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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - KNOWING

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Hercules, 15:their gifts and many words of sage advice, knowing the tasks ahead and the perils of the Way.Hercules, 24:humble aspirant and ending in Pisces as the all-knowing, victorious World Savior. One point mightHercules, 114:smote the ears of Hercules, lost in regret and knowing not the path he trod. Unto her help heHercules, 131:makes him appear hesitant and indecisive. Knowing that there are innumerable gradations betweenHercules, 135:in him. The Libran sets out to remake himself, knowing that this is his first step towards theInitiation, 24:and the strength of the method of their appeal. Knowing the quintessence of pain, knowing the depthInitiation, 24:their appeal. Knowing the quintessence of pain, knowing the depth of sin and of suffering, theirInitiation, 25:"To know, to will, to dare, and to be silent." Knowing the plan so well, and having clear,Initiation, 67:with confidence in the work of instruction, knowing that certain imparted facts will be understood.Initiation, 76:and deeply through all apparent divergences, knowing that when each has found his own way home, heInitiation, 76:whom later he will work. Cultivate happiness, knowing that depression, an over-morbid investigationInitiation, 76:characteristics of the Ego. The Ego persists, knowing itself immortal. The personality becomesInitiation, 76:immortal. The personality becomes discouraged, knowing that time is short. [77] To the discipleInitiation, 88:sufficiently stable to stand the strain of knowing. Before the fourth initiation can be taken, theIntellect, 56:at God and discovers God as the central Fact. Knowing himself to be divine, he finds the whole isIntellect, 141:activities." During this lull a new method of knowing and of being is instituted. This is perhapsIntellect, 144:of consciousness, with its dual power of knowing by communion the temporal and eternal, immanentIntellect, 162:general manner - is the direct assimilation of a knowing faculty with its object. All knowledge isIntellect, 162:intermediary; it is the only act by which the knowing faculty models itself, not on an abstractIntellect, 162:coincidence, the common line of contact of the knowing subject and the object." - Maréchal, Joseph,Intellect, 166:Unmoved, untroubled through a mist of years, Knowing nor love nor laughter, hope nor fears, NorIntellect, 189:(unconditioned) Principle of all existence, knowing (without this Knowledge implying anyMagic, 17:merges in the intuition, which is the "knowing faculty" of the intelligent and practical mystic whoMagic, 69:resting back upon an inner sense of direction, knowing that in due time he will ascertain, throughMagic, 138:and to offer to them opportunities for service, knowing that service is the great healer andMagic, 153:period of training with courage and with joy, knowing that they are members of a band of disciples,Magic, 153:that they are members of a band of disciples, knowing that they are not alone but that the strengthMagic, 153:they develop the capacity to apprehend it, - and knowing also that the love and wisdom andMagic, 182:and leading them to use it in their work, knowing that right use of knowledge leads to experienceMagic, 231:are the tried warriors, scarred and tired, yet knowing that triumphant victory lies ahead, for theMagic, 268:of the attention to that specific enterprise, knowing that right thought and right orientation leadMagic, 347:they shrink back also from the path of endeavor, knowing - and rightly knowing - that it leadsMagic, 347:from the path of endeavor, knowing - and rightly knowing - that it leads through trial andMagic, 354:for instance, in the churches. These, knowing not the laws of occultism, and only sensing the innerMagic, 368:comes. The joy of contrast will be yours, for knowing the past of darkness you will revel in theMagic, 456:of all degrees, sometimes called the Book of Knowing Experience, and there is the Book of FormsMagic, 475:can manipulate the matter of thought and become "knowing creators." These can, and do, speak theMagic, 477:he will be enabled to go forward with optimism knowing that hitherto all has been good inasmuch asMagic, 492:he has built, wherein that idea is embodied, knowing that as he lives as a soul, and as spiritualMagic, 530:in them" for a time. They consciously take form, knowing the end from the beginning. These BeingsMagic, 532:"The Sons of God, who know and see and hear (and knowing, know they know) suffer the pain ofMagic, 561:go. If the workers would practice detachment, knowing that the Law works and that God's purposesMagic, 584:tell him. Those who know the Way may not speak, knowing that the Path is constructed by theMagic, 629:understood and used, and transmuted by the knowing soul, they produce awareness and are the sourceMagic, 630:standpoint of the world seems to be impossible, knowing that the vision is not materialized throughMeditation, 33:plane, is not trammeled by time and space, and (knowing the future as well as that which is past)Meditation, 65:possible is to sound the Word as well as may be, knowing that danger does not lurk where there isMeditation, 103:and spiral with correctness without the student knowing what is occurring on the physical plane;Meditation, 105:proceed with forms and methods but insists on