipleship1, 417:ever that to be is a greater realization than to know or to act. The constant steady effort toDiscipleship1, 419:isolation, but it is only an illusion. You know that you are not alone. You know well how rich yourDiscipleship1, 419:illusion. You know that you are not alone. You know well how rich your life is today, and howDiscipleship1, 422:else that I need to say to you at this time. You know; you need no telling but, like all pledgedDiscipleship1, 423:to you? Here in the astral body (as you well know and as all true disciples know) is theDiscipleship1, 423:body (as you well know and as all true disciples know) is the battleground for those who areDiscipleship1, 424:yours with special care for a reason which you know, but which may not be stated here. Your repliesDiscipleship1, 425:personality vehicles. Yet, you are, as you well know, in preparation for certain steps forward uponDiscipleship1, 429:that of the soul. Even if you feel it not, then know that it is there. I wonder, my brother, if itDiscipleship1, 431:our immediate goal; in view of this, what do I know about: The indifference of the soul or self toDiscipleship1, 434:with a certain piece of work? You will know to what I refer. Secondly: Follow each day theDiscipleship1, 437:to a clearer understanding of yourself. As you know, your egoic or soul ray is the second Ray ofDiscipleship1, 437:mark of the advanced disciple. This I think you know without my telling you. But all these contactsDiscipleship1, 439:great Master, the Lord of Shamballa. He, as you know, will not leave his post until the "last wearyDiscipleship1, 440:hands of the Hierarchy is far greater than you know and, though for you there can be no activity inDiscipleship1, 441:in her next letter to you. I would have you know that I have had you in my thoughts, my care and myDiscipleship1, 442:in this life. This, it is of assistance to know. In the next instructions, when I shall indicate toDiscipleship1, 445:these higher patterns or divine ideas. Do I know anything of this? I mean, practically, in my dailyDiscipleship1, 447:your effectiveness in work depends. [447] As you know, you have a peculiar combination of dominantDiscipleship1, 447:is of paramount importance; he must learn to know himself. On the path of discipleship, these sameDiscipleship1, 453:the physical brain, thus making what [453] you know and see available to others. This must be doneDiscipleship1, 455:the heart into the head and this, I think, you know. Follow the breathing exercises with care andDiscipleship1, 457:to the "secret place of the most High." You will know whereof I speak, because that is one of theDiscipleship1, 458:have militated against detachment and this you know. But you have learnt much these past two years,Discipleship1, 459:wider knowledge of truth and from my capacity to know you all on the inner plane, I but makeDiscipleship1, 463:of your coming months and sought to have you know [464] that I was standing by. This I still amDiscipleship1, 465:That is all that I have to say, I am pleased. I know that for you that suffices. If you standDiscipleship1, 468:see each of your co-disciples (whom you may know) in the light. Then visualize them each with aDiscipleship1, 468:star. The star of initiation is, as you know, a five-pointed star. Then say something to each ofDiscipleship1, 472:knocking down and hurting as you go. This you know full well. You stop not to right or to adjustDiscipleship1, 472:this hindering activity I need not say, for you know well I whereof I speak. I offer you the wayDiscipleship1, 472:I shall not be more explicit. Again I say: You know whereof I speak. Eliminate self-pity. All thatDiscipleship1, 472:and concentrate on these four rules. Learn to know the soul as purity, as bliss, as love and asDiscipleship1, 477:is a soul quality, universally shared. This, you know you lack. That which clogs the channels andDiscipleship1, 478:are very unhappy. Give them of your fullness and know yourself to be a soul. You have been taughtDiscipleship1, 478:heart goes out to you, my brother of old, for I know the problem which you face but I also knowDiscipleship1, 478:for I know the problem which you face but I also know your strength and courage. You will succeed -Discipleship1, 479:and a sense of strong distaste for some you know and who are close to you in this incarnation.Discipleship1, 479:upon the Path. I stand by you, friend of old. I know and - believe me - understand. I see yourDiscipleship1, 479:me - understand. I see your strength and I know your weakness. In the vision of the world's needDiscipleship1, 485:the way of service. Your soul ray is, as you know, the second Ray of Love-Wisdom and yourDiscipleship1, 487:has won the battle but is too ill as yet to know it, there comes that difficult time wherein thereDiscipleship1, 490:this incarnation and the door of service, as you know, stands open. Enter with joy, for that is aDiscipleship1, 490:the avoidance of the glamor of preoccupation. I know not what else to call it. The disciple with aDiscipleship1, 491:may come to you that in all probability I know and hence the needlessness of my question. DisciplesDiscipleship1, 492:you have no lack of life's necessities and know not the significance of cold and starvation or of aDiscipleship1, 498:I leave it to you to find the way. You will, I know, comprehend that whereof I speak. Your astralDiscipleship1, 501:and problems I need not enlarge. You know them well. You are learning to handle them. I would,Discipleship1, 502:part of your life experience. Beyond that, you know already what I would have you do. Discipleship1, 502:Thus to commend is not my habit, as well you know, but there are occasions when it is of definiteDiscipleship1, 503:consequently, of usefulness. This, I think you know and have always sensed. You have, at the sameDiscipleship1, 503:feel unable to demonstrate and to be what you know you are. This is a very useful point to haveDiscipleship1, 504:because you do not merit much but because you know the work that must be done and I have but toDiscipleship1, 505:of an hour, the habit of a lifetime. As you know, nothing matters but the soul. Nothing counts in
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