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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - KNOWLEDGE

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Statement:My work is to teach and spread the knowledge of the Ageless Wisdom wherever I can find a response,Astrologyastrology, thus bringing about a return to the knowledge of that ancient science which related theAstrology, 4:and all the other planets. This was the exoteric knowledge and position, though not the esotericAstrology, 5:those few astrologers who possess real esoteric knowledge. They are few in number indeed, and onlyAstrology, 34:None 11 3 * Unknown V Taurus Light through knowledge None 10 4 * Unknown VI Gemini Desire forAstrology, 38:has been compiled from the very limited stock of knowledge that has thus far been revealed on theAstrology, 55:friction, know each other "with intimate occult knowledge." The door then stands open wide throughAstrology, 63:available when the right time comes. It is the knowledge of this inner information whichAstrology, 98:who are called the divine Sacrifices, Lords of Knowledge, Will and Sacrifice, will be clarified.Astrology, 117:are ourselves essentially, Who are qualified by knowledge, love and will, and animated by ceaselessAstrology, 139:from intellectual perception to intuitive knowledge. Bear in mind that the esoteric forces combineAstrology, 150:in form be ruler," for desire becomes gained knowledge and the knowledge of that which is hidden atAstrology, 150:for desire becomes gained knowledge and the knowledge of that which is hidden at any stage upon theAstrology, 188:intelligent nature, making them Lords of Knowledge, achieving their goal through the light of theAstrology, 195:in point of time and from the angle of human knowledge) for it is only in this Aryan race periodAstrology, 210:it is the final revelation of the nature of knowledge and the purpose of [211] incarnation; inAstrology, 215:number. These senses are the basis of all human knowledge where that which is tangible andAstrology, 224:to live the occult life and the way of divine knowledge can take the place of the mystic way ofAstrology, 224:of the mystic way of feeling. It means also that knowledge can be transmuted into the way of wisdomAstrology, 235:instruction and the aid also of the cultural knowledge of the yogis of India in connection with theAstrology, 237:esoteric astrology give their contribution of knowledge to the bringing up of young people. The oldAstrology, 244:intelligent desire, for that is the goal of knowledge for ordinary man. In Libra, the point ofAstrology, 248:Order, Law or Magic. Venus - 5th Ray - Concrete Knowledge or Science. Saturn - 3rd Ray - ActiveAstrology, 249:understanding, to intelligent will and to knowledge: the first ray (functioning through the 3rd andAstrology, 253:and of the mind of man attracted by the lure of knowledge to be gained through the experience ofAstrology, 253:incarnation. Eve, therefore, took the apple of knowledge from the serpent of matter and started theAstrology, 259:for experience, for satisfaction. The Light of Knowledge Virgo - Incentive behind discipleshipAstrology, 260:the same thought in other terms, the light of knowledge of which Taurus is the custodian givesAstrology, 289:which constitutes the driving urge towards self-knowledge, self-perception and intellectualAstrology, 289:all Leo people on to experiment and so to gain knowledge; it is this which links them with Taurus,Astrology, 290:incentive towards experience in order to gain knowledge. Leo - The expression of experience inAstrology, 290:The expression of experience in order to justify knowledge. Aquarius - The use of experience inAstrology, 290:use of experience in order to make the gained knowledge a factor in service. This triangleAstrology, 291:or most material form because the "ascent of knowledge towards wisdom" is always the key toAstrology, 291:which are adequate for the expression of the knowledge which the soul has on its own plane andAstrology, 293:The Bull of Desire. The light of aspiration and knowledge. Leo - The Lion of Self-assertion. TheAstrology, 299:(through accurate astrological and astronomical knowledge) to whichever constellation in theAstrology, 307:integrated Self, functioning with full occult knowledge and also with mystical perception when theAstrology, 315:true meaning of the Mutable Cross and, with full knowledge, mounted the Fixed Cross, with all itsAstrology, 320:consciousness to the full flower of divine knowledge, from the condition of human awareness to theAstrology, 323:and circumstance, the soul would never awaken to knowledge in the three worlds and, therefore,Astrology, 324:is not desire which prompts return but will and knowledge of the plan. It is not the need forAstrology, 339:ray. Here again will appear the necessity for a knowledge of the point in evolution of theAstrology, 354:through Conflict and the fifth Ray of Concrete Knowledge or Science which is embryonicAstrology, 357:ground and subsequent release. Ray 5 - Concrete Knowledge or Science, under the influence ofAstrology, 359:see whether it truly conveys to you any exact knowledge beyond a general idea of focused energiesAstrology, 374:Knowers of the race in their various grades of knowledge and illumination at this time. Neither ofAstrology, 394:of Will or Power. Ray 5 - The ray of Concrete Knowledge. Ray 3 - The ray of Active Intelligence. Astrology, 394:He finds it difficult to apply practically the knowledge gained. It is apt to remain a mentalAstrology, 394:love; he must learn, therefore, to