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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - KNOW

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Discipleship2, 650:for others, is the worst kind of pain. This you know. But I would remind you that the capacity soDiscipleship2, 650:with the life aspect, then one can know the true meaning of unity, then one is released from painDiscipleship2, 652:have stood with constant steadiness and you must know by now how highly steadiness is regarded byDiscipleship2, 653:of radiant, magnetic light; then see me, as you know me, at the center of that sphere, bothDiscipleship2, 654:Into my heart there come the words, spoken I know not when: "The key is in your hands; open theDiscipleship2, 655:of those you love. Trust their own souls and know that they, alone, must learn the needed lessons.Discipleship2, 655:and strength to the Ashram. I would have you know this. You have worked off much karma, and whilstDiscipleship2, 656:of my brief word to you today; it will, I know, suffice. Take what I have said exactly as I say itDiscipleship2, 656:say it and for what the words exactly mean, and know that I your Master and your friend of manyDiscipleship2, 658:the task much that you cannot now give. As you know, it is the heart quality in you which needsDiscipleship2, 662:ways of earth. On these you do not walk, yet know and see. The pen, when dipped in love andDiscipleship2, 662:younger members of my group whom yet you do not know. Recognize them when you meet them on the wayDiscipleship2, 663:contact consciously your soul, and then suddenly know. But this happens none top often. Let me tellDiscipleship2, 663:made many contacts and helped many more than you know, and you have thus established links - forDiscipleship2, 664:which may not be ignored. You are learning to know me and you have ever the staunch love andDiscipleship2, 670:and in no other way, knows you. Not yet can you know him. You can, however, ponder upon theDiscipleship2, 671:richer will be your life expression, and that I know is what you yourself desire. Relation to theDiscipleship2, 674:glamor, plus a feeling of distress because you know that A.A.B. and I have recognized this glamor.Discipleship2, 677:that such will not be the case. As you well know, my work in the outer world has taken the form ofDiscipleship2, 680:much and seen the need. This you cannot really know as your life circumstances and your karma haveDiscipleship2, 681:picture is clearer and more beautiful than you know, seeing it as you do today through the windowsDiscipleship2, 683:fear. But today I shall not deal with this. You know enough to deal with it yourself or at least toDiscipleship2, 688:when sleep descends upon your eyes, seek Me and know that I am there. Discipleship2, 689:crises lead to points of tension, as well you know, and from a point of tension the mergingDiscipleship2, 689:At any rate, my brother and my tried friend, you know that until the final initiation is taken, allDiscipleship2, 690:is apt to set in, and that is something which I know you fear and which need not happen. The greatDiscipleship2, 690:with glamor. That is a much harder task, as you know well, having watched the struggles of L.T.S-K.Discipleship2, 691:you to proceed. Your keen analytical mind will know what to do with these matters. I would suggest,Discipleship2, 694:progress along these lines, and this I think you know, even if it displeases you to recognize theDiscipleship2, 695:Law of Abstraction. Be strong, therefore, and know that the powerful qualities of your second rayDiscipleship2, 696:to the Great Adventure which confronts you. You know well - in your highest moments - that thatDiscipleship2, 697:in its expression on the physical plane, and you know this to be so. Pay not undue attention to theDiscipleship2, 698:Project your values to a higher sphere and know that nothing matters connected with the earthlyDiscipleship2, 699:that I can tell you that you do not already know; you have been under my instruction for manyDiscipleship2, 701:linked to the desire nature. All this you know, for there is nothing wrong with your intelligence,Discipleship2, 701:is no help to you. I, your friend and teacher, know you as you are, and I understand; thatDiscipleship2, 709:with far more to give than heretofore. This I know would be your own desire; I have here given youDiscipleship2, 710:[710] and often unkind. Who they are you well know, and it is not my intention to mention theirDiscipleship2, 710:what should be your attitude and to know exactly when and where love does not control. Your firstDiscipleship2, 716:[716] and your usefulness increase, and that I know, my brother, is what you yourself desire. I amDiscipleship2, 718:out as a physical reticence; of this, you as yet know little, but it will reveal itself to you asDiscipleship2, 719:affect the inner spiritual man. Could you but know it - and this is a point which all disciplesDiscipleship2, 721:now as fluidic as your mind has been., and you know, brother of old, that that restless, grasping,Discipleship2, 722:which constitutes your major life problem, you know that you need the steady rhythm and theDiscipleship2, 723:so to do. Her life is harder than you know, and but for F.B. she would not be here at all. EveryDiscipleship2, 725:and practical cooperation in my plans which you know well and which the disciples in my Ashram areDiscipleship2, 726:me point out to you what I feel and those who know you best feel should be your attitude for theDiscipleship2, 730:profit from the information. You have, as you know, a third ray soul and a sixth ray personality.Discipleship2, 734:To R. S. W. January 1940 Your glamor is, as you know, that of psychic sensitivity. Like S.C.P. youDiscipleship2, 736:you ponder