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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - KNOWING

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Astrology, 315:of the strength of Hercules. But the Christ, knowing both the above secrets, also understood with aAstrology, 453:to reflect and to apply the Law of Analogy, knowing that when the expanded and more inclusiveAstrology, 618:useful to work at the process of transmission, knowing themselves to be agents for the transmissionAutobiography, 1:waits - could appear on earth. There is value in knowing that the love of God antedatesAutobiography, 10:life so stupid? Why did she have to take it? Not knowing what to say, I fell back on my ownAutobiography, 37:an interview with a Master but in the fact that knowing nothing whatsoever of Their existence, IAutobiography, 44:taken care of." I left as he had arranged, not knowing whether to be flattered or hurt. TheAutobiography, 48:step forward along the Path. Slowly, and without knowing it in my brain consciousness, I wasAutobiography, 50:was ready to discuss every conceivable subject, knowing that my point of view would be right.Autobiography, 61:He often leaves us to find our own way home, knowing that in all of us there is something ofAutobiography, 69:the riot act, telling me that I had no means of knowing that he was a decent man, that whilst underAutobiography, 113:that day, to her horror, doing the washing, and knowing that I had nearly died ten days before, sheAutobiography, 119:and down western Europe. In spite, however, of knowing full well the wonderful qualities of theAutobiography, 131:help her. Never having seen her before and not knowing any of the facts of the case, I did what IAutobiography, 180:York and I left the children in Craigie's care, knowing they would be safe, cared for and loved. IAutobiography, 187:boys, full of the mysteriousness of sex and not knowing in the least how to treat boys; whereas theAutobiography, 207:me telepathically. Although I had no means of knowing about them, later I would discover what itAutobiography, 208:go to a store and buy me eight or nine dresses, knowing exactly the kind of thing I liked and theAutobiography, 218:had a bearing on the whole situation. Without knowing anything about the proposal of Olga Fröbe,Autobiography, 246:and ambitions of the leaders were alibied. Knowing all this well, A.A.B. refused to be a party toAutobiography, 255:of supreme importance as being in incarnation, knowing full well that disciples and initiates andAutobiography, 256:initiates or important members of the Hierarchy. Knowing all this and having watched the illAutobiography, 257:but he does not go to the Master for praise, knowing he will not get it. He struggles with illAutobiography, 265:be mental in nature, laying the emphasis upon knowing God, and not just upon feeling after a sensedBethlehem, 24:and all races, into one flaming heart of love, knowing no separateness, no division and noBethlehem, 30:mankind enter into the world of causes and of knowing. We shall dwell in the inner world ofBethlehem, 115:more humbly do they seek to follow in His steps, knowing Him to be the Master of all the Masters,Bethlehem, 159:and we can take our stand upon His Fatherhood, knowing ourselves to be divine because Christ andBethlehem, 171:my comrade, I addressed Thee brusquely... not knowing this greatness of Thine, or carelessly, orBethlehem, 282:are we definitely upon the Path of Discipleship, knowing what we are doing, cultivating the finerDestiny, 109:learn to do optimistically and with assurance, knowing that the benefits and the experience gainedDiscipleship1and could understand why they had been chosen, knowing that their dedication to the life of theDiscipleship1, 43:to win your confidence and your attention, then knowing that I am an initiate of the third degree,Discipleship1, 60:and understandingly at its own appointed task, knowing that it contributes to a whole which existsDiscipleship1, 72:a unique experiment in the sense that - knowing the possibilities and understanding somewhat theDiscipleship1, 114:are, I want to give you a word of commendation, knowing that you desire it [115] not and knowingDiscipleship1, 115:knowing that you desire it [115] not and knowing also that you do most certainly seek always to actDiscipleship1, 202:it... Proceed with confidence, my brother, knowing that all is well. You have two major physicalDiscipleship1, 325:at the portal of discipleship - but blindly, knowing not where they are or why. They then, throughDiscipleship1, 352:their morning meditation, each in his own place, knowing that upon the inner planes, the timeDiscipleship1, 359:meditation, giving them strength and light and knowing yourself to be an intermediary. Close withDiscipleship1, 387:time indicate to you two things, my brother, knowing that, as an old and experienced aspirant, youDiscipleship1, 410:much. Simply, my brother, do as you are told, knowing that I may perhaps know a little more thanDiscipleship1, 465:joy as in youth, yet with an added usefulness, knowing that the wisdom of experience is yours, theDiscipleship1, 471:no limited vision; you can stand unperturbed, knowing the end from the beginning and realizing thatDiscipleship1, 509:of the Observer, of the one who looks on - knowing himself to be the controlling soul. Will you, myDiscipleship1, 513:and to shoulder their own responsibilities, knowing that they are souls and are being led towardsDiscipleship1, 523:With carelessness divine, I face my daily life, knowing that all is well. To the aid of those IDiscipleship1, 562:warrants recognition. There is no false pride in knowing that one is a disciple. This I point outDiscipleship1, 562:words? Simply