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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - KNOWLEDGE

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Autobiography, 8:Him if haply they may find Him." This personal knowledge of God will, however, come by livingAutobiography, 11:and are still surrounded and in spite of a real knowledge of the things with which all socialAutobiography, 22:Surely spiritual instinct must precede spiritual knowledge, just as the instincts of the animal,Autobiography, 38:place. At the time of this dual occurrence this knowledge lay outside my field of ordinaryAutobiography, 40:was henceforth colored (and is today) by the knowledge that there were Masters and subjectiveAutobiography, 41:creative writer and I choose to add my certain knowledge and conviction to the witness of manyAutobiography, 43:I could to save their souls. I had a really deep knowledge of the Bible, good taste in clothes,Autobiography, 47:my ability to do things, the sureness of my knowledge and the infallibility of any advice I mightAutobiography, 48:of religious conviction, into a certain and sure knowledge of the spiritual verities to which theAutobiography, 48:died. I found myself eventually possessed of a knowledge which has stood the test of time andAutobiography, 48:trouble, as my earlier beliefs did not. It is a knowledge which reveals to me steadily andAutobiography, 48:much, how very much, more I need to know. Real knowledge is never static; it is but a door openingAutobiography, 48:understanding. It is a process of living growth. Knowledge should lead from one unfoldment toAutobiography, 49:- a feat seldom accomplished. So it is with knowledge. That which is worth having is seldom of easyAutobiography, 49:in itself only constitutes a foundation for more knowledge. The people who fill me with a sense ofAutobiography, 50:agree or disagree with my particular brand of knowledge or formulation of truth (for we all mustAutobiography, 57:think it lowers their prestige to admit lack of knowledge and [58] hence are evasive or pompousAutobiography, 59:for her beauty, for her mental strength, for her knowledge of the Bible, for her understanding ofAutobiography, 60:"Christ in you, the hope of glory." Upon that knowledge I stake my eternal salvation and theAutobiography, 61:is divine, which never dies, and which comes to knowledge. I know that nothing in Heaven or hellAutobiography, 86:and is no longer on the basis of belief but of knowledge. Christ Is. He stands - "the Master of allAutobiography, 96:a certain sense of proportion and also the [96] knowledge how tragic life happenings are to theAutobiography, 101:am firmly convinced, entered into with the full knowledge and determination of the soul, theAutobiography, 116:believed. The wisdom and profound psychological knowledge of the small town general practitioner isAutobiography, 136:learn to do the same if they cared enough for knowledge. The trouble is many of us don't careAutobiography, 137:valuable hours of my life and the background and knowledge it gave me has made all the best of myAutobiography, 179:a mental process whereby one can acquire clear knowledge of divinity and awareness of the kingdomAutobiography, 184:that the general public is more ready for a sane knowledge of the Masters and more prepared for aAutobiography, 192:know more than the average reader but I have no knowledge such as that possessed by the Tibetan. HeAutobiography, 192:as that possessed by the Tibetan. He has vast knowledge and I frequently give a little chuckle whenAutobiography, 207:touch with her. She had a very deep and profound knowledge of the Ageless Wisdom but she was afraidAutobiography, 215:nor had we any foreign-speaking secretaries. The knowledge [216] of what we were doing and standingAutobiography, 217:a woman in Switzerland who had a good deal of knowledge and who was interested in what we wereAutobiography, 222:the girls had absorbed an enormous amount of knowledge of the town and its surroundings, itsAutobiography, 223:believed in keeping young people free from the knowledge of that which is undesirable. I haveAutobiography, 234:interested in the Plan and have little or no knowledge of the planetary Hierarchy. They do,Autobiography, 237:It is of a profundity and a depth of technical knowledge which lies beyond the understanding of theAutobiography, 256:compassion and inclusiveness, illumined by a knowledge of the plan and aiming to comprehend theAutobiography, 259:under adequate control. With this foundation, knowledge may be safely imparted which far transcendsAutobiography, 259:transcends the personal experience or previous knowledge of the recipient. If [260] this be true asAutobiography, 260:by her and corrected by the Tibetan. A knowledge of the ancient language is not necessary in thisAutobiography, 262:speculation or under Christian terminology. Much knowledge has been imparted. The intricate processAutobiography, 265:These schools, now forming, have more esoteric knowledge; this is being correlated and applied.Autobiography, 265:and forces, upon wisdom as the result of applied knowledge and upon the work and plans of theAutobiography, 267:of [267] personality integration and of trained knowledge of life in the three worlds in which theAutobiography, 268:gradually revealed to him and to arrive at the knowledge which will permit him to direct some ofAutobiography, 268:and initiates, he brings to humanity definite knowledge about the Hierarchy. 