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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - KNOW

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Hercules, 61:and in symbology. In the garden of Eden, as we know, the serpent gave the apple to Eve; and withHercules, 70:into knowledge of the spiritual realm and they know not how to make their goal! So they, asHercules, 72:with a disciple before he had even learned to know Nereus as the symbol of his own higher self.Hercules, 72:be channels of spiritual energy, then we shall know Nereus more intimately; and then, almostHercules, 73:the touch of the higher self, but he did not know enough to stay with Nereus. So he turns south, orHercules, 80:I heard its feet upon the ways of earth; I know the doe is mine, for every form is mine." TheHercules, 80:shrine. You may not enter here, O Artemis, but know I speak the truth. Diana, that fair huntress ofHercules, 80:thee, O great Apollo, noble son of God, then know the doe is dead. The doe is slain by the man whoHercules, 89:the birth month of Jesus. Capricorn is, as we know, the birth month of the Christ, and on theHercules, 100:And from the Council Chamber came the voice: I KNOW. The Tibetan (Djwhal Khul) Hercules, 118:in one of the Rules of the Road: "For each must know the villainy of each and still love on". ForHercules, 122:how we may misinterpret a horoscope if we do not know the status of evolution of the native.Hercules, 124:the beauty of this synthesis and teaching and know that you yourself have said the first word asHercules, 129:spent a few days in Paris and think they then know France. And in this stately sign of balance andHercules, 137:the "ease" of Libra may be obtained. We all know of men and women, in history and about us now, whoHercules, 150:to function as souls. In my highest moments I know theoretically what my attitude and actionsHercules, 150:and omnipotence of my soul. I would not know [151] what to do with what I had. That does not meanHercules, 157:is our own private affair. The world will know what we are, when we have done the work that isHercules, 163:of evolution. Everything has broken down and you know it. But the three aspects of divinity areHercules, 165:to discriminate between right and wrong. I will know what is right for myself, but I will also haveHercules, 165:and different personality rays, and the more you know about these things the less you can talkHercules, 165:these things the less you can talk about them. I know what is right for me and I will endeavor toHercules, 165:to live by my right, my idea of right. I do not know what is right for you, but I will give you theHercules, 165:will give you the credit for doing the best you know. If we could assume that attitude towards eachHercules, 166:in the world of powers and forces. I do not know anyone who can safely be trusted to wield power.Hercules, 166:ourselves with them and love them. You can know what a human being is, with all his faults, and youHercules, 168:to him who is harmless all enmity ceases. I know that when I achieve harmlessness in thought, wordHercules, 168:are not ready. If you are a disciple you will know to what I refer. The problem is clear: I am aHercules, 172:that we eventually function in Capricorn, know ourselves to be initiates and enter upon two greatHercules, 174:have been tremendously attached before you can know the meaning of impersonality. That is aHercules, 174:We can love all mankind because we know the meaning of personal love, and we must give the sameHercules, 185:do so. 2. Group work. This is something that we know little about as yet. The world is full ofHercules, 186:the minds of the units in the groups. We do not know anything about it yet. Can you think of aHercules, 186:into the Aquarian age where materialism, as we know it, will have completely died out at the closeHercules, 191:letters, is just a symbol. I do not pretend to know what it is a symbol of, but I know it standsHercules, 191:pretend to know what it is a symbol of, but I know it stands for me as a symbol of a life that isHercules, 191:because in the Aquarian age nations as we know them now will have to go; nations fighting forHercules, 193:[193] the immediate members of your family and know why they think as they do, understanding whyHercules, 193:talk, about those two rivers because I do not know what they are. Many talk about life and love;Hercules, 193:about life and love; they use words. I do not know what life is yet, and we certainly do not knowHercules, 193:know what life is yet, and we certainly do not know what love is. It is interesting to try toHercules, 199:in the Great Plan. Perhaps slowness, but do you know how disastrous it would be if evolution wereHercules, 199:before they were ready? All teachers know the dangers of over-stimulation, the disasters that occurHercules, 201:in every country there are to be found those who know; I did not say those who say they know. ButHercules, 201:those who know; I did not say those who say they know. But there is a group of human beings,Hercules, 205:dicta of any theology. They are determined to know for themselves the facts of the inner mysticalHercules, 205:truth, as Bernard Shaw tells us, is "what you know by your experience to be true and feel in yourHercules, 208:the light, irradiated by the joy of those who know. Hercules, 209:and down the centuries the cry has gone forth: "Know thyself". This knowledge is the outstandingHercules, 216:commencement is the Vernal Equinox which, as we know, is in continuous retrograde movement throughInitiation, 