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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - KNOW

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Rays, 724:of Initiation have fitted Him. Even He does not know the conditions into which His "decision"Rays, 724:into which He will have to penetrate; He does know, however, and "appropriates the fact and theRays, 727:to associate. What the planetary purpose is I know not; when I say that part of the purpose is toRays, 736:Paths He will follow to His destined place. I know not what the Great Refusal involves. One thingRays, 736:the Great Refusal involves. One thing only I know: It indicates the Initiate's last contact withRays, 736:or another distinguishes each initiation. We know it also as attraction, the sensitivity whichRays, 736:being which the initiate can instruct or aid; we know it also as the [737] overall activityRays, 737:of all Beings, but of this - our planetary forms know naught." This the initiate has at last learntRays, 737:be revealed to the Initiate on other paths we know not, but the goal of all endeavor upon ourRays, 746:aspects to Communism, but its adherents know them not, and only a ruthless materialism is conveyedRays, 749:greatly contributed) men everywhere are free to know and to understand. This is, of course, notRays, 756:hidden by a disk of golden light, that we may know the truth and do our whole duty, as we journeyRays, 760:spiritual events which I listed lie, as you know, still in the future. They are the closer approachRays, 763:in colorful vibration upon the inner sense, know that a point has been achieved marking a greatRays, 763:purified endeavor mount nearer to that Sound. Know when its tone steals through the misty dawn, orRays, 763:give place to sight and perfect comprehension. Know when the music of the spheres comes to you noteRays, 764:a great sphere of bliss. By the one who seeks to know, the first gate must be found. That entered,Rays, 767:brother, close that door. Remember, those behind know not the door has opened or the door hasRays, 767:and shutting of doors, lies life eternal. Know you and understand. Reappearance, 5:is strident enough and the faith of those who know is keen enough, then always He has come andReappearance, 6:first time in planetary history, as far as we know - transmitted the divine energy of love directlyReappearance, 7:developing welfare of humanity. All we really know is that, down the ages, great and divineReappearance, 7:and some new world religion behind Them; we know also that prophecy and faith have ever held out toReappearance, 7:of fact, historically proven. Beyond this we know relatively few details. The word "Avatar" is aReappearance, 10:the Christ to let His disciples in every land know that He will reappear when they have done theReappearance, 11:of [11] our flesh and spirit of our spirit," we know and trust Them and They mean more to us thanReappearance, 13:of all world religions. It is not for us yet to know the date or the hour of the reappearance ofReappearance, 13:and radiate that light upon the sons of men who know not yet they are the Sons of God. Then shallReappearance, 24:to keep pace with the mind of Christ and to know what He intends us to know? Christ said that "ifReappearance, 24:mind of Christ and to know what He intends us to know? Christ said that "if any [25] man will doReappearance, 25:any [25] man will do the will of God, he shall know"; that was how the Christ Himself learnt andReappearance, 26:the World upon levels of awareness of which we know nothing (as yet) which constituted theReappearance, 27:- Chapter II - The World Today The word to "know" (in relation to the initiate-consciousness of theReappearance, 31:wills of men - The purpose which the Masters know and serve. From the center which we call the raceReappearance, 32:of the will of God - a will of which they can know nothing and which ever seems to them soReappearance, 39:final affirmative word. There are, as well we know, five crises or initiations which concern theReappearance, 40:will take that stupendous initiation of which we know nothing except that two divine aspects willReappearance, 40:wishful thinking. I speak because many know that the time is ripe and that the appeal of simple,Reappearance, 43:indication of His Presence. Today, thousands know that He will come; that plans for His coming areReappearance, 54:have given the name of the Ascension. Of it we know nothing. Only a few items of information areReappearance, 58:Christ will bring, and until He brings it we know not what it signifies; we cannot realize theReappearance, 63:The emphasis has been, as we all well know, upon the "blood sacrifice of the Christ" upon the CrossReappearance, 65:teaching that "the sons of men are one"; they know that divine revelation is continuous and everReappearance, 65:out on Earth. There are those today on Earth who know that through the instrumentality, theReappearance, 68:for this is simple: the Christ and His workers know only the experience of group consciousness. AReappearance, 76:hearts of men, enabling them to recognize and know Him for Who and what He is, when He reappears.Reappearance, 87:Renunciation (or Crucifixion). As esotericists know, the term "little ones" refers to thoseReappearance, 87:Christ Himself will "nourish" and prepare will know the meaning of the third stanza, "From theReappearance, 94:where there is knowledge and faith. All we know at this time is that the Christ will fuse and blendReappearance, 96:of Christ's coming, active work on earth. As you know, He, too, has