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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - KNOW

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Problems, 99:and locality who are deeply loved by all who know them whether Jew or Gentile, who are respected byProblems, 104:identified with all men everywhere. People know that there is "neither Jew nor Gentile", as St.Problems, 113:and study the Negro problem; he should learn to know the Negro personally as a friend and aProblems, 119:miraculous solution of world problems but they know that a spirit of goodwill, particularly ifProblems, 121:affairs and in their own communities; let them know that associated they are omnipotent and thatProblems, 123:open to attack and the mass of thinking people know this; unfortunately, these thinking people areProblems, 133:with which they are surrounded. They know well that no man has ever been saved by theology but onlyProblems, 133:little hope for humanity in the churches; they know well that the spiritual realities have beenProblems, 136:soul. The great tragedy is, however, that they know not where to turn or to whose voice they shouldProblems, 140:its way. What that revelation will be, we cannot know. The revelation [141] of the nature of GodProblems, 141:wonders which God holds in store for those who know the meaning of love. It is along these threeProblems, 145:with Them, and the existence of Those Who [145] know what the will of God is and can workProblems, 145:though still denied by the orthodox. So many know this truth and so many people of integrity andProblems, 146:of His activities and of His presence and will know that it is He Who is overthrowing the churchesProblems, 148:because of their point in evolution some men know Christ, because the Christ in them is activeProblems, 150:the embryonic power to think, to reason and to know. The universal Mind of God was reflected in theProblems, 152:will bring to humanity we do not and cannot know. It will surely bring as definite results in theProblems, 154:awakening to the true spiritual values; let them know that Christ and the true inner church are onProblems, 159:their minds through right meditation, who know the potency of formulas, mantrams and invocationsProblems, 166:wills of men - The purpose which the Masters know and serve. From the center which we call the raceProblems, 175:to the public. The men in power in every nation know well exactly what food, minerals, oil andProblems, 176:the same time, let this group of world leaders know what is needed. The general public in everyProblems, 177:members of the human family may get to know each other and to appreciate each other; passports andPsychology1, xxii:but about these rays little is known. We know, from The Secret Doctrine, that they are the buildingPsychology1, xxiii:the dense and concrete do not exist; it will know that there is but one substance, present inPsychology1, 5:can be somewhat gauged if we compare what we know today with what was known a hundred and fiftyPsychology1, 6:find it impossible to discover its origin; they know not what it is, whether or no it is anPsychology1, 10:of force within a chosen area. Those who know themselves to be in the rank and file of aspirants,Psychology1, 13:an awareness of a field of expression which they know exists - the field of soul awareness - butPsychology1, 13:for them their normal field of expression. Many know a great deal about it, theoretically, but thePsychology1, 14:and adequately, had we but the development to know it. The third (however understood) defiesPsychology1, 15:as yet. As long as he is in form he cannot know what Life is, though, when he has attained certainPsychology1, 19:and He is ever referred [19] to by those who know and love Him in terms of quality. He demonstratedPsychology1, 35:this way: "I take a body. That body is alive. I know its life. I therefore know my mother. "I use aPsychology1, 35:That body is alive. I know its life. I therefore know my mother. "I use a body. That body is notPsychology1, 35:live within the body, detached, a son of God. I know my Self. "I infuse a body. I am its life andPsychology1, 35:life is known as love. I am the love of God. I know the Father, and know His life is love. "I amPsychology1, 35:I am the love of God. I know the Father, and know His life is love. "I am the body and its lovingPsychology1, 40:times we find these words: "Let the disciple know the nature of his Lord of Love. Seven the aspectsPsychology1, 49:burst upon the awakened vision, and we shall know the true meaning of bliss, and why the morningPsychology1, 65:solitariness. Lead thine own forth but learn to know thine own. Hate not attachment but see itsPsychology1, 73:personalities are oft destructive, as well you know, but the energy generated is insufficient toPsychology1, 93:to us by science that all we can really know with certainty is the tangible world of phenomena,Psychology1, 96:stand revealed. The scriptures of the world, we know, have ever prophesied that at the end of thePsychology1, 107:which is flooding the world today. As you know, the spiritualistic movement is producing a vastPsychology1, 108:of the race into greater freedom. But I know of no others, in this particular generation, who arePsychology1, 109:will eventually bring us assurance. Men will know, and know soon, that the soul is not an imaginaryPsychology1, 109:bring us assurance. Men will know, and know soon, that the soul is not an imaginary fiction, thatPsychology1, 109:of escape from a distressing present. They will know that the soul is a Being, a Being that isPsychology1, 109:as follows: Question 4 Of what Value is it to know about the Seven