5:pattern they form unfolds before us. We know that somewhere in that scheme we, the human hierarchy,Initiation, 5:seek to understand somewhat the macrocosm. We know not how the one can become the three, the threeInitiation, 5:forthcoming. Seen from the angle of a Master we know that all proceeds in ordered sequence. SeenInitiation, 24:to Humanity The fourth thing that men need to know and to realize as a basic fact is that thisInitiation, 24:the crucifixion of the personal self, and know that utter renunciation of all which is the lot ofInitiation, 25:dynamic will, Courage, and silence. "To know, to will, to dare, and to be silent." Knowing the planInitiation, 26:from curiosity, pass on to desire and seek to know the truth as it is, more will be forthcoming,Initiation, 27:man must ascertain for himself. Those [27] who know may state a fact to be thus and so, but theInitiation, 27:any real value. In the meantime, that which many know, and have ascertained within themselves to beInitiation, 29:Ego or higher self, and that which we see and know is the direct self-created manifestation of pureInitiation, 44:in a physical body he can be found by those who know the way, dwelling in the Himalayas, andInitiation, 45:the emanating source of electrical energy as we know it. Being the reflection of the third, orInitiation, 51:and the realization that those whom they thus know personally are workers in a great and [52]Initiation, 64:Probationary Path he is taught principally to know himself, to ascertain his weaknesses and toInitiation, 65:is taught the meaning of himself; he comes to know himself as a complex, complete unit, a replicaInitiation, 66:When he has attained the goal, he may not know every single thing that there is to be known in allInitiation, 66:be known in all the three worlds, but the way to know, the sources of knowledge and the reservoirsInitiation, 80:stimulation, and can be used by those who know how, to lead men on to further illumination. AllInitiation, 97:The devas seek to feel, whilst man seeks to know. For the former, then, those expansions ofInitiation, 97:passed through the human stage, both feel and know, and who, under the evolutionary law, expandInitiation, 102:upon his inner attainment. The initiate will know for himself when the event occurs and needs noInitiation, 125:seeks to see consummated. He then may be said to know his work past all gainsaying, and can applyInitiation, 140:initiate, so that he is enabled consciously to know and recognize the plan for his group center,Initiation, 160:system, which form the logoic Word which we only know in its triple form as AUM, are revealed atInitiation, 180:factors about which they can naturally know nothing, and which must remain to them, as yet, utterlyInitiation, 185:the Path of Initiation. One general fact we do know, and that is, that before these Paths can beInitiation, 188:solar system. 5. The Ray Path It is difficult to know by what other name to call this Path, as soInitiation, 191:working out of karma in the solar system. They know his wishes, his will and his aim, and to themInitiation, 197:but there the ideal is embodied, and, as we all know, the ideal is seldom attainable in the presentInitiation, 208:five words. Rule 14 Listen, touch, see, apply, know. These words concern what the Christian mightInitiation, 211:of a lesser grade, the three Great Lords we know. [212] Who aid these mighty Lords? Who carry onInitiation, 220:principle; that which enables man to know that he exists, feels, and knows. It is divided in someIntellect, 7:that is, understanding through life. We know this way only vaguely, as a mere shadowy sentimentIntellect, 12:have elapsed since Carlyle wrote these words, we know that mankind did not fail to go forward. TheIntellect, 12:reaction to pleasure, to pain and to thought. We know much about Man, the machine. The mechanisticIntellect, 14:more than sense and enjoy. They understand; they know, and have become identified with that newIntellect, 16:powers about which ordinary human beings know nothing; they speak of a light and of a glory; of aIntellect, 16:the mystical experience and whereby they could know God. It is this science which we will study inIntellect, 32:way leading from one goal to the other. One may know everything without at the same timeIntellect, 35:of which even our most advanced thinkers know nothing? Have our present educational systems broughtIntellect, 36:to think things through." Who said this I do not know, but it seems to me a most excellentIntellect, 39:all humanity tends. The evocation of the will-to-know, and, later, of the will-to-be, must follow aIntellect, 53:conscious experiencing which constitutes what we know as the inner life of an empirical self. "TheIntellect, 59:eventually and inevitably laid upon the will to know, and the drive of the life (no longerIntellect, 60:as ordered and as phenomenal as any we now know. He steadily assumes the attitude of the soulIntellect, 61:his nature is ever to be satisfied? How can he know, and not just believe and hope and aspire? TheIntellect, 72:or a symbol to us of a divine possibility. We know God as the Eternal Cause and the source of allIntellect, 73:the same thing in his desperate cry: "For I know that in me (that is, in my flesh,) dwelleth noIntellect, 74:of ourselves as divine and as sons of God. We know of those who have demonstrated their divinity toIntellect, 74:words "From authority to experience." How can we know? How have this direct experience, free from
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