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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - KNOWLEDGE

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Discipleship1, 694:is basically formed of those who through their knowledge, devotion and service have worked theirDiscipleship1, 712:attention and thus draw upon his strength and knowledge and advice. This is an instantaneousDiscipleship1, 713:chelas who can be depended upon not to use their knowledge for anything except the need of theDiscipleship1, 715:of group relationship is missing; the knowledge of group inclination is not present; there is noDiscipleship1, 718:plane, is governed by the fifth Ray of Concrete Knowledge or Science, and is a reflection of theDiscipleship1, 733:light; they exist then as guarantees of future knowledge and as signposts of a relativeDiscipleship1, 752:an aura from the point of view of occult knowledge and they are "quality" and "sphere ofDiscipleship1, 755:The manasic permanent atom of the disciple. The knowledge petals of the egoic lotus. The lowerDiscipleship1, 763:The love petals or the love-wisdom aspect. The knowledge petals or the mind aspect. This processDiscipleship1, 763:petal in the three love petals and in the three knowledge petals. You, therefore, have fiveDiscipleship1, 763:via the love petals, again five in all. The knowledge petals transmit energy, the energy ofDiscipleship1, 763:center, again in the same manner, via the five knowledge petals. Discipleship1, 764:Spiritual Triad. The manasic permanent atom. The knowledge petals. The antahkarana. The mentalDiscipleship1, 765:at a high stage of expansion and with knowledge for which we have no terminology. Is it notDiscipleship1, 769:who, though they may have absolutely no knowledge of esotericism, yet care enough to do what theyDiscipleship1, 773:form to life. He has explored all the avenues of knowledge; he has descended into the depths, intoDiscipleship1, 789:compassion and inclusiveness, illumined by a knowledge of the plan and aiming to comprehend theDiscipleship2, XIII:he stated in exact percentages. Even with this knowledge given us we could not know which center toDiscipleship2, 4:of criticism and wrong reaction to each other's knowledge is rapidly disappearing from among you.Discipleship2, 4:late summer of 1936. I have sought - with the knowledge of some of you - to prepare you all as aDiscipleship2, 13:which an extended vision can be gained, fresh knowledge can flow in and the transmuting light canDiscipleship2, 25:of esoteric students, and the piling up of knowledge anent the Hierarchy and its Personnel. In theDiscipleship2, 25:its Personnel. In the minds of disciples this knowledge and this aspiration obliterates the need ofDiscipleship2, 25:one. As regards the impartation of spiritual knowledge, the Masters who take pupils are faced withDiscipleship2, 25:problem of the learned disciple. Ignorance and knowledge must both give place to understanding andDiscipleship2, 27:moon, for the seeping through of information and knowledge is often a slow process, owing to theDiscipleship2, 48:and unlawful ambition control and not the inner knowledge. To put it scientifically and from theDiscipleship2, 62:that the Japanese people, with their peculiar knowledge of thought power (used along wrong lines inDiscipleship2, 68:of unhappiness, plus a sense of superior knowledge. All this is expressed in a negative,Discipleship2, 68:be molded or determined by any hierarchical knowledge in the possession of the disciple. WorldDiscipleship2, 68:humanitarian instinct. If, however, the will and knowledge of disciples in all nations were toDiscipleship2, 82:they may be doing for the Hierarchy. It was the knowledge of this coming inflow and opportunity forDiscipleship2, 89:energies which are available to it and the knowledge and the wisdom unfolded find expression inDiscipleship2, 96:as to your problems and opportunity and latent knowledge, gained as the result of years of workDiscipleship2, 97:brothers, a man is known as he is for this clear knowledge, the members of this group (affiliatedDiscipleship2, 101:I perhaps say?) recovery of ancient links and knowledge clarified her vision and her position inDiscipleship2, 101:of the vehicle, to hold increasingly on to your knowledge of the Hierarchy and thus to pass over toDiscipleship2, 101:the concept of a spiritual continuity of knowledge and of a rightly oriented attitude. Thus timeDiscipleship2, 109:thereby. They believe that in expressing their knowledge of petty and unimportant details anent theDiscipleship2, 109:senior aspirants who possess self-ascertained knowledge and who are capable of correctDiscipleship2, 131:and interpretations (based on insufficient knowledge) would undoubtedly impinge upon your brother'sDiscipleship2, 133:personality, or if he is advanced enough in knowledge, the Spiritual Triad and the fourfoldDiscipleship2, 140:understanding. Let wisdom take the place of knowledge in my life." Of yourself as a unit in myDiscipleship2, 146:Ideas. As the disciple, you have realized that a knowledge of truth and the reception of ideas laysDiscipleship2, 154:registered. For the majority, at present, the knowledge of the divine thought (as registered byDiscipleship2, 154:enable you to take the first steps towards this knowledge; it is for me to give to you the A B C ofDiscipleship2, 162:is quiescently ready to record that "descending knowledge." Practical ability to relate the idea toDiscipleship2, 163:received fresh and keener recognition; the knowledge and the responsibility of mankind everywhereDiscipleship2, 170:on the plane of mind, is the utilization of this knowledge in order to affect the publicDiscipleship2, 179:can lead the aspirant on, step by step, from knowledge into