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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - KNOWLEDGE

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Fire, 809:phenomenon of a certain kind, and by the knowledge this discovery brought of the radioactiveFire, 809:for mental growth and work. This expansion of knowledge can be looked for before one hundred andFire, 810:to the mental, and a consequent solving through "knowledge, love, and sacrifice" of all presentFire, 811:of the age: (1) A readjustment of the medical knowledge of man, resulting in a truer understandingFire, 814:concentration and meditation, they can ascertain knowledge for themselves, can develop theFire, 814:on the verge of intuitional apprehension of knowledge and those of scientific bent who are willingFire, 821:called in the esoteric terminology: The "outer knowledge" triad, or the lords of active wisdom. TheFire, 821:the second is the application of that knowledge in love and service, or the expression of the SelfFire, 821:and the third is the full expression of knowledge and love turned toward the conscious sacrifice ofFire, 822:various triangular relationships: I. The outer "knowledge" triad: Petal 1 - Knowledge on theFire, 822:I. The outer "knowledge" triad: Petal 1 - Knowledge on the physical plane. Colors: Orange, greenFire, 822:II. The middle "love" triad: Petal 1 - Higher Knowledge applied through love on the physical andFire, 822:triad: Petal 1 - The Will to sacrifice through knowledge on the mental plane, and thusFire, 825:them the easiest to unfold. For both groups the "knowledge" petal is the first opened, owing to theFire, 825:factors of intelligence and love, - intelligent knowledge and a love that goes out to that whichFire, 828:Cosmic Harmony - Fourth Ray. The Lord of Cosmic Knowledge - Fifth Ray. The Lord of cosmic DevotionFire, 829:in the two first halls, and transmutes knowledge into wisdom, transforms the shadow of things seenFire, 841:Brahmic lotuses in which the first or knowledge petal is fully unfolded. They are so called as theyFire, 847:Earth, and has from there worked his way back to knowledge of the working of the involutionary pathFire, 850:Halls of Intellection seeks for the fruit of knowledge. He finds it but to realize that knowledgeFire, 850:of knowledge. He finds it but to realize that knowledge is not all; he dies upon the open field ofFire, 850:is not all; he dies upon the open field of knowledge, hearing a cry beat on his dying ears: "KnowFire, 850:ears: "Know that the knower greater is than knowledge; the One who seeks is greater than theFire, 850:as One; they recognize the field wherein knowledge grows as Brahmic dissonance and differentiation.Fire, 850:grows as Brahmic dissonance and differentiation. Knowledge they know as method, an instrument ofFire, 857:It deals [857] with the utilization of knowledge by the knower, and is in many ways the mostFire, 862:upon the higher planes is the secret of occult knowledge. Force or energy flows in from the Ego. ItFire, 863:of that divine alchemy which will result in a knowledge of how to transmute the lower force intoFire, 868:ill-assorted and uncorrelated, are menaces to knowledge and no help. That every aspect of truth,Fire, 869:this is to be found in the [869] fact that all knowledge concerns energy, its application, and itsFire, 869:The following tabulation may be found helpful: Knowledge Petals - First circle Organized in theFire, 871:it might be stated that egoic groups in whom the knowledge petals are being organized and unfoldedFire, 871:primary influence of the Bodhisattva, with the knowledge unfoldment paralleling the work; whilstFire, 872:In the Hall of Wisdom the initiate comes to the knowledge of the first great aspect of energy, theFire, 877:First, it should be noted that the words "knowledge, love and sacrifice" mean much more occultlyFire, 877:manifestation, man, it should be realized that knowledge was inherent in the previous solar system,Fire, 879:all appearance might be expressed as follows: Knowledge 79 is the right apprehension of the laws ofFire, 881:but of how to wield and manipulate them. This is knowledge: to rightly direct force currents, firstFire, 882:a coming humanity. Hence he must have, not only knowledge, but the energy of love likewise toFire, 882:middle principle. 79 There are seven branches of knowledge mentioned in the Puranas: - S. D., I,Fire, 882:Puranas: - S. D., I, 192. The Gnosis, the hidden Knowledge, is the seventh Principle, the sixFire, 882:in man to the Logos. There are four branches of knowledge to which H. P. B. specially refers: - S.Fire, 882:the physical plane? Mahavidya - The great magic knowledge. It has degenerated into TantrikaFire, 882:vidya - The science of mantrams. The secret knowledge of mystic mantrams. The occult potency ofFire, 882:plane? Atma vidya - True spiritual wisdom. Knowledge of truth is a common inheritance. - S. D., II,Fire, 882:is a common inheritance. - S. D., II, 47, 3. Knowledge is a relative subject, and varies accordingFire, 882:to the grade achieved. Ranges of further knowledge open up before a planetary Logos. - S. D., II,Fire, 882:at by unaided man. - S. D., III, 420. Finally, Knowledge is a dangerous weapon: This is due toFire, 882:has experience. - S. D., III, 481. One realizes knowledge is the fruit of Spirit alone. - S. D.,Fire, 882:is the fruit of Spirit alone. - S. D., III, 