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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - KNOWLEDGE

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Bethlehem, 185:in the [185] consciousness of the race the knowledge of that event; so in a planetary sense, theBethlehem, 186:I do not say that I have already gained this knowledge or already reached perfection, but I pressBethlehem, 200:the Crucifixion experience. We are coming to the knowledge that the determining factor in humanBethlehem, 202:of the term. To St. James, sin is acting against knowledge, and he says "To him that knoweth to doBethlehem, 202:of sin. It is to act against light and knowledge, and with deliberation to do that which we know isBethlehem, 202:is wrong and undesirable. Where there is no such knowledge there can be no sin; therefore animalsBethlehem, 204:our existence, we are throwing the weight of our knowledge on the side of evil, and areBethlehem, 205:or no responsibility. There is little or no knowledge, no sense of relationship to God, and veryBethlehem, 209:a part of [209] the prevision, as likewise the knowledge that the emphasis accorded to Him as theBethlehem, 212:is the basis of the mystical vision, while the knowledge that one is a son of God gives one theBethlehem, 216:A man who deliberately sins against light and knowledge is rare. Most "sinners" are simplyBethlehem, 240:told they left all and followed Him. (2) Self-knowledge, and the consequent admission of failure.Bethlehem, 240:Isaiah to the divine call was that flash of self-knowledge which brings home to a man a convictionBethlehem, 243:assurance has been gained, belief has become knowledge, and faith, certainty. Man knowsBethlehem, 271:of Initiation, by Rudolf Steiner, p. 46. Self knowledge leads one to God knowledge. It is the firstBethlehem, 271:Steiner, p. 46. Self knowledge leads one to God knowledge. It is the first step. Purification ofDestinygreatly the human family. The energy of Concrete Knowledge or Science, so potent at this time. TheDestiny, 27:of the race. This contact will relate soul knowledge with brain impression and, if the meditatingDestiny, 28:secondly, what I may say to you is based on a knowledge of the ray influences which are at thisDestiny, 49:I preserve. France 3rd Ray Intelligence. 5th Ray Knowledge. I release the Light. Great Britain 1stDestiny, 49:7th Ray Order. I link two Ways. Austria 5th Ray Knowledge. 4th Ray Harmony through Conflict. IDestiny, 51:Hence their amazing contribution to the knowledge and the thought of the world and their brilliantDestiny, 69:conditions apparent and even with the small knowledge of esoteric astrology now available will makeDestiny, 72:egoically of the fifth Ray of Concrete Knowledge or Science and the personality Ray of ActiveDestiny, 74:the postwar period? Ray 5. - Concrete Science or knowledge, via [75] Venus. In this a realizedDestiny, 83:in the harmony of the empire. Ray 5. - Concrete Knowledge or Science, via Venus. It is interestingDestiny, 87:today the controlling factor. Ray 5. - Concrete Knowledge or Science, via Venus. This influence isDestiny, 91:always rages in the States. Ray 5. - Concrete Knowledge and Science, via Venus. This confers theDestiny, 103:ray forces which are seeking expression, plus a knowledge of the personality and egoic rays. Out ofDestiny, 105:planetary centers to the human being. Too much knowledge would be given too soon and prior to theDestiny, 114:and architecture and in all branches of human knowledge. This discriminating taste has reached aDestiny, 115:to which we give the name of intuitional knowledge. The counterparts of the five senses and theirDestiny, 130:seventh ray disciple has no such problem. By his knowledge of ritual (which is the ancient codifiedDestiny, 140:mysterious force which is a blend of love and knowledge, of intelligence and synthesis, and ofDestiny, 145:Response Expression The Artist. Ray V Mentation Knowledge Science The Scientist. Ray VI DevotionDestiny, 147:on the earth in the form of the "light of knowledge." Today, education whose objective is to leadDiscipleship1, X:come when belief can (and does) give place to knowledge - a knowledge gained through the acceptanceDiscipleship1, X:can (and does) give place to knowledge - a knowledge gained through the acceptance of a hypothesisDiscipleship1, XIII:along this line. The fifth Ray of Concrete Knowledge or Science. Scientists and people who areDiscipleship1, XIV:the Tibetan shows definite prevision and the knowledge that both these men would die a few yearsDiscipleship1, 6:much thought or potentially so illumined. Today, knowledge is widespread and many, many people areDiscipleship1, 13:us: Group unity... through thought, exoteric knowledge of each other and a constant sending forthDiscipleship1, 14:by the reason - carries one forward into knowledge and evokes the wisdom of the soul and itsDiscipleship1, 15:faculties, spiritual perception, intuitive knowledge, mental telepathy (and not the telepathy whichDiscipleship1, 18:and the mutual interchange of wisdom and of knowledge are essential if this is to be perfected. TheDiscipleship1, 38:transmitters of two aspects of divine energy-knowledge and wisdom. These must be thought of inDiscipleship1, 49:not here to a solar plexus reaction but to heart knowledge. Ponder on this distinction. RightDiscipleship1, 53:has seemed to us possible to focus the light and knowledge much more definitely and to form groupsDiscipleship1, 53:individuals - so that more light and more knowledge can be spread abroad. This we decided to do inDiscipleship1, 55:That step will be taken when you have transmuted knowledge and theory into wisdom, practice andDiscipleship1, 58:of