this: Recognizing your link, and knowing that your ancient aspiration is bearing, andDiscipleship1, 562:heart of love and pity, serve all you meet, knowing that "each heart hides its own bitterness."Discipleship1, 584:And yet there is no time to lose. Each pilgrim, knowing this, presses his footsteps forward, andDiscipleship1, 627:facts of nature exist; the wise man faces them, knowing them for what they are and he thenDiscipleship1, 635:I can ever speak with clarity and frankness, knowing that they will take my words in the rightDiscipleship1, 645:have been asked to join for three reasons and, knowing your enquiring and reasonable mind, I feltDiscipleship1, 667:had the time to assimilate, for I gave you much, knowing that you could stand the pressure of myDiscipleship1, 669:of those who aspire to right human relations, knowing that the potency of love rightly expressed isDiscipleship1, 676:"The sons of God, who know and see and hear (and knowing, know they know) suffer the pain ofDiscipleship1, 778:of the leaders were provided with an alibi. Knowing all this well, A. A. B. refused to be a partyDiscipleship1, 788:a heart development and a sense of real values. Knowing all the above, and having watched the illDiscipleship2, 29:ask you to steel your souls to endurance, knowing that the Hierarchy Stands; I would ask you toDiscipleship2, 29:unchangingly in spite of all that may happen, knowing that Love Stands unmoved amid the wreckage ofDiscipleship2, 124:sound the OM twice from the head center, [124] knowing yourself to be the soul which is breathingDiscipleship2, 162:in time give place to conviction and mental knowing. Receptiveness to spiritual impression. ThisDiscipleship2, 264:it - and refrain from looking for results, knowing that they will be there, e'en thoughDiscipleship2, 449:welcoming the changes which they may bring and knowing that they are, for you, the correctDiscipleship2, 451:of the soul, regulating timelessness and knowing no past or future, but only a sense of BeingDiscipleship2, 517:upon the book "The Way into Shamballa," knowing that an intelligent and loving consideration of theDiscipleship2, 547:knowledge. Seek simply to visualize the process, knowing that "as a man thinketh so is he." ThenDiscipleship2, 556:important still, the Master can count upon him, knowing that he can be depended upon. He is thenDiscipleship2, 558:Then, my brother, go your way in peace, knowing the ferment of living energies within you willDiscipleship2, 638:soul remains eternally young and unsatisfied, knowing no static point. A preoccupation, growingDiscipleship2, 649:I gave you to reflect upon more than a year ago. Knowing all that you had been through in theDiscipleship2, 653:Ashram and upon me, the Master of the Ashram. Knowing your circumstances and seeing into yourDiscipleship2, 663:you in words what that other side appears to us, knowing that you will believe me and that what, IDiscipleship2, 729:be one to whom the enquirer can turn for help, knowing that he will get enough practical assistanceDiscipleship2, 750:Go forward with a sense of strength, knowing that the power of your soul, the solidarity of theDiscipleship2, 751:my brother, I wonder if you will recognize them, knowing them for what they are? Will you see theEducation, xi:and creative individual he now is? Knowing something about the cosmos and about human nature, whatEducation, 68:upon your ways. You can become light-bearers, knowing then that "in that light you will see Light"Externalisation, 212:I have no particular religious preferences, knowing as I do that all roads lead to God and that theExternalisation, 229:of the two groups, at no matter what cost, but knowing where you stand and why you stand there.Externalisation, 399:Nations to wage war to a successful finish, knowing that there are spiritual realities for which itExternalisation, 582:arrive on earth conscious of a high mission or knowing well the nature of the task to which theyExternalisation, 594:age" - has come and today He stands and waits, knowing that the hour has come when He will "see ofExternalisation, 675:relation with an ashram upon the physical plane knowing it for what it is - an entirely newFire, 18:wise insistence, hearing the First sound forth, knowing the hour had likewise come, echoed theFire, 218:see all forms as illusion and will be freed, knowing himself as omnipresent. As the sound of VishnuFire, 351:or manas permeates all, and is equally that Self-knowing, individualized Entity Whose body containsFire, 614:the plan of evolution. The Brother of Darkness, knowing himself to be positive force in essence,Glamour, 12:and form, number and general external aspects, knowing that each line has significance, all numbersGlamour, 46:(as far as he can tell) free from such control. Knowing however his essential weakness and the lureGlamour, 51:And yet there is no time to lose. Each Pilgrim, knowing this, presses his footsteps forward, andGlamour, 77:Glamored by their sentiment for them and knowing little of the love of the soul which is freeGlamour, 82:silently and patiently to await developments, knowing that the light will shine forth, andGlamour, 122:of self-importance, from the standpoint of knowing, of efficiency. RAY IV The glamor of harmony,Glamour, 234:soul, relinquishing all thought of the glamor, knowing that the work has been successfully carriedHealing, 308:a form of direct perception, a process of "clear knowing," which is a soul faculty and infallible,Healing, 380:as it may appear. You have no direct means of knowing how true it may be. A great deal of theHealing, 709:of sound and the sound which must be heard. Knowing the note to which the fourth great group reacts
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