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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - KNOW

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Discipleship1, 655:all that breathes. I purify my astral life and know myself to be nothing but a channel for the loveDiscipleship1, 657:same time, can I tell you anything you do not know? Is there any aspect of the truth in connectionDiscipleship1, 658:point of spiritual force which at present I know you realize it is not. Your mental body is on theDiscipleship1, 661:future constructive work of the group. This you know. You love no one truly but yourself. If youDiscipleship1, 673:The stage wherein the chela is permitted to know the method whereby he may set up a vibration andDiscipleship1, 676:DISCIPLESHIP AND PAIN "The sons of God, who know and see and hear (and knowing, know they know)Discipleship1, 676:of God, who know and see and hear (and knowing, know they know) suffer the pain of consciousDiscipleship1, 676:know and see and hear (and knowing, know they know) suffer the pain of conscious limitation. DeepDiscipleship1, 676:the forms indwelt by all the sons of God, they know not pain or loss or poverty. [677] The formDiscipleship1, 677:and planned intent, they feel no aggravation and know not clear revolt." A word about pain might beDiscipleship1, 677:the burning in the furnace in order finally to know the coolness of the water of life; pain is theDiscipleship1, 679:love. "Torn I am. Space and its Life I cannot know, and so I want it not. Time and its myriadDiscipleship1, 679:so I want it not. Time and its myriad forms, I know too well. Pendant I hang betwixt the two,Discipleship1, 679:high place, outlasts the little bird. Thus do I know that God will victor be and later hold my mindDiscipleship1, 679:and fade out. I dwell within a world of unity. I know all souls are one. "Swept am I by theDiscipleship1, 691:Master as a group, if you are in a position to know your group, and if you tune out all anxiety asDiscipleship1, 692:Most aspirants to discipleship today do not know or realize this law; they do not give freely andDiscipleship1, 703:the magnetic pull of the Master. As you well know, theoretically at least, at the center of theDiscipleship1, 706:to see the vision clear; to recognize, and know for what they are, those who are in high position,Discipleship1, 708:be greatly increased; they will - as a group - know what has to be done and find eventually that itDiscipleship1, 709:He discovers also that he has to explore and know these despised and feared areas of consciousnessDiscipleship1, 710:Men and women are sensitive, only they do not know it, being so preoccupied with outer matters,Discipleship1, 713:The stage wherein the disciple is permitted to know the method whereby he may set up a vibration orDiscipleship1, 715:power, a Word goes forth: Be still. Be silent. Know that I am God. The needed work will now begin.Discipleship1, 717:"accepted disciples" and that is, as you well know, the third stage, and behind them, therefore,Discipleship1, 718:or Science, and is a reflection of the will-to-know. Isolated identity is connected with the astralDiscipleship1, 720:Fire must be countered by fire, as well you know, and to stop the raging inferno of fire which isDiscipleship1, 722:enable him to see the vision more clearly and to know what he must do, for the Light ever reveals.Discipleship1, 727:the inner group. This group is composed, as you know, of old and experienced disciples andDiscipleship1, 728:that an Ashram is not confined to a few who may know each other and who may even meet together asDiscipleship1, 730:than this it is not necessary for humanity to know. Forget not, an Ashram is a vortex of force andDiscipleship1, 732:at various stages upon the Path. They are as you know: A dream experience. A symbolic teaching. TheDiscipleship1, 734:and between the few Ashram members whom they may know and recognize, and the vast number who remainDiscipleship1, 736:right; here they do not understand and I do; I know them but they don't know me; I must be patientDiscipleship1, 736:understand and I do; I know them but they don't know me; I must be patient with them," etc., etc.Discipleship1, 737:The keynote of that stage is, as you know, the establishing of contact with the Master; it isDiscipleship1, 741:outside their range of experience. They know that psychism in its lowest phases is a part of theDiscipleship1, 742:to see and hear on all levels of service, and to know what you see and hear, interpreting itDiscipleship1, 747:answering of the questions: Do you, in reality, know what your life task is? Have you tried toDiscipleship1, 749:follows: "The stage wherein he is permitted to know the method whereby he may set up... a callDiscipleship1, 757:him for higher and more important work. As you know, I was the senior disciple of the Master K. H.Discipleship1, 765:of the occult sciences are yours and you know much theoretically. This is evidenced by the interestDiscipleship1, 766:eventually into Shamballa, and occultly to "know" God in his many phases of all-inclusive extensionDiscipleship1, 770:and those who are consciously in his aura, know his plan, which is the Plan of the Hierarchy as aDiscipleship1, 777:underlying purpose which it may interest you to know about and they have received a worldwideDiscipleship1, 781:by the Master himself as a factual condition - know their Master, accept teaching from him andDiscipleship1, 785:their love and their grasp of circumstance, they know that in a later life or lives the majority ofDiscipleship1, 788:supreme importance and hierarchical status; they know full well that disciples, initiates andDiscipleship2, XIII:Even with this knowledge given us we could not know which center to stimulate next nor how much.Discipleship2, XIII:with the words "My Brothers," you will then know that an adequate measure of group-integration hasDiscipleship2, 16:the group and me - a band of golden light and know this to be the symbol of the Path which we areDiscipleship2, 19:to change this somewhat and I shall let you know which are the hints I give, so that together theDiscipleship2, 25:inspiration and [25] impression, but who know naught of esotericism so-called, do not recognize theDiscipleship2, 28:tests of discipleship are severe, as you well know, and only the pure heart, true love and mentalDiscipleship2, 28:are men, awakened to the light, but men who know not that the greater Light puts out their littleDiscipleship2, 29:where their own souls alone and I, their Master, know the right timing of approach. Finally, myDiscipleship2, 30:would have you remember this. There are, as you know, three sources of inspiration which indicateDiscipleship2, 33:in his unfoldment where it will not hurt him to know this. So, my brothers, we face a new cycle ofDiscipleship2, 37:or otherwise, of your choice, by letting her know what I said. This is the list from which I willDiscipleship2, 42:and your desire for the will-to-good; I know that naught will turn you for any length of time fromDiscipleship2, 46:relatively simple of expression and all of you know much about it and express much of it. For that,Discipleship2, 46:not only to use the spiritual will, but to know somewhat the nature of [47] the "good." TheDiscipleship2, 48:mean and what their solution entails; they must know what the Masters of the Wisdom want done andDiscipleship2, 48:hoped. Men do not live up to what they already know; they fail to make practical their information;Discipleship2, 51:you who are in any way adept at meditation work know well that the light in the head - when seenDiscipleship2, 68:response is in the nature of illusion. He will know to what I am referring.) 5. The danger ofDiscipleship2, 69:- of which all Ashrams are focal points. As you know, it is not my intention to give you any moreDiscipleship2, 71:vehicle if unprepared. Think upon this and know the consequences of emotional fanaticism. There areDiscipleship2, 72:your personal compensation (which some of you know already to be your group relation and itsDiscipleship2, 74:frequently that the Hierarchy itself does not know what decisions humanity will make in worldDiscipleship2, 74:Equally so, the Master of an Ashram does not know what "disciples on the periphery" of an AshramDiscipleship2, 74:training and testing is only in process. He does know what the accepted disciple, admitted freelyDiscipleship2, 77:We have worked together for many years and I know you all well. I have told you that in the lightDiscipleship2, 77:its timed presentation consists, as you already know, of six themes or subjects: [78] InstructionDiscipleship2, 78:when last on Earth: "By their fruits ye shall know them." In so saying, he indicated a definiteDiscipleship2, 78:line of guidance for all of us. A Master has to know and gauge the disciple by the work which heDiscipleship2, 79:This has produced certain basic changes. As you know, I have for years (with the assistance ofDiscipleship2, 83:consciousness. That is far greater than you know. The worldwide spiritual ferment which has beenDiscipleship2, 83:anent these two spiritual enterprises. You know them well, though only a few of you have been trulyDiscipleship2, 86:sixth ray people in positions of influence; they know not how to cooperate and are frequentlyDiscipleship2, 93:that which I had taught them. They are, as you know, C.D.P., K.E.S., D.P.R. Two others are todayDiscipleship2, 94:there are many members of my Ashram of whom you know nothing and who came into my Ashram withoutDiscipleship2, 94:continuity of consciousness, you will know them, for you will consciously meet with them within theDiscipleship2, 94:within the ring-pass-not of my Ashram. You will know also and discover the reasons for theDiscipleship2, 95:auras of those who form the group of which you know yourself to be a part. I would ask you to studyDiscipleship2, 99:established with your group brothers? Do you know them better and love them more than you earlierDiscipleship2, 99:you sense my vibration at any time? How do you know the difference between my vibration, that ofDiscipleship2, 100:the main task of the Ashram at this time? Do you know the type of assistance - subjective orDiscipleship2, 106:vision among the members of an Ashram; they know each other's capacities and limitations and theyDiscipleship2, 106:each other's capacities and limitations and they know, therefore, where they can complement eachDiscipleship2, 124:the spine to the heart center (situated, as you know, between the shoulder blades) I would ask youDiscipleship2, 127:swimming in the same direction. You recognize, know and love each other. Then visualize yourself asDiscipleship2, 127:by the soul we serve and by thee, the Master we know. The Master within and the Master without areDiscipleship2, 128:work of each of you (and both you and I know whether it has been faithfully followed or not), IDiscipleship2, 129:Start with the point of soul focus of which you know much theoretically and can know moreDiscipleship2, 129:of which you know much theoretically and can know more practically. This falls into three stages:Discipleship2, 131:You might interpret wrongly and in any case you know not my intentions where your brother isDiscipleship2, 131:planned process of alignment. I found, as you know, that the great need of the group was to developDiscipleship2, 133:he must view it in another light and learn to know it as the triplicity of the Ashram, the soul andDiscipleship2, 140:work originating in the Ashram with which you know yourself to be in touch, seeing it all as an
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