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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - KNOWLEDGE

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Discipleship1, 316:your fifth ray quality, which is that of knowledge, and which, when present, can produceDiscipleship1, 322:in your personality. This is partly because your knowledge of the mechanics of that personality isDiscipleship1, 322:of my disciples because you have less academic knowledge. Avoid the glamor which comes fromDiscipleship1, 326:in words the ideas you contact and the field of knowledge in which - at high moments - you findDiscipleship1, 326:of your personality. The ecstasy of divine knowledge which you know at times and which fails ofDiscipleship1, 329:sense of reliant confidence which comes from the knowledge that there are those who stand steady,Discipleship1, 332:take the matter up with R. V. B. Your technical knowledge of these terms may not be adequate toDiscipleship1, 347:it can let in destructive force. Use the knowledge which you have to emphasize the facts of whichDiscipleship1, 347:old adage remains profoundly true that "a little knowledge is a dangerous thing." The Path leadingDiscipleship1, 350:this time. Of two of them, you already have some knowledge - your second ray soul and your seventhDiscipleship1, 350:than you do about your seventh personality ray. Knowledge of this latter ray must come to youDiscipleship1, 353:of your contribution in service will be a deep knowledge on the part of esotericists and a renewedDiscipleship1, 353:teaching. I would ask you to let this knowledge percolate slowly (if I may use such a term) intoDiscipleship1, 353:then become an integral part of your scientific knowledge, of your mental equipment, and of yourDiscipleship1, 354:with the assimilation of that inner and occult knowledge which has been your chosen way this life.Discipleship1, 354:of the rendering of service and the acquiring of knowledge. You can touch heights in your innerDiscipleship1, 355:can tell you. Your failure is in application of knowledge to the situation. So oft with aspirants,Discipleship1, 355:of your physical problem, much light and knowledge will pour through your brain consciousness. ItDiscipleship1, 357:them in order that, with deliberation and knowledge, they may constantly give along the indicatedDiscipleship1, 357:pool of wisdom. From thence I come, bearing a knowledge of its mysteries for my fellowmen." SeekDiscipleship1, 359:students? You have much to convey of occult knowledge and when you learn to write your knowledge,Discipleship1, 359:knowledge and when you learn to write your knowledge, then your real service will begin toDiscipleship1, 359:you have learned with wisdom to externalize your knowledge. [360] Discipleship1, 360:to be found in your realization that your inner knowledge far outstrips your outer usefulness. ItDiscipleship1, 361:you are not making outer constructive use of the knowledge which you acquire in meditation, throughDiscipleship1, 361:of the first things we must do is to employ the knowledge and the occult information which isDiscipleship1, 361:I seek to see that service fed by your occult knowledge and by your head and not just by yourDiscipleship1, 362:gift, acquired through many lives of achieved knowledge. But a fertile garden and a rank wildernessDiscipleship1, 364:progress in the outer expression of your inner knowledge has been needlessly slow. Given a rightDiscipleship1, 369:laid down." "But the plan was not complete. Some knowledge of the ground plan upon which the TempleDiscipleship1, 369:Workman waited." "The one who sought the needed knowledge, who guided those who laid the ground forDiscipleship1, 371:we study them - that though there is contact and knowledge there is also ambition, violence andDiscipleship1, 390:day life. A symbol of this can be seen in the knowledge that the entire planet lies outside of theDiscipleship1, 391:of the universe, governs the extent of your knowledge at any given time. Think this out, myDiscipleship1, 401:through the use of [401] your pen, for you have knowledge of that which should be said, and wordsDiscipleship1, 402:to enlarge upon these ideas yourself from your knowledge of the ray tendencies and qualities, andDiscipleship1, 409:How can I, with my clearer vision of you and my knowledge of your subtler bodies and theirDiscipleship1, 415:and that you have no background of acquired knowledge. But you have been many years in touch withDiscipleship1, 422:of stabilization before passing on to greater knowledge. Discipleship1, 437:Your mental body is on the fifth Ray of Concrete Knowledge or Science. Hence your interest andDiscipleship1, 439:of many lives, spent in acquiring spiritual knowledge. Your field of service is real. Be notDiscipleship1, 447:which necessarily exists in your case between knowledge and wisdom. You would find it of value toDiscipleship1, 447:understanding, love-wisdom and concrete knowledge should be and can be developed and related by youDiscipleship1, 453:By throwing the light of the intuition and the knowledge possessed on to the future as well as onDiscipleship1, 454:aspiration, is slowly giving place to the sure knowledge of an illumined mind. You ask me at times:Discipleship1, 459:as authoritative or dogmatic. From my wider knowledge of truth and from my capacity to know you allDiscipleship1, 462:as a disciple, are pledged. [462] Your love and knowledge should begin to lead you more and moreDiscipleship1, 464:and pledged disciple, and you do not fear the knowledge of reality. You have passed across theDiscipleship1, 468:must also stand with your group, giving them the knowledge which is so abundantly yours. You have aDiscipleship1, 469:and critical where there is not adequate knowledge. This is an initial part of the