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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - KNOW

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Fire, 741:substance will then individualize (which, as we know, is the goal for the atom) and after the greatFire, 775:lower two atoms increases its vibration. As we know, there are only four spirillae in the mentalFire, 786:thus unknown to him. Later he will speak less, know more, and construct more accurate forms, whichFire, 788:either in the macrocosm or the microcosm. As we know, man is essentially mental man, and astralFire, 788:two in the etheric body. But later - in order to know even on the lowest plane of all - man takesFire, 788:his etheric body) that outer illusory form we know so well. It is his lowest point of objectivityFire, 810:the Biblical words: "I have said, Ye are Gods." "Know ye not that ye are the Temple of the HolyFire, 820:D - Thought Elementals and Fire Elementals As we know, the egoic lotus consists of three circles, -Fire, 837:came the first germ of evil. We would have you know that there is no such thing as a purelyFire, 838:although they are strongly suspected. We know that such exist and where they exist; and that thereFire, 849:of the mental plane (causal consciousness) and know the varying group "keys," the group tones andFire, 850:hearing a cry beat on his dying ears: "Know that the knower greater is than knowledge; the One whoFire, 850:dissonance and differentiation. Knowledge they know as method, an instrument of purpose utilized byFire, 857:First, the etheric body is vitalized, as we know, by prana. Pranic energy is the stimulator ofFire, 859:with which the student is concerned are, as we know, four in number: The head, The heart, TheFire, 867:stimulation, and can be used by Those Who know how, to lead men on to further illumination. AllFire, 889:plague and famine. It is of no value to man to know the names of some of the "army of the voice"Fire, 890:of [890] vibratory action, into all forms as we know them on the physical plane. Therefore, inFire, 917:secret of matter itself, that is, matter as we know and see it. The key to the process of creationFire, 917:key to the processes whereby the elements as we know them can be disintegrated and recombined. OnlyFire, 939:unit and the two permanent atoms. They, as we know, have their place within the causal periphery,Fire, 951:One of the primary works of the Ego, as we well know, is to impose a new rhythm upon his shadow andFire, 959:by one: a. Alignment with the Ego This, as we know, is only possible to the man who has reached theFire, 966:- S. D., II, 651. Students of occultism ought to know that the third eye is indissoluble connectedFire, 973:are mainly polarized in the astral body, as we know, and the lower centers are the most active;Fire, 976:laws of thought are not taught, and men do not know how, through meditation, to create thoseFire, 978:people who may be sincere and earnest but do not know the meaning of trust in, and cooperation withFire, 981:effects upon the physical plane. As we well know, there is a branch of magical work which consistsFire, 995:of information to those who are beginning to know. Astral Stability. The student of magic aims,Fire, 998:is shown as linked and coordinated. As we well know, the main function of meditation is to bringFire, 1002:They build a form in mental matter, but do not know how to send it forth, so that inevitably itFire, 1003:in with the plans and purposes of those who do know, either on the path of white or black magic.Fire, 1005:to the "condition of the waters." As we well know, water stands for matter, and the substances ofFire, 1008:eye, or the "Eye of Shiva." Shiva is, as we know, one of the names for the first great logoicFire, 1018:physical plane structure. The magician has to know the following facts: The formulas for the twoFire, 1020:of evolution, or of return, they are, as we well know, surmounted; on the middle point ofFire, 1022:At the present time, the seventh Ray, as we know, is rapidly dominating, and it is one of theFire, 1028:the planes of our solar system constitute, as we know, and as this Treatise seeks to demonstrate,Fire, 1032:of Mind II. The Nature of this Motion As we well know, the nature of the motion on the plane ofFire, 1039:and many others which only advanced initiates know of or can follow; these can break in upon any ofFire, 1044:revolves it senses other spheres, and seeks to know their secret. 2. They meet each other. TheyFire, 1044:Some pass away; others return and marry. They know each other. They spiral through their coursesFire, 1046:the Brahmana of the Sama-veda. (1) The desire to know; whence (2) the desire to possess; thereafterFire, 1046:First, make enquiry, entertain the 'desire to know,' and thoroughly and fully understand the natureFire, Chart:and volcanic eruptions. There is, as we know, a cyclic shifting of polar inclination, [1056] due toFire, 1067:out the secret of the liberating process, to know the method of release, and to understand the lawsFire, 1067:to release the essence from its form. He must know the formulae and words which will direct it toFire, 1067:students stumble upon the law, and theoretically know the process, they would do well to proceed noFire, 1068:from the interplay of forces. As we well know, the workers with radium, and those who experiment inFire, 1074:basic types of plant life. [1074] All that we know are but