wisdom; I would like you to grasp theDiscipleship2, 185:this the iceberg is by far the best symbol. His knowledge and capacities and his spiritualDiscipleship2, 185:in daily life, as they should. Esoteric knowledge is not intended to drive your spiritual life intoDiscipleship2, 190:tendency; that of the disciple is based on knowledge and receptivity to certain energies fromDiscipleship2, 200:focused appeal and with a true background of knowledge - are able to "think through" into a higherDiscipleship2, 202:giving all they have of scientific ability and knowledge to the service of humanity - each in hisDiscipleship2, 202:educators, preoccupied with wise formulations of knowledge and with an encyclopedic understandingDiscipleship2, 208:and qualities of which we have no experience or knowledge. We may possess utterly no idea in theDiscipleship2, 209:of such individuals the Council Members have no knowledge, for the reason that they think andDiscipleship2, 220:is today to be found. The fifth Ray of Concrete Knowledge is also expressing itself powerfully inDiscipleship2, 225:Millions are needed to spread the required knowledge of the hierarchical Plan; millions are neededDiscipleship2, 227:terms of your major world interest and with what knowledge of world affairs you may possess. SeeDiscipleship2, 236:task is, through meditation, to establish the knowledge of and the functioning of those laws andDiscipleship2, 245:responsibility with its attendant liabilities; knowledge and the pressure of spiritual energyDiscipleship2, 247:out and up towards divinity, give place to clear knowledge of the liberated group of souls. ThisDiscipleship2, 248:Old Commentary: "There is that which transmutes knowledge into wisdom within a flash of time; thereDiscipleship2, 251:to grasp in connection with himself. The eye of knowledge, the eye of vision and the directing eyeDiscipleship2, 251:and obvious interpretation concerns the eye of knowledge. But what of the eye of vision whenDiscipleship2, 251:of chelas. Both these unites utilize the eye of knowledge and the eye of vision. [252] Discipleship2, 255:bear and a motivation - based on newly acquired knowledge and understanding - which is entirelyDiscipleship2, 256:are life formulas, not [256] soul formulas. New knowledge must supersede the old and it will notDiscipleship2, 258:however, is that he is becoming aware of soul knowledge, whereas for the initiate the intuition isDiscipleship2, 265:consciousness in the three worlds knows. That knowledge is limited in the neophyte, deepening inDiscipleship2, 279:all there is to know. You need to remember that knowledge is associated with the factual world; itDiscipleship2, 279:its subjective counterpart - recovery of past knowledge. This means regaining again, consciously,Discipleship2, 279:different experiences; it is related to the "knowledge petals" in the egoic lotus and to theDiscipleship2, 279:the egoic lotus and to the concrete lower mind. Knowledge is that which brings about an effectiveDiscipleship2, 279:and the passing. The factor which is enduring in knowledge is simply its power to relate the pastDiscipleship2, 279:and this he possesses even if his practical knowledge of mundane details - historical,Discipleship2, 279:a Master's Ashram can provide him with what knowledge he may require, for they are drawn fromDiscipleship2, 279:among them can summarize the sumtotal of human knowledge at any one given time. This must not beDiscipleship2, 279:of the Wisdom always knows where to go for knowledge. Knowledge and intelligence or mentalDiscipleship2, 279:Wisdom always knows where to go for knowledge. Knowledge and intelligence or mental polarizationDiscipleship2, 279:in your minds. I might add to the above that knowledge deals with the ascertained and the effectualDiscipleship2, 279:and possibilities of spiritual expression. Knowledge can be expressed in concepts and precepts;Discipleship2, 279:against which (very frequently) much mundane knowledge powerfully militates. The concrete mindDiscipleship2, 282:purpose of the world of meaning and to apply the knowledge gained to his daily life withDiscipleship2, 291:his created world and to participate with full knowledge in all events and happenings. Through whatDiscipleship2, 300:raincloud is hovering, heavy with portent and knowledge, over a world today in process ofDiscipleship2, 300:above - leaves the disciple to work through to knowledge and cooperative usefulness; he neitherDiscipleship2, 307:initiate is one of constant registration of new knowledge which must be transmuted into practicalDiscipleship2, 308:forward, and oft in much bewilderment he seeks knowledge and receives it at unexpected moments, andDiscipleship2, 309:of this revealed fact was an essential piece of knowledge in the world, prior to theDiscipleship2, 310:education. Educational processes, concerning knowledge as they do, may be specialized, and teachingDiscipleship2, 313:keys" which will permit him to delve into the knowledge, wisdom and reason of the Universal Mind.Discipleship2, 323:of certain mysterious and hitherto unknown knowledge the reward of initiation? There is much vagueDiscipleship2, 328:I point out that this sharing involves complete knowledge of all the personality reactions of allDiscipleship2, 329:attention; they would then arrive at the [329] knowledge that their limitations definitely provideDiscipleship2, 330:enabled him to penetrate into the Ashram; his knowledge becomes more rapidly transmuted into wisdomDiscipleship2, 349:are seen as illusion, and the lower mind, the knowledge petals of the egoic lotus, the abstractDiscipleship2, 389:his test lies, for he must proceed on that inner knowledge but dispense with the stimulation of
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