technique ofDiscipleship1, 471:Learn to feel joy - a joy which is based on the knowledge that humanity has always triumphed andDiscipleship1, 472:to you. The doubt in my mind arose from my knowledge of the two tendencies in you which haveDiscipleship1, 476:save perhaps the difference of greater knowledge on your part and, therefore, greaterDiscipleship1, 491:inner light and one which emanates from the knowledge petals of the egoic lotus - speakingDiscipleship1, 491:lotus - speaking symbolically. You have much knowledge and much intelligent understanding orDiscipleship1, 491:most of it you have not. This inner light or knowledge does not serve to reveal to you the innerDiscipleship1, 493:be dominated by the soul whose nature is love. Knowledge you have. More love you need. When I sayDiscipleship1, 495:you. Meditate then upon the implications, using knowledge and mind as the method of understanding.Discipleship1, 498:is there. You are on the way to transmute knowledge into wisdom, and it was this latent capacity inDiscipleship1, 503:whereof I speak; it is because of this knowledge that I tell you that I stand by you and that youDiscipleship1, 503:and will animate your life is the surety of the knowledge that humanity and the Hierarchy areDiscipleship1, 505:permits not the clear light of truth and of knowledge to shine in. Both are yours. You are wise andDiscipleship1, 512:wrong action or mistake, or do you lock up your knowledge of peoples' faults in the secret of yourDiscipleship1, 514:to meet all circumstances in the light of that knowledge. The crisis (which may focus itself inDiscipleship1, 519:break through to a deepened and more realized knowledge if you can train yourself in detachmentDiscipleship1, 526:reaction. As a soul, you are strong in knowledge; as a soul, you love all beings; as a soul, thereDiscipleship1, 527:out of a life crisis into greater surety, light, knowledge and usefulness. You have naught to doDiscipleship1, 527:is called "brave." It is the courage of sure knowledge, held steadily and unquestioning in theDiscipleship1, 542:science of service. The fifth Ray of Concrete Knowledge is, in reality, that on which a man learnsDiscipleship1, 542:that on which a man learns to use all acquired knowledge of the "form divine" in such a way thatDiscipleship1, 550:word which could give a key to your life: direct knowledge. Do you not realize that in the quiet ofDiscipleship1, 550:the priceless opportunity to acquire that direct knowledge? P. D. W. has already acquired much ofDiscipleship1, 550:You might rightly ask me the question: Direct knowledge of what? and I would reply: DirectDiscipleship1, 550:knowledge of what? and I would reply: Direct knowledge of your own soul, so that it is a fact and aDiscipleship1, 550:not only a belief and a hope. The way to that knowledge is through alignment. Direct knowledge ofDiscipleship1, 550:to that knowledge is through alignment. Direct knowledge of your fellowmen, so that you understandDiscipleship1, 550:a study of A Treatise on the Seven Rays. Direct knowledge of the inner group of workers with whomDiscipleship1, 556:will open out before you and you will add to knowledge, wisdom, and to intelligent understanding,Discipleship1, 556:awareness and, in the mystic, practical occult knowledge. Your vision can be on high levels, andDiscipleship1, 561:and not quantity, and teach from the angle of knowledge, carefully thought out in meditation. InDiscipleship1, 570:brother and my friend. You have a deep and vital knowledge of spiritual and esoteric truth and can,Discipleship1, 576:you personally at this time. You have so much knowledge and you do realize that your major problemDiscipleship1, 598:and to the room in which you lived. Your knowledge of what lay outside was theoretical but not of aDiscipleship1, 602:spurious astral double. Your key words are self-knowledge, lucidity and truth, and they must all beDiscipleship1, 619:your true friends gave you, out of affection and knowledge of you. You had to find that the pictureDiscipleship1, 623:Your gift to the group is that of illumined knowledge and the providing of a firm basis for action,Discipleship1, 643:not to deter you from your search for academic knowledge. A measure of that is wise and needed. YouDiscipleship1, 644:of certain carefully chosen psychologists whose knowledge and whose grasp of human essentials isDiscipleship1, 644:for your fellowmen, will release in you the knowledge which you gained in earlier lives and thereDiscipleship1, 647:They will thus form part of your mind's knowledge and of your soul's expression. [648] I would sayDiscipleship1, 649:As you meditate during the coming months, much knowledge and many readjustments may come to you. InDiscipleship1, 654:What [654] I am endeavoring to do is based on a knowledge of you as a Soul, and an appreciation ofDiscipleship1, 665:field of opportunity and your main avenue of knowledge in the world of human expression. Your soulDiscipleship1, 673:attention and thus draw on his strength, knowledge and advice. This is an instantaneous happening,Discipleship1, 673:chelas who can be depended upon not to use the knowledge for anything except the need of the work;Discipleship1, 678:day, the radiance of the rising sun and perfect knowledge of the Truth appear. "This is the pathDiscipleship1, 685:of a relatively new truth as far as human knowledge is concerned. Before the Hierarchy can workDiscipleship1, 686:is that of the personality to the soul as soul knowledge, soul light and soul control become [687]Discipleship1, 687:question is based upon the blindness and lack of knowledge of the disciple. As the rapport becomesDiscipleship1, 690:of the past, illumined by the light of knowledge of the Plan which always concerns the future -
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