4. An esoteric schoolAutobiography, 271:his helpers, except the authority of greater knowledge, wisdom and light; this makes him anAutobiography, 273:that he is only himself slowly arriving at soul knowledge, and that his contact with the Master isAutobiography, 275:make alignment and arrive at soul contact and knowledge. The truth has also been veiled and hiddenAutobiography, 276:emphasis is upon soul awareness, [276] spiritual knowledge, and understanding of the higher forces,Autobiography, 276:of the higher forces, direct and first-hand knowledge of the spiritual Hierarchy which governs theAutobiography, 276:understanding of divine purpose and to his knowledge of the various scientific techniques and lawsAutobiography, 279:the wherefore of all happenings. As he gains a knowledge of esoteric psychology and masters some ofAutobiography, 283:a certain measure of technical and academic knowledge, to have certain spiritual contacts andAutobiography, 288:daily life will eventually arrive at a personal knowledge of the Hierarchy and the Plan of which ItAutobiography, 293:School are encouraged to carry their spiritual knowledge, energy and understanding into the affairsAutobiography, 293:inclusive concepts of the Ageless Wisdom and the knowledge of the divine Plan require money inAutobiography, 295:mean anything) the three divine aspects - knowledge, love and will - can be expressed. That thereAutobiography, 297:We realize that we have a very limited knowledge of these plans but we also realize that as aAutobiography, 297:aspirants and disciples in the world. Our knowledge carries responsibility. Our favored positionAutobiography, 298:of England was set, rigid and dogmatic. Her knowledge of the world outside her small circle ofAutobiography, 298:it was to unfold. She was strong enough to have knowledge of the program of service to which on theAutobiography, 298:about these things and others share with me the knowledge of certain essentials that constitute ourAutobiography, 299:also to provide the necessary expanding knowledge of spiritual realities which had to becomeAutobiography, 302:how it is that from the position of greater knowledge and wisdom of the Hierarchy certain thingsBethlehem, 5:body of inner truths and this wealth of divine knowledge have existed since time immemorial. It isBethlehem, 5:through His life history what this wisdom and knowledge could do for man. He demonstrated inBethlehem, 6:Pythagoras termed this system... the Gnosis or Knowledge of things that are. Under the nobleBethlehem, 6:of Greece and the West, included all knowledge which they considered as essentially divine;Bethlehem, 7:out that a myth is the summarized belief and knowledge of the past, handed down to us for ourBethlehem, 7:step by step, the gap between the past gained knowledge, the present formulated truth, and theBethlehem, 10:a race, definitely on our way towards some new knowledge, some fresh recognitions, and some deeperBethlehem, 21:of enquiry to what the Tibetans call "straight knowledge." Upon that path [22] vision and hope giveBethlehem, 26:all come, in the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto [27] a perfectBethlehem, 27:their search for light; they have no conscious knowledge of that self-initiated program which hasBethlehem, 28:unfoldment. As mankind grows in wisdom and knowledge, and as the civilizations come and go, eachBethlehem, 28:modern discovery, all psychological studies and knowledge, all group activity and all scientificBethlehem, 28:achievement, as well as all real occult knowledge, are spiritual in nature, and these are aids toBethlehem, 37:which is independent of any historical knowledge and proof - simply because it is there, it exists.Bethlehem, 37:be neither shaken nor confirmed by an historical knowledge." - The Mystery of the Kingdom of God,Bethlehem, 44:to be citizens of the kingdom. This has been the knowledge and the message of all true ChristiansBethlehem, 50:the realm of real values and arrive at a truer knowledge of God. The mystery of the new birthBethlehem, 72:for the first initiation, to transmute their knowledge into wisdom, and to offer all that they haveBethlehem, 74:I do not say that I have already gained this knowledge or already reached perfection. But I pressBethlehem, 106:do until he has become their equal in their knowledge." (The Recovery of Truth, by HermannBethlehem, 109:to combat the devil. He simply utilized the knowledge which He had. He used no divine powers toBethlehem, 109:used those which we all possess - acquired knowledge and the age-old rules. He conquered because HeBethlehem, 125:[125] But it is in the Holy Place, with a full knowledge of what is written, and frequently afterBethlehem, 127:of danger to its owner. The sense of power, the knowledge of achievement, the realization ofBethlehem, 129:but needs understanding. What intervened was His knowledge that God was One and God was All. TheBethlehem, 132:Love of God. Perfected, serving and with a full knowledge of His mission, Christ now enters intoBethlehem, 136:when eventually we provide the mechanism of knowledge and the intuition to penetrate deeper intoBethlehem, 151:in relation to humanity. We talk of the light of knowledge, and towards that light and itsBethlehem, 161:Phillippi answered Jesus' question out of the knowledge which he had attained upon the mountain.Bethlehem, 164:to leave off believing, and pass on to true knowledge, through the method of thought, reflection,Bethlehem, 164:problem for all who are seeking this new knowledge, and who desire to become conscious knowersBethlehem, 164:plains of everyday life, and there subject our knowledge to the test, discover its reality andBethlehem, 164:for us our next point of expansion, and what new knowledge must be acquired. The task of theBethlehem, 164:understanding and the use of his divinity. The knowledge of God immanent, yet based on a belief in
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