453. Knowledge is acquired through the region of theFire, 882:pointed out. It involves the following factors: Knowledge of the purposes and intentions of theFire, 883:unfolded. They form, therefore, a synthesis of knowledge, love or sacrifice, and are closelyFire, 886:not here be said, as the dangers of a premature knowledge along this line are far greater than theFire, 894:scriptures, and if they will link up all this knowledge with that concerning those heavenlyFire, 895:may come. If the intuition suffices, knowledge may then be imparted which will make clearer theFire, 898:reaching them via the Raja Lord Varuna. This knowledge is of practical value astrologically, for itFire, 909:a lower to a higher center, and prevent (through knowledge), the incidental license. This willFire, 923:a study [923] of the two together he will gain knowledge as to the type of energy which flowsFire, 930:plane through the force of his own vibration and knowledge, but not through cooperation with theFire, 931:always implies an analogy between sight and knowledge. The "listening builders" gather theFire, 932:is not possible, owing to the danger of the knowledge to be reached. With them is hidden threeFire, 932:the second secret, and they may hope, as the knowledge of the significance of color is extended, toFire, 934:safe nor advisable as yet to impart to men knowledge anent the workers in etheric matter, whichFire, 953:of his Ego, and through a study of law, the knowledge of the power of sound, and the control ofFire, 953:of Wisdom. - S. D., II, 240. Their nature is Knowledge and Love. - S. D., II, 527. They come inFire, 955:assistance until he (consciously and with full knowledge of his work) definitely directs hisFire, 959:very definite point in evolution. Through knowledge and practice, the power has been acquired ofFire, 962:or lost in the process. The true Adept, through knowledge, conserves all energy while in process ofFire, 966:is the organ through which direct and certain knowledge is obtained. - S. D., I. 77. The initiateFire, 975:to the eyes. Later, as the aspirant grows in knowledge and purity of motive, the triangle of energyFire, 981:and the adepts or white magicians, through knowledge of the forces and power of silence and ofFire, 981:work which consists in the utilization of this knowledge in the form of Words of Power and of thoseFire, 981:learned to keep silent, and has arrived at the knowledge of the times to speak can pass this veilFire, 984:I, 279. Magic is the sumtotal of natural knowledge. - Isis Unveiled, II, 99, 189. Magic does notFire, 993:planes to the occult short cut to wisdom and knowledge which we call the Path of Initiation. 1 NoFire, 993:to be led astray by the acquisition of power. Knowledge of the laws of magic puts into the hands ofFire, 1001:with those conscious meditations, based on knowledge and long experience, which produce magicalFire, 1002:construction. Another factor is his lack of knowledge [1003] of the formula which releases theFire, 1003:impure and too selfish to be trusted with this knowledge. Their thought forms would be constructedFire, 1004:therefore, in touch with the inner center of all knowledge within themselves. When this is so, theFire, 1004:within themselves. When this is so, the knowledge is safe, for the Ego ever works on the side ofFire, 1009:to confound the two, in order to protect the knowledge. The third eye is formed through theFire, 1012:a few inches from the third eye. It is the knowledge of this which causes the Eastern yogi to speakFire, 1015:of the water or astral elementals, through a knowledge of certain formulas, and until these soundsFire, 1016:a purely protective nature, and which, through a knowledge of the laws of sound as they are knownFire, 1018:is committed to the initiate. Armed with this knowledge, he can then work out certain formulas ofFire, 1021:through the greater builders. He must, through knowledge of certain magical phrases, make the workFire, 1022:the law and who control the lesser lives through knowledge, love and will, evade the consequencesFire, 1022:types of solar energy are contacted, and expert knowledge is required to utilize the influences inFire, 1024:books "the inverted Tetraktys." It is this knowledge which puts the magician in possession of theFire, 1039:appearing, unexpectedly, as far as average man's knowledge is concerned, and yet they are but theFire, 1060:the planetary Logoi. It is the consciousness and knowledge of a solar Logos. To the occult student,Fire, 1066:new realm of activity. Some few did possess this knowledge but (realizing the danger of theirFire, 1067:and true forms through death. This involves knowledge only committed to the pledged disciple; ifFire, 1068:of liberation. In course of time and with more knowledge, true medical science will become purelyFire, 1069:point of fire. This naturally presupposes knowledge and faculties at present lacking. All theseFire, 1082:name conveys to the mind of the initiate some knowledge as to the place in evolution of the MonadFire, 1086:of man is removed from that of a crystal. The knowledge thus appreciated by the Chohans isFire, 1108:of the macrocosmic process, can arrive at a knowledge of the separation of the mental body and itsFire, 1110:the type of animating activity and arrived at a knowledge of the forces playing upon it and through
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