not relinquished His contactReappearance, 96:the Aquarian Age. As many millions in the world know, each year (at the time of the Wesak FestivalReappearance, 97:to work with an aspect of wisdom of which we know nothing but of which both knowledge and wisdomReappearance, 98:dualities. It would profit us to study them and know which they are: The fusion of the secondReappearance, 103:on the Path of Return to God; They have to know, therefore, at what point on the ladder ofReappearance, 105:these circumstances of life; they demanded to know what was the integrating principle in man, andReappearance, 111:and equally revealed and all men will know them for what they are. The cleaving sword of the spiritReappearance, 115:the ancient habits of misery, and thus to know the meaning of true joy. Christ, however, is notReappearance, 116:and not the law of Transmigration. To those who know something of the Law of Rebirth or ofReappearance, 118:Beyond the fact that there is such a law, we know little and those who know from experience theReappearance, 118:is such a law, we know little and those who know from experience the factual nature of this returnReappearance, 118:The Law exists; of the details of its working we know as yet nothing. Only a few things can be saidReappearance, 120:will become more true and realistic; we shall know that we are eternally related to the souls ofReappearance, 120:the very sources of our human living. We shall know that all our difficulties and all our problemsReappearance, 123:which men as yet cannot and do not control; they know nothing of them and yet upon them the life ofReappearance, 123:been concealed, into the light of day. As we know, our present cycle marks the end of the PisceanReappearance, 144:order to express that which they sense, feel and know, both of the phenomenal and also of theReappearance, 146:With that inner conviction, we face death and we know that we shall live again, that we come and weReappearance, 146:and the controllers of our own destiny. We know that we have set ourselves a goal and that the goalReappearance, 149:approach will bring to mankind, we do not yet know. It will surely bring us as definite results asReappearance, 149:as to the very nature of God Himself? Do we yet know all that can be known about God? If so, God isReappearance, 152:their minds through right meditation, who know the potency of formulas, mantrams and invocationsReappearance, 180:this to come to the surface and for us all to know about it. It is like the psychological cleansingSoul, 19:century, after he had struggled, for we know at least fifty thousand years, to define and know him.Soul, 19:at least fifty thousand years, to define and know him. self, that summary may be accepted as theSoul, 22:as a system to my students. I frankly do not know what they mean nor do I believe that anyone elseSoul, 28:and has produced those claiming to know the Self, and through that knowledge to be in touch withSoul, 33:hitherto been, is indeed a persistent hope - we know, however, that if it is to be realized, weSoul, 42:or conjectures, investigators frankly say they know nothing, and experiments have produced littleSoul, 47:- secretion, unknown. Of the thymus gland, we know practically nothing, and it is one of the mostSoul, 50:alone, and, back of every extreme position, we know there lies a substratum of truth. Others regardSoul, 64:up we infer the Ether, too, or some of us do. We know that a body of characteristic shape, orSoul, 68:is the final essence of everything that we know... Life is first, and within; matter, coeval withSoul, 83:conscious experiencing which constitutes what we know as the inner life of an empirical self. TheSoul, 93:of this science is well recognized by those who know anything about it. It lies in the fact thatSoul, 95:But if we assume the existence of Ether, we know that [96] 'material' bodies immersed in it canSoul, 101:the heart we recognize faith, beget children, know the truth, on it speech also is based, while theSoul, 136:at a definite knowledge of the soul, and can know himself to be "the deeper [137] Being," able toSoul, 138:of one's fellowmen, so that, like Christ, we know what is in man, and can grasp why [139] a man isSoul, 144:strive to grasp... By continually seeking to know and being continually thrown back with a deepenedTelepathy, 6:in embryo, the world Savior. Only those who know something of the meaning of concentration andTelepathy, 14:psychology and public opinion. It is, as you know, predominantly emotional, unintelligent, astralTelepathy, 20:than is now realized. People today do not know whence various mental impressions come, and thisTelepathy, 23:like the sun, of which the heart is, as you know, the symbol. It shines alike upon the good and theTelepathy, 35:latent in every human being; it is based, as you know, upon direct knowledge, unimpeded by anyTelepathy, 60:controlled, until eventually the unit of life (I know not what else to call it) becomes the humanTelepathy, 62:they need for their unfoldment; man, as you well know, is the macrocosm for the microcosm of theTelepathy, 69:by the Hierarchy - are registered by Them. They know what consciously to "repudiate" as it isTelepathy, 70:bear in mind that just as the mass of men do not know, recognize or respond to the Hierarchy, so -Telepathy, 70:and many, very many, disciples who do not know, recognize or as yet respond to the influence or theTelepathy, 70:Initiates of the third degree) are permitted to know the details of the Plan; these are protected
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