knowing the raison d'être of instituted action. IfMeditation, 123:to serve selfish ends and using it wilfuly, knowing it to be wrong. But insanity of this type is aMeditation, 150:the dual value of the macrocosm. Instead of only knowing the fire that burns he has to understandMeditation, 258:serve and occultly meditate, the promise of knowing Those Who already have full knowledge of thePatanjali, 92:himself with his brother and become as he is, knowing and feeling as his brother's soul knows andPatanjali, 96:work, the adept starts on the inside and - knowing the idea which he seeks to embody in form - hePatanjali, 162:of himself. Throughout the great experience of knowing the not-self and knowing himself, he usesPatanjali, 162:the great experience of knowing the not-self and knowing himself, he uses the mind as his medium ofPatanjali, 346:himself with the smallest part of the universe, knowing the self in that atom to be one withPatanjali, 358:He becomes a Christ, a knower of all things, knowing what is in the heart of the Father and in theProblems, 31:be willing to share the produce of the earth, knowing it belongs to all, freely distributing it asProblems, 47:are of high grade intelligence; without knowing it, they are spiritually alive and the firstProblems, 71:in complete unity of idea and intention and knowing and understanding each other. These menProblems, 171:are those who make no move to help, even while knowing well the conditions with which the UnitedPsychology1, 54:a feeling body or a mental body, and sometimes knowing himself to be the Self - a rare and unusualPsychology1, 190:therefore constructively and not critically, knowing that it is not easy to see the Plan as itPsychology1, 232:we work for the coming generation of enquirers, knowing full well that the advanced teaching ofPsychology1, 267:will proceed steadily and inevitably. Scarcely knowing how or why, humanity will play its part inPsychology1, 309:that of an individual self-sustaining, self-knowing aspect. It is the presence of this factor andPsychology2, 131:to let others serve as seems best to them, knowing that the life flowing through the individualPsychology2, 324:to this, the history of man's development as a knowing being testifies. But the integration of thePsychology2, 425:terms which seem to me to be the most suitable, knowing that I am failing to express the truePsychology2, 565:is brought within their range of awareness. Knowing that they are aspiring to the higher things andPsychology2, 633:and thus aroused to action by emotional appeal. Knowing no better and suffering so much, they arePsychology2, 745:Then these can work with greater confidence, knowing for themselves, past all controversy, that theRays, 10:through the illusion to the reality behind and, knowing where he stands himself, there is naught inRays, 11:little ones. I commend the above thought to you knowing that you will apprehend the implicationsRays, 53:can tune in on all states of divine awareness, knowing for himself (and not just theoretically)Rays, 105:controls (when evoked) is to penetrate into the knowing consciousness of the thinker. Space andRays, 122:with them when they came into incarnation, and knowing normally and naturally [123] what the modernRays, 129:interpret - as far as may be - these Rules. The knowing of the fifth kingdom in nature through theRays, 286:know; the disciple or the initiate starts with knowing, and through his ability to expressRays, 288:1. Know What is the difference between the knowing of the aspirant and the knowledge of theRays, 288:of knowledge, and that which is the agent of knowing, the mind. The initiated disciple is beyondRays, 291:Master of Them all, the Christ. But a further "knowing" lay ahead of even this "perfected Son ofRays, 291:the voices dim and listening now gives place to knowing - the [292] knowledge of that which liesRays, 292:done. Order is seen. The pattern clear emerges. Knowing is the seed of conscious doing, O Chela onRays, 435:his discipleship; this he usually does at first, knowing nothing else to do, but the speed or theRays, 439:The Master has left all this behind, knowing that even this so-called "spiritual responsiveness" isRays, 515:of the Monad is the factor to be evoked. The knowing, purposeful One can be depended upon toRays, 666:they have a sense of conscious dualism, knowing the fact of the existence of that "something other"Rays, 702:to get accustomed to suffering with detachment, knowing that the soul suffers not at all, and thatRays, 707:on the ladder of spiritual evolution. But - knowing who they are from the angle of the HierarchyRays, 710:stages with the work of building, yet scarcely knowing what he does. He follows blindly the ancientReappearance, 38:of the age" has come. Today He stands and waits, knowing that the hour has come when He will "seeSoul, 83:individual soul, free from the body, which as knowing subject is contrasted with and distinct fromSoul, 83:to the Indian conception, is the objectless knowing subject." - Deussen, Paid, M.D., The ReligionSoul, 144:a deepened conviction of the impossibility of knowing, we may keep alive the consciousness [145]Telepathy, 31:of thoughts. Choose a word and meditate upon it, knowing wherefore you have chosen it. Study it inTelepathy, 75:Their interest in themselves is so intense. Not knowing that they have done this, [76] they regard
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