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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - KNOWLEDGE

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Externalisation, 508:and with their heightened vibration and superior knowledge unite their forces with those of theExternalisation, 509:and known. They will train human beings in the knowledge of superhuman physics so that weight shallExternalisation, 511:church usages. Teachers must be trained; Bible knowledge must be spread; the sacraments must beExternalisation, 521:deep united meditation and the pooling of knowledge) to approach closer to the Hierarchy. ThisExternalisation, 532:will, and such a unification inevitably brings knowledge. It is, however, not knowledge as youExternalisation, 532:inevitably brings knowledge. It is, however, not knowledge as you understand it. It is a blend ofExternalisation, 532:understand it. It is a blend of wisdom based on knowledge, understanding based on intuitiveExternalisation, 556:time there will be no outer ceremonies or any knowledge as to who will be chosen in the variousExternalisation, 556:human participation is being made this year. The knowledge of this will give purpose and fixedExternalisation, 557:Section IV - Stages in the Externalization This knowledge will be particularly useful to those whoExternalisation, 559:of life itself, progress ever continues; knowledge must ever be transmuted into wisdom; love mustExternalisation, 569:are those who can supply Them with any specified knowledge which They may need at any given time orExternalisation, 569:from a Master, have retained their worldly knowledge, besides specializing in certain strictlyExternalisation, 578:lead to no damage to the acquisition of academic knowledge or the right apprehension of spiritualExternalisation, 578:enlightened churchmen who - with vision and sure knowledge, free from dogmatism and hatingExternalisation, 582:perception and the changing of acquired academic knowledge into an over shadowing and conditioningExternalisation, 594:and sound that - united to the wisdom and the knowledge of the spiritual Hierarchy - it has givenExternalisation, 600:unbelievers), will soon give place to certain knowledge, to visual recognition, to provable signsExternalisation, 616:for Whom all men wait, the Christ, can come. The knowledge that He is ready and anxious publicly toExternalisation, 618:with us at all times; it must be grounded in the knowledge that the war - with all its unspeakableExternalisation, 619:as they are, thus arriving at a better knowledge of ourselves and of our motives. Externalisation, 631:is, and a new form of divine appeal which a knowledge of meditation has now made possible. To thisExternalisation, 644:a mental development which can transmute the knowledge - garnered down the ages - into wisdom. ItExternalisation, 665:(Who has always withheld His name from public knowledge) is a lesser Ashram within the major thirdExternalisation, 672:and receiving ever the inner assurance, knowledge [673] and aid of Those Who are working out (asExternalisation, 674:organized to function openly. It was the knowledge that this important development was imminentExternalisation, 674:bring to the consciousness of modern man the knowledge of what occultism essentially means. TheExternalisation, 698:of men's minds is further advanced, when the knowledge of the existence of the Masters and TheirFire, VII:producing was in fact only the A B C of esoteric knowledge, and that in the future she would gladlyFire, xii:work of the scientists, discovering the needed knowledge with adequate rapidity. The emphasis inFire, xvii:II. The Fire of Mind or Solar Fire The fire of knowledge burns up all action on the plane ofFire, 5:Harmony, Beauty and Art. Ray V - Ray of Concrete Knowledge or Science. Ray VI - Ray of Devotion orFire, 7:Tamasic life - rajasic life - sattvic life. Knowledge of the cycles involves knowledge of number,Fire, 7:- sattvic life. Knowledge of the cycles involves knowledge of number, sound and color. FullFire, 7:knowledge of number, sound and color. Full knowledge of the mystery of the cycles is the possessionFire, 73:of the memory may come the basis of further knowledge. We dealt first with the three fires of theFire, 86:during manifestation. When more scientific knowledge has been gained it will be found that the sameFire, 100:teaching is studied with care, it will convey a knowledge of truths whose caliber and content willFire, 104:found likewise in the Macrocosm. Herein lies the knowledge that oft-times explains the apparentFire, 112:Fourth. The four planetary Logoi 50 of Harmony, Knowledge, Abstract Thought and Ceremonial, whoFire, 114:Harmony, Art or Rhythm. The Ray of Concrete Knowledge or Science. The Ray of Abstract Idealism. TheFire, 127:these fires must be the result of spiritualized knowledge, and must be directed solely by the LightFire, 162:fires of his body without the needed technical knowledge. He may, by his efforts, succeed inFire, 162:transmute his threefold lower nature. Develop knowledge of himself, and equip his mental body;Fire, 179:blinded that, except for those who have occult knowledge and the intuition developed, it would beFire, 186:comes the ability wisely to follow the path of knowledge. The senses might be defined as thoseFire, 186:to self-conscious evolution. As a source of knowledge. As the transmuting faculty towards the closeFire, 188:Glossary. "Jnana-indriyas" - literally knowledge-senses... by which knowledge is obtained... TheyFire, 