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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - KNOW

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Magic, 304:vortex of terror and of fear. Yet, if he did but know it, the future holds for him no hiddenMagic, 306:by real streams of force from above. Energy, we know, follows thought and is tinctured by theMagic, 307:moon, and the early new moon. This, as you well know, affects the meditation work. PsychologicalMagic, 308:They may be briefly summarized as follows: Know thyself to be the undying One. Control thy mind,Magic, 316:towards materiality is carried forward. This we know well, and it is unnecessary for me to enlargeMagic, 318:of a shell leads to separateness, as you well know, and necessitates the eventual overcoming of theMagic, 319:ever the way in esoteric teaching, but those who know will understand and for them I speak. AnotherMagic, 320:Rule III. Blend with thy brother's soul and know him as he is. Only upon the plane of soul can thisMagic, 320:all men play. Thus will he enter into life and know the work accomplished. A note, appended toMagic, 322:are opened and lifted up unto the Lord" will know whereof I speak. It is needless for us to concernMagic, 327:Man will enter into his divine heritage and know himself as the Son of the Father, with all theMagic, 331:refusing recognition to the mystic, yet seek to know themselves as liberated souls. With thatMagic, 339:is that of the current philosophies as we now know them. Philosophy in its technical sense as theMagic, 346:As an occult fact past all controversy, you know that naught can now happen but what is for theMagic, 347:you visualize those Masters of whom you know, and raising your vibration higher still, you connectMagic, 349:becomes apparent; but cease from fear, and know that the personality is only temporary, and whatMagic, 349:the burden and heat of physical plane existence know. We know your physical disabilities and someMagic, 349:and heat of physical plane existence know. We know your physical disabilities and some day may beMagic, 350:heart sick, is allowed to pass unnoticed. We know and we care, yet, we may do naught that you,Magic, 359:penetrate into the very heart of God Himself and know past all controversy that all is well, forMagic, 359:man can enter into the mind of God and know that all is well, for all is planned, and divineMagic, 361:process took place; certain egos came in, as you know, as related in the Secret Doctrine and in aMagic, 364:and no more. Even those of us who are initiate know practically nothing of the cosmic planes beyondMagic, 366:thought out of the divine consciousness and to know. This is the work before each aspirant andMagic, 386:love. "Torn I am. Space and its Life I cannot know, and so I want it not. Time and its myriad formsMagic, 386:so I want it not. Time and its myriad forms I know too well. Pendant I hang betwixt the two,Magic, 386:high place, outlasts the little bird. Thus do I know that God will victor be and later hold my mindMagic, 386:and fade out. I dwell within a world of unity. I know all souls are one. "Swept am I by theMagic, 398:and personal sacrifice those masses will never know. With the Hierarchy of adepts I do not proposeMagic, 400:They recognize their peers and equals, and know each other when they meet and stand shoulder toMagic, 404:working out of the plans, and the capacity to know (and not just dimly sense) that tiny aspect ofMagic, 409:into the depths of pessimism. But those who know and who sense the inner guiding hand of theMagic, 410:They stood for freedom and the personal right to know. These latter groups have acted largely underMagic, 412:who work under the Delphic injunction "Man, know thyself", and the financiers who are theMagic, 414:humanity, and of the world mystics, whether they know it or not. They will be thus recognized byMagic, 414:it works out in love for one's fellow man. They know the true meaning of brotherhood, withoutMagic, 421:everywhere when they meet each other will know at once that their work is identical, and willMagic, 424:a long period of emotional upset? It has, we know, its own life and its laws. Again what are theMagic, 425:nor is it the way that They Themselves work. Know each of you for yourselves whether you stand forMagic, 426:Little by little these groups will come to know each other and to meet with one another at setMagic, 427:their ranks. How should they when [427] they know themselves all to be members of the one worldMagic, 433:These differentiations as you well know are like the coloring that the prism takes when subjectedMagic, 436:astrology in such simple guise that they who know naught of this intricate science may understand.Magic, 438:the time is not yet. Our solar system, as you know, is one of seven. When a man has arrived at thisMagic, 439:because Pluto must be influential in it and we know little about Pluto. So the story will run. YetMagic, 447:of the Three Sentences This rule is, as you know, the last of those governing work on the astralMagic, 453:ensphering wall. All forms in nature, as we well know, are made up of [454] myriads of tiny lives,Magic, 456:naught to the uninitiated, but to those who know and understand, they are the bridge itself,Magic, 456:which might be briefly stated as follows: Know the true meaning of meditation. Align with facilityMagic, 465:solar system - is the dominant