differentiations of those three. TheFire, 1085:His system in a close and corporate union. We know that the Great Bear, the Pleiades, Draco or theFire, 1086:experiencing. The Chohans of high [1086] degree know the forty-nine sounds which give the qualityFire, 1091:is oft forgotten. It may interest students to know that there are certain colors, veiling theseFire, 1099:who form the fourth Creative Hierarchy. As we know, the esoteric number of this Hierarchy is nine,Fire, 1120:of the human being. These lower energies, as we know, demonstrate through the medium of: The threeFire, 1125:in the karma of the earlier manifestation. As we know, the Sons of Mind or the incarnating jivasFire, 1145:do all these things and has earned the right to know that which produces the phenomenon ofFire, 1156:be seen relatively so soon. The centers, as we know, are seven in number and are formed in matterFire, 1166:F - THE LAW OF ATTRACTION This law is, as we know, the basic law of all manifestation, and theFire, 1172:each other and their eventual marriage. As we know, the planetary schemes (the seven sacredFire, 1173:illumination, His Guru, That which he seeks to know, That which he can utilize in his work ofFire, 1189:forms of or upon any particular planet. As we know from a study of the Secret Doctrine, certain ofFire, 1197:of them in the old Commentary: "They burned to know. They rushed into the spheres. They are theFire, 1203:V. The fifth Creative Hierarchy is, as we know from study of the Secret Doctrine, a most mysteriousFire, 1205:from below upwards. This hierarchy wields, as we know, the dual aspects of manas, one in the threeFire, 1223:the five planes of evolution. There are, as we know, the thirty-five subplanes, or in reality theFire, 1224:possible to give the symbols whereby the Adepts know them, for in those symbols would be revealedFire, 1234:is to train them to create; to teach people to know the nature of the [1235] soul is to put them inFire, 1237:their way through the manifold web of life - know Themselves indeed and in truth to be Atma, orFire, 1237:out to all the Pilgrims upon the Path of Life: "Know thyself" is the first great injunction andFire, 1237:is the process of attaining that knowledge. "Know the Self" comes next and when that is achieved,Fire, 1237:when the man stands adept, the cry goes forth "Know the One" and the words ring in the adepts'Fire, 1254:Psychic correlation. All the senses are, as we know, connected with some center, and these centersFire, 1255:must be taken. Students may be surprised to know that the source of the peculiar cosmic energyFire, 1261:called "the outer door of entry." As we know, the seven Rays which manifest throughout our solarFire, 1266:working out of karma in the solar system. They know His wishes, His will and His aim, and to ThemFire, 1271:new magnetic field. Only the sons of... (GEMINI) know the way in; only the sons with blazing fire,Glamour, 13:with the form aspect of the symbol, and you know well its outer [14] contour and externalization.Glamour, 14:its outer [14] contour and externalization. You know too that a peculiar series of lines (such as,Glamour, 21:Just what this thought-form is, few people know, but their definition includes the idea of a hugeGlamour, 35:primarily from glamor or from illusion? Do I know which quality or characteristic in my natureGlamour, 38:It is only by its effects that you eventually know it for what it is. The time must come when yourGlamour, 43:we will begin with our real discussion. As you know, it is not [44] my intention to write a longGlamour, 44:or of glamor. In the last analysis, he must know where he stands before he can take his next neededGlamour, 47:law for the group law, but does not yet know that group law as it should be known. He marches on asGlamour, 47:aspect is more developed and unfolded, he will know that the Law of the Group must, and will,Glamour, 50:light of day, thrown upon the Path by Those Who know and lead. Naught can then be hidden, and atGlamour, 54:discriminating sense, and when the disciple must know clearly and comprehend the nature of thatGlamour, 67:is the opposite pole of illusion is, as you well know, the intuition. The intuition is thatGlamour, 70:reality - though what that reality may be they know not. Still others, such as yourselves, seeGlamour, 70:open path leading to the clear light of day. You know not yet, however, that as you tread the pathGlamour, 80:the three temptations of Jesus, if you would know clearly what they are. Study the effect that theGlamour, 100:way. Sometimes, my brothers, I feel that you know so much theoretically but have worked out [101]Glamour, 125:is adequately equipped to handle it, did he but know it, and that there are methods and techniquesGlamour, 129:can be of three kinds, as I realize you should know: They can be inherited ideas, as in the case ofGlamour, 131:or to the Plan as the Members of the Hierarchy know it. This illusion evokes in the disciple orGlamour, 133:of the limited formulated ideal because - as you know - energy follows thought. These forms ofGlamour, 137:touch the Plan at high intuitive moments and know what the immediate future holds. I do not referGlamour, 146:persecution. Neither attitude, as you well know, is justifiable from the angle of the soul; theyGlamour, 153:that you would take initiation in this life. I know not myself whether you will or no; the issue
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