Rays? Question 5. What is thePsychology1, 110:with precision and with intelligence; he will know with exactitude the way that he should go, andPsychology1, 116:is a sense of values in time and space, and to know that we work with souls and do not nurse thePsychology1, 119:up into the conscious mind so disastrously. We know much anent the man as a whole functioningPsychology1, 126:vibrates to some particular measure. Those who know and who work clairvoyantly and clairaudientlyPsychology1, 156:are at this time aspiring. More than that I know not, nor may I further enlarge upon the matter.Psychology1, 166:and fifty and two hundred years. We do not know how often (perhaps seven times?) the subrays arePsychology1, 167:which arose under first ray influence; we do not know what may have been the religion which was thePsychology1, 168:solar Logos before He began His creation. Now we know that the divine spark, the divine center ofPsychology1, 182:divinity, and their synthesis is God. When we know the three as one in our own experience, then wePsychology1, 182:the three as one in our own experience, then we know God. The lowest aspect we are now using, andPsychology1, 185:inevitably produce potent results. The urge to know and the urge to teach are assuredly related andPsychology1, 187:measure up by an act of the will to what they know and believe. I challenge you also to makePsychology1, 192:and of service. These relationships, as we well know, underlie the principle of Brotherhood, whichPsychology1, 196:must be emphasized, and that as a man learns to "know himself," he automatically learns to know thePsychology1, 196:to "know himself," he automatically learns to know the quality underlying all appearances. LookPsychology1, 242:the animal kingdom) is a far bigger one than we know, and should be approached from an anglePsychology1, 263:to heaven, and the form to understanding. I know no word to express the concept except the wordPsychology1, 275:which defies their best efforts. They do not know what to think or what to believe. They look into,Psychology1, 276:or the other, does not satisfy their longing to know the reason why. The hope of an ultimatePsychology1, 281:to as the advent of Christ. This, as you know, may be an actual physical coming, as before inPsychology1, 285:that it is a basic symbol. A symbol, as we well know, is an outward and visible sign of an inwardPsychology1, 286:emerges into visibility, and we can see and know. Christ, as the light of the world, revealed thatPsychology1, 288:comprehended in its spiritual sense. Man, as you know, is the expression of energies. ThesePsychology1, 289:between the eyebrows. The head center. [289] We know that two fusions have to take place and, inPsychology1, 295:and not just sentimentally. Men and women will know themselves as cells in a vital organism, andPsychology1, 300:his pleasure. How can I mean this, when I [300] know that every human being is cyclically either aPsychology1, 300:their family and group obligations. They will know full well that "whatsoever a man soweth, thatPsychology1, 303:That these man-made laws are inadequate I well know, and it is needless to point this out. They mayPsychology1, 318:terms than those of the individual man as we know him. We must look upon humanity itself as anPsychology1, 320:fifth Ray of Concrete Knowledge, or the power to know. The fourth ray is the ray par excellencePsychology1, 332:the world of Deity Itself, and of it a man can know nothing until he has passed through the majorPsychology1, 348:of that which exists on a larger scale. "Man, know thyself" is a potent key to the knowledge ofPsychology1, 360:of the universal electrical energy which we know as modern electricity, produced to serve man'sPsychology1, 361:and significance than the thinkers of today can know and understand. The sixth ray promoted thePsychology1, 371:the medium of the spinal column. When scientists know exactly why the animal [372] does not use thePsychology1, 385:initiated in other lives and bodies. As you may know, there is a close link between the fourth andPsychology1, 388:see the picture as a whole and be permitted to know the part their particular nation must play inPsychology1, 393:the two pillars were set up which, as all Masons know, are two great landmarks in Masonry. HencePsychology1, 394:of my conclusions? I but present the facts as I know them from my access to records more ancientPsychology1, 394:one of the seven sacred planets. There is, as we know, the ancient legend of the lost Pleiad, andPsychology1, 397:gates: "Hold what you have and gather more, but know no peace. Garner the fruits of mind, and seekPsychology1, 397:free, accepted by the Servants of the Lord, and know, forever, peace." Psychology1, 404:he has fulfiled the Delphic injunction: "Know thyself," and can consequently take Initiation. EveryPsychology2, 5:ego, the soul or solar angel. This he comes to know as his true self, the real spiritual man.Psychology2, 12:[12] passed beyond that stage, and of those who know, teach and demonstrate, so that the manyPsychology2, 20:may appear in a totally different light when we know more and the race has advanced further intoPsychology2, 29:even upon our little planet. All we [29] really know is the fact of the Plan, and that it is veryPsychology2, 30:for that higher evolutionary cycle of which we know nothing but which is hinted at in A Treatise onPsychology2, 33:Ones are not, and yet They are. The Blessed Ones know naught, and yet know all. The Blessed OnesPsychology2, 33:They are. The Blessed Ones know naught, and yet know all. The Blessed Ones love not, yet offer love
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