factor. Later, we know, spirit mounts on the shoulder of matter. TheMagic, 470:veiled and couched so that only those who know can understand. Esotericists will understand thatMagic, 470:with the Law of Cause and Effect, which, as we know, is the law governing matter. Cause, attractionMagic, 487:call wrongdoing on that brother's part. You who know so much more than the average man of theMagic, 494:for us its ancient terror. Just as soon as we know ourselves to be souls, and find that we areMagic, 494:within the form of God, we shall no longer know death. Magic, 500:the illumined seer. In the human body, as you know, we have an underlying, interpenetrating vitalMagic, 506:of dying is held in custody, as many students know, in Tibet.) Pressure on the jugular vein and onMagic, 507:At the present time, the seventh ray, as we know is rapidly dominating, and it is one of theMagic, 515:and understand somewhat their nature. They know the divine art of abstracting their consciousnessMagic, 519:as you see, employ the lower interlude, and both know the significance of the physical breathingMagic, 523:agent, such as yourself. But, as I do so, I know well how much must be left unrelated and howMagic, 531:of consciousness. Some lives are prisoners and know it. Others are prisoners and know it not. TheMagic, 531:prisoners and know it. Others are prisoners and know it not. The clue to suffering lies right hereMagic, 532:in the following terms: "The Sons of God, who know and see and hear (and knowing, know they know)Magic, 532:of God, who know and see and hear (and knowing, know they know) suffer the pain of consciousMagic, 532:know and see and hear (and knowing, know they know) suffer the pain of conscious limitation. DeepMagic, 532:the forms indwelt by all the Sons of God, they know not pain or loss or poverty. The form decays,Magic, 532:and planned intent, they feel no aggravation and know no clear revolt." Magic, 533:the burning in the furnace in order finally to know the coolness of the water of life; pain is theMagic, 537:when working to release his fellow men he has to know the meaning of Illumination. When the trueMagic, 543:to which our question refers. All aspirants know, and down the ages have been taught, that a cleanMagic, 546:other words, the first quaternary that he must know and know well is that which he is essentiallyMagic, 546:the first quaternary that he must know and know well is that which he is essentially himself:Magic, 548:and am myself the light." In Leo he will say: "I know myself to be the one. I rule by Law." TheMagic, 559:with the divine Purpose. As all true students know, however, the number of impediments is legion.Magic, 578:are linked with the hierarchy. A man should know his status before he can rightly heal. This doesMagic, 579:the type of force which you usually wield; know along what line of ray energy it comes and soMagic, 582:his own circumference, and thus learning to know himself, to change himself and to rebuild his formMagic, 584:Way and yet there is none to tell him. Those who know the Way may not speak, knowing that the PathMagic, 586:fail. They do not do the very best they know; they fail to act in detail as their inner voice tellsMagic, 591:to register and record impression, as you well know. This fire is technically called "solar fire",Magic, 594:Therefore seek the light of your own soul, and know that soul as your director. When soul contactMagic, 594:of souls, your soul and His soul are allied, and know essential unity. But in the world of humanMagic, 607:world possible - a world in which death as we know it will be abolished and a trained universalMagic, 608:of God, for lack of better understanding. They know far more of the plan than do the two outerMagic, 608:of the uninitiated. But so it is. They know that there is a time and a season for all things, andMagic, 619:concepts, and group plans. As all of you well know, this is the cause of the present disturbedMagic, 621:registered and intuitively followed by many who know nothing of the technicalities of the plan.Magic, 624:work on without inspiration, and because they know it to be right and they also have the rhythm ofMagic, 624:they realize their truly valuable assets and know they have somewhat to contribute. They are still,Magic, 625:and the fears that are inherent, as you know, in existence itself are familiar to all of us. TheyMagic, 626:leading to activity of some kind. As you know the psychologists list five main and dominantMagic, 634:sense of relative values than ever before. Men know themselves to be divine, and this is becomingMagic, 637:at length in this treatise, which is, as you know, a treatise on the control of the astral body andMagic, 638:of the day's labors it is an encouragement to know that there are those who watch, and that everyMagic, 638:of everyday men and women by: Teaching them to know themselves. Setting them free from authority byMeditation, 19:ray in determining this method. As you know, the personality ray is ever a subray of the spiritualMeditation, 34:with the Personality. All the Monads are, as you know, under the control, or rather form part, ofMeditation, 36:longings. He is eager to make good, longing to know, and dreaming always of someone or somethingMeditation, 37:pain ceases for a Master. That is, pain as we know it on earth, which is largely pain in matter.
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