upon the responsibility involved and know with clarity your motive. Lives of indecisionDiscipleship2, 737:clearly. You might here ask: In what way can I know? How can I arrive at right decision? First ofDiscipleship2, 742:"your rightful place in my Ashram." Do you know what that place is? I would have you find out. AnDiscipleship2, 747:as a radiant, vibrant, brilliant reservoir and know it to be so. Then send forth from that center aDiscipleship2, 749:incoming vibration, and protective pliancy - I know not what other word to use. It can only be usedDiscipleship2, 752:plus a mistaken interpretation of duty at times. Know you not, my brother, that those who are atDiscipleship2, 754:thought out before practicing so that you can know just what you are attempting to do and can thenDiscipleship2, 758:this deliberately. Your major need (and this you know) is freedom, is liberation. I do not meanDiscipleship2, 759:my brother and close friend on the inner side, I know you and love you. Discipleship2, 759:needs to have such an understanding and to know infallibly what is in a disciple's heart and mind;Discipleship2, 760:us - an old story. Others in this group, as you know, are temporarily under my instruction untilDiscipleship2, 761:you [761] inevitably will. Think of me as you know me to be; let not your sixth ray devotionalEducation, x:as an evolutionary development. Researchers who know the data of science must take our knowledgeEducation, 4:esoteric philosophy we are taught, as well you know, that on the mental plane there are threeEducation, 18:my use of the words "higher ego." As you know, if you have read A Treatise on the Seven Rays, Vols.Education, 18:is concerned) within the brain. As again you know, the life principle controls the mechanismEducation, 19:of all education. These aspects are, as you well know: 1. Will or purpose. This, through education,Education, 32:is anchored in the head. This you already know, but this I feel the need constantly to reiterate.Education, 34:presentation of a truth which they sense and know, but which remains a truth yet undefined. It isEducation, 34:you sense, but should increase your power to know and also to make available to others theEducation, 38:are regarded as the minimum requirement; to know something of past events - historical,Education, 41:great civilizations about which we can really know anything - the Aryan [42] and the Atlantean -Education, 82:is taught to reason from cause to effect, to know the reason why certain actions are boundEducation, 112:to you who am myself upon the Ray of Love and know its meaning. There are two lines of destruction:Education, 140:simply be a repetition of that which you already know and have been taught. Many of you who areEducation, 142:of a practical nature that you do not already know and strive to attain? Shall I increase yourExternalisation, 5:be applied to a group of souls and brothers who know no sense of separateness, but only differ overExternalisation, 10:this type of Mediumship to be seen? Few mediums know the technique governing the passing in or outExternalisation, 10:in or out of an informing entity, nor do they know how to carry on this work in such a way thatExternalisation, 13:the lower mechanism of their bodies; they must know which center in that body they use whilstExternalisation, 16:will meet with each other and learn to know and understand each other. Some day this recognitionExternalisation, 27:the language of symbolism which is, as you well know, the language of truth. One small plant which,Externalisation, 28:even today remains so; the masses, for instance, know little of Plato and his theories in spite ofExternalisation, 30:each other, because they are beginning to know themselves and each other as souls, because theirExternalisation, 34:or less in relation to both. This, as you well know, has been done with quite a measure of successExternalisation, 40:then the foremost people of the race will know that the astral plane has no true existence; theyExternalisation, 44:existing; it will be free from what we now know as disease of the worst kind, though death andExternalisation, 60:which distinguish it; these are (as you well know) inertia, activity and rhythm or - giving themExternalisation, 61:All is not yet lost. The steadiness of those who know God's Plan will help humanity and aid theExternalisation, 61:itself knows not which forces will prevail. They know that good must ultimately triumph but They doExternalisation, 61:good must ultimately triumph but They do not know what [62] the immediate future holds for humanityExternalisation, 63:and bad. I stand almost bewildered (did I not know and love human nature so well) at the littleExternalisation, 72:so unrecognized that it is hard for humanity to know it for what it is - the demonstration of theExternalisation, 76:have to deal, but you can aid more than you know through the regulation of thoughts and ideas,Externalisation, 79:I have called these groups and which - as you know - is intended to lay the basis for the work ofExternalisation, 84:these latter are based fundamentally, as you know, on that which is tangible and objective,Externalisation, 85:hierarchical sciences and indicates to us who know it the possibilities latent in any nation, theExternalisation, 86:that the Hierarchy can form its larger plans and know in what manner individual nations will reactExternalisation, 86:Logos. The first or will energy is, as you know, focused in Sanat Kumara, the Ancient of Days (asExternalisation, 97:and responsibility is great, because they know the Plan, they are in touch with the guidingExternalisation, 111:or spiritual kingdom upon earth. This (as you know) will be brought about by the at-one-ing of the
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