188:- literally knowledge-senses... by which knowledge is obtained... They axe the avenues inward.Fire, 188:is due to solar radiation - S. D., I, 590, 662. Knowledge is the end of sense. - S. D., I, 300.Fire, 188:service 3. Realization 4. Perfection 5. All knowledge 5th 6th 5th 4th 3rd It can be noted that weFire, 189:idealism. Spiritual discernment. Idealism. All knowledge. [190] Let us now proceed to take up eachFire, 192:comprehension, for it has involved two things: A knowledge and recognition of individual sound, AFire, 192:and recognition of individual sound, A similar knowledge of group sound, and their completeFire, 193:needs not the senses to guide him any longer to knowledge. But in time, and in the three worlds,Fire, 200:and its realized adequacy. Smell - Perfected Knowledge. The principle of manas in itsFire, 207:kalpas. - S. D., II, 99. Their nature is knowledge and love. - S. D., II, 275; S. D., II, 619. TheFire, 216:the cosmic entities, the Kumaras by the aid of knowledge through the medium of matter. Fire, 219:note or measure of the matter of each plane. By knowledge of this law the material of any plane inFire, 224:on which to erect the intended structure of knowledge. If a student of the Wisdom can grasp theFire, 225:cyclic? Why, as yet, do we consider certain knowledge as esoteric, and other aspects of knowledgeFire, 225:knowledge as esoteric, and other aspects of knowledge as exoteric? What is the relationship betweenFire, 230:experience. Making contact. Developing full self-knowledge. Achieving full mastery or control.Fire, 244:The relation between The Not-Self. The Knower Knowledge The Known. Life Realization Form. One couldFire, 244:self-consciousness, and to full and active knowledge. This Son is objectively the solar system,Fire, 244:achieve; when They reach Their full growth and knowledge, [245] and are self-conscious on allFire, 252:chooses and discards, thus attaining knowledge and self-consciousness. This manasic faculty TheyFire, 252:to evolve, to increase vibration, to gain knowledge, and to make contact. This increased vibrationFire, 285:Two - Introductory Questions VIII. Why is Knowledge 16 both Exoteric and Esoteric? We can now takeFire, 285:worded: "Why do we consider certain aspects of knowledge esoteric and other aspects as exoteric?"Fire, 285:practically involves the realization that some knowledge deals with the subjective side of life,Fire, 285:subjective side of life, and the other type of knowledge with the objective side; that one type ofFire, 285:with the objective side; that one type of knowledge is concerned with energy and force (hence theFire, 285:in any way brought under conscious control. The knowledge which deals with that plane, [286] theFire, 286:will be mastered, and the entire mass of knowledge concerned with physical and etheric matter, withFire, 286:only his five physical senses. Information and knowledge of the life evolving through the formsFire, 287:become apparent that the esoteric aspects of knowledge are really those zones of consciousnessFire, 287:KNOWERS will be to draw within the zone of their knowledge other [288] units who are ready for aFire, 288:we are told that there are seven branches of knowledge mentioned in the Puranas. - S. D., I, 192.Fire, 288:The seven Rays, the Lords of Sacrifice, Love and Knowledge. The seven states of consciousness. TheFire, 288:many other septenates. The Gnosis, the hidden Knowledge, is the seventh Principle, the six schoolsFire, 288:Atma in man to the Logos. The Gnosis or hidden knowledge is the same as Atma vidya, or Theosophy,Fire, 289:Heavenly Man, and the application by Him of the knowledge gained (through the aid of manas or mind)Fire, 296:simply making various statements which - as the knowledge of man progresses - will assume theirFire, 305:and deals with the gradual expansion of Soul-Knowledge in a Heavenly Man. A word of warning shouldFire, 320:scientific formula, and some of its properties, knowledge concerning its range of influence, andFire, 322:inconceivable to man at his present stage of knowledge. These vortices will be distinguished by:Fire, 326:delves into the question of the ethers. As knowledge of the four types of ethers is available, asFire, 326:may be studied become known then paralleling knowledge anent the corresponding four cosmic ethersFire, 339:of manas and its ability to store and acquire knowledge and information is being developed. A man,Fire, 345:his ability to produce through scientific knowledge, that which is called electric light and whichFire, 350:new kingdom of nature. The faculty of acquiring knowledge [351] must be realized as paralleling theFire, 358:revealed at the third Initiation. It is by knowledge of the nature and quality of the electricalFire, 362:alignment. Add to the above facts the accepted knowledge that this is the fourth round and we haveFire, 366:of a Lord of a Ray, can be brought about through knowledge of certain mantrams and formulae. OnFire, 381:part of the next round will see more widespread knowledge and interest in this matter. Fire, 386:in many ways sums up the totality of the present knowledge. Let us briefly enlarge upon it, correctFire, 393:the true nature of the self has attained to real knowledge, express himself and still will neverFire, 397:followed) yield to the student a rich reward of knowledge. Until the intuition is better developedFire, 402:the final resolution, and herein is secreted the knowledge of divine alchemy, which is based on the
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