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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - KNOWINGLY

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Discipleship2, 308:will be taught how to work consciously and knowingly for light; they will be shown how to realizeDiscipleship2, 696:and surety? The rarest compliment was knowingly made to you by A.A.B., but you probably did notEducation, 16:destiny in his life upon the earth; he reduces, knowingly or unknowingly, the idea of his soul toExternalisation, 10:focused attitude and in which the medium, knowingly and intelligently, vacates his body to anFire, 1275:[1275] and the great manasic orb. He builds it knowingly, calling in the aid of points of blue.Hercules, 5:self-conscious. It is the stage in which he knowingly pledges himself to impose the will of theMagic, 357:thousand is utilizing this inherent power and knowingly functioning in his mental body. Magic, 560:the Way as long as wounds are made and pain is knowingly given. Because the work of white magic andMagic, 580:personal then you will work consciously and will knowingly tread the right or the left hand path.Magic, 581:of force or energy units; and we wield force, knowingly or unknowingly, throughout the twenty-fourPatanjali, 194:however, that "thoughts contrary to yoga" are knowingly entertained, the self submerges itselfPatanjali, 231:the thousand petalled lotus or sahasara, by knowingly withdrawing the consciousness out of thePsychology1, 10:Remarks Those strong souls who consciously and knowingly enter into the realms of spiritual forcePsychology1, 80:of God with His world; but he does nothing knowingly that could possibly increase the world's painPsychology2, 143:at any other time in human history. They are, knowingly and unknowingly, leading men into the world
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