the disciple. This, therefore, involves true knowledge of the disciple's inner group relation,Discipleship1, 64:of the mental plane and with the energy of knowledge. The love aspect of the soul itself isDiscipleship1, 64:You too must work from mental levels but knowledge and love must be called into play together,Discipleship1, 65:this will result in illumination and a working knowledge of the immediate aspects of the Plan. ThatDiscipleship1, 73:where conscious use of it can be made and the knowledge given can be turned to practical purpose inDiscipleship1, 79:guide me in all my future approaches to you. If knowledge of who I am leads you into the dangerousDiscipleship1, 79:have drawn forth; if you are burdened by the knowledge, then you must learn to carry burdens orDiscipleship1, 83:practical and effective in their environment the knowledge that has been imparted and theDiscipleship1, 87:and the occult approach, and also of feeling and knowledge. Discipleship1, 89:confronting disciples is to achieve factual knowledge of this. Pictorial visualization (which is aDiscipleship1, 96:co-disciples, but they do not always carry this knowledge through into the brain consciousness.Discipleship1, 96:because they could not be trusted to handle the knowledge correctly upon the physical plane. TheyDiscipleship1, 102:you will forget the little self. [102] That your knowledge may be transmuted into wisdom and theDiscipleship1, 106:may be achieved. Later, upon that accumulated knowledge of years, a fresh structure of knowledgeDiscipleship1, 106:knowledge of years, a fresh structure of knowledge may be erected and a new and higher rhythm beDiscipleship1, 107:the aspiration of my fellowmen. To this - in knowledge full - I pledge myself." Your gift to thisDiscipleship1, 110:Thus you will learn to avail yourself of the knowledge, gained psychically, and to serve withDiscipleship1, 116:ever intelligent (highly so) for you have much knowledge as the result of ancient experience andDiscipleship1, 116:and deep thought and study in this life. That knowledge must, however, be translated into wisdomDiscipleship1, 137:can use the experience gained, the hard won knowledge assembled and the wisdom garnered in activeDiscipleship1, 138:citizen. Yet the very depth of your vision and knowledge make you prone to feel your individualDiscipleship1, 147:is the way that you have chosen to go, and the knowledge [148] of this and its remembrance may helpDiscipleship1, 149:little that I can say, for you are gifted with knowledge and with wisdom; there is naught inDiscipleship1, 150:avidity for service and an acquisitiveness for knowledge and for information which must now beDiscipleship1, 155:vision with confidence, sure judgment and the knowledge that I, who for years (longer than youDiscipleship1, 159:where there is not your background of esoteric knowledge, their intense interest in their workDiscipleship1, 174:In this way, you will stabilize your own knowledge and serve your co-disciples by bringing to theirDiscipleship1, 183:discipleship so that a good foundation of knowledge in preparation for initiation is laid forDiscipleship1, 192:all that could be desired from the angle of your knowledge; your devotion to the cause of humanityDiscipleship1, 192:a psychological healer. This is true. But your knowledge of modern psychology is as yet weak; youDiscipleship1, 201:the third: 5-4-3. These are the Rays of Concrete Knowledge, of Harmony through Conflict (wroughtDiscipleship1, 210:which is. I make the future also by my present knowledge of the past and the beauty of the present.Discipleship1, 211:take must still be kept, but the power to share knowledge, experience and the gains of illuminationDiscipleship1, 211:upon the Way. You withhold also, as dangerous, knowledge which you may have from those who are notDiscipleship1, 214:the psychology of groups. You have wide knowledge as to the psychology of individuals. Study nowDiscipleship1, 219:a first ray personality, animated as yours is by knowledge and goodwill. The ray of your mentalDiscipleship1, 263:are inwardly sensed. You have poise, courage and knowledge and the "way of the disciple", which theDiscipleship1, 273:With you as with all the group there is much knowledge. You have been given and taught much, bothDiscipleship1, 276:advance towards greater usefulness. Some of this knowledge has come to you during the past year,Discipleship1, 284:lies behind my suggestion or not, and whether knowledge of you is the incentive of my effort onDiscipleship1, 288:be that colored all my instruction. It was this knowledge that prompted me to say, "You have muchDiscipleship1, 298:of the egoic lotus (speaking symbolically), the knowledge petals, to the brain. It is the energy ofDiscipleship1, 298:attention during the coming months. You have knowledge, my brother, and your spiritual experienceDiscipleship1, 301:so imperfect and are you yet so unloving that knowledge need evoke criticism and resentment,Discipleship1, 307:learns then to recognize those whose wisdom and knowledge surpass his own, to cooperate with thoseDiscipleship1, 311:which is based on a trained reticence and a sure knowledge? I am inclined to leave your meditationDiscipleship1, 315:mind. This ray gives you ability in the field of knowledge, but it must be balanced by theDiscipleship1, 315:you the power to master your chosen field of knowledge, but that power must be balanced by theDiscipleship1, 315:The personality ray - the fifth Ray of Concrete Knowledge. [316] The ray of the mental body - theDiscipleship1, 316:of the mental body - the fifth Ray of Concrete Knowledge. The ray of the astral body - the sixth
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