transmute knowledge into wisdom. He must transcend theAstrology, 400:of this vast and profitable field of knowledge. "Our Lady, the Moon" is related to all these andAstrology, 425:Therefore, all approaches to truth and to knowledge must, in this cycle, be in consciousness. InAstrology, 430:- expressed by him in terms of illumination and knowledge, in terms of sight and of the entrance ofAstrology, 434:center." I speak in symbols and for those whose knowledge of cosmic location and of points in timeAstrology, 434:to the heart and throat will prove evocative of knowledge. They relate to the three centers aboveAstrology, 438:and, at the right moment, it transmits knowledge of the hidden mystery." Today, for the mass ofAstrology, 443:That means a gradual future usefulness for the knowledge of the underlying potencies, for they canAstrology, 454:I told you that the fifth Ray of Concrete Knowledge is related to the ajna center and, therefore,Astrology, 454:Humanity - planetary ajna center - 5th Ray of Knowledge - 5th root-race. Therefore five centers inAstrology, 477:release the light of wisdom within the field of knowledge and the world is thereby enriched. Astrology, 488:towards experience and towards the gaining of knowledge; Leo leads to the expression of thatAstrology, 488:in daily life and to the effort to justify knowledge; Aquarius takes that experience and theAstrology, 488:Aquarius takes that experience and the knowledge gained thereby, and turns it to conscious use inAstrology, 492:of the Entered Apprentice - To learn and acquire knowledge. [493] Aquarius The Achievement of theAstrology, 510:a study of the chart of the subject and any knowledge he may have) what is the point in evolutionAstrology, 516:understands it) is the ability to arrive at knowledge through the activity of some innate sense,Astrology, 528:ray forces which are seeking expression, plus a knowledge of the personality and egoic rays. Out ofAstrology, 531:of the systemic centers to the planets. Too much knowledge would be given too soon and prior to theAstrology, 532:of bridging Treatises between the material knowledge of man and the science of the initiates hasAstrology, 539:Order and Magic, [539] the fifth Ray of Concrete Knowledge, or Science and the first Ray of WillAstrology, 565:enabled Him to say, when confronted with full knowledge of the imminent sacrifice which He wouldAstrology, 573:who are oriented towards light - the light of knowledge, the light of wisdom and understanding andAstrology, 587:you know more about it, I can give you further knowledge upon the matter. I would however like toAstrology, 593:say. If Christ Himself is striving towards that knowledge, it is not possible for us to do moreAstrology, 599:the Will Ray V The energy of Concrete Science or Knowledge. To understand this expression of theAstrology, 606:- That which develops sensory perception into knowledge, knowledge into wisdom and wisdom intoAstrology, 606:develops sensory perception into knowledge, knowledge into wisdom and wisdom into omniscience. RayAstrology, 629:beyond or behind the entire content of modern knowledge and is consequently inexplicable to theAstrology, 629:wherein sensory perception is transmuted into knowledge. This is the stage in which the formAstrology, 629:of the perceiving Self. The stage wherein knowledge is transmuted into wisdom, [630] orAstrology, 630:or consciousness utilizes the gradually acquired knowledge to achieve detachment from the form, theAstrology, 632:unknown as yet, though the rudiments of this knowledge can be seen in that peculiar factor in theAstrology, 636:High ceremonial astrology... depends upon the knowledge of the Initiate of those immaterial ForcesAstrology, 649:are called often the 'seven grades of psychic knowledge' or the 'seven divisions of the field ofAstrology, 649:or the 'seven divisions of the field of knowledge'." (C.F. 1175) The following from The SecretAstrology, 652:The seven Manus. The Flames. Lords of Love, Knowledge and Sacrifice. [653] Astrology, 680:in many ways sums up the totality of the present knowledge. Let us briefly enlarge upon it, correctAtom, 12:even though as yet we cannot apply them; and the knowledge of "things as they are" (and I chooseAtom, 17:religion, and philosophy we may get a working knowledge of the truth as it is, remembering at theAtom, 62:the use of that particular form attains self-knowledge and self-control. All is carried forwardAtom, 73:expands, we shall enter more and more into a knowledge of His plan as He is working it out, andAtom, 83:seen to be the knower, that which is known, and knowledge. What is the purpose of the intellect, orAtom, 83:What is the purpose of the intellect, or of knowledge? Surely its purpose is to adapt the materialAtom, 111:and miracles are worked, the highest spiritual knowledge is acquired, and union with the greatAtom, 119:start from the solid basis of acquired facts and knowledge, then put them all together, and fromAtom, 120:Science itself is finding every year that its knowledge is very relative. The more a man grasps andAtom, 156:that in the mystery of electricity is hidden all knowledge, and that when we have fathomed that weAutobiography, 4:To me, the Masters are such a factor and this knowledge has formed a stabilizing point in my life.Autobiography, 6:by an actively intruding conscience, and by a knowledge of what her Master wanted done, toAutobiography, 7:of telepathic and direct spiritual contacts and knowledge - what I say may prove to be of service.
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