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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - KNOWLEDGE

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Fire, 1110:one, beginning with the outer row of petals. The Knowledge Petals These are the petals whichFire, 1110:via that one of the three petals called 'the knowledge petal. The stream of force engendered in theFire, 1112:three sources: The lower self - Lunar Pitri - Knowledge petals. Ego - Solar Angel - Love petals.Fire, 1112:e. There is the energy reaching directly to the knowledge petals from the manasic permanent atom.Fire, 1113:inner verity. f. Energy also pours in upon the knowledge petals from the egoic group, or from theFire, 1113:from the egoic group, or from the aggregated knowledge petals of all the other lotuses in the groupFire, 1116:of the outer three circles, or the blending of knowledge forces absorbed from the personal self, ofFire, 1119:disintegration of the body of the Ego. The knowledge petals, not being the subject of the attentionFire, 1119:central fire in due time cease to be active; knowledge is superseded by divine wisdom and the loveFire, 1123:of the microcosmic manifestation: Group I. The Knowledge Petals. The knowledge petal in each of theFire, 1123:Group I. The Knowledge Petals. The knowledge petal in each of the two inner circles. The centers onFire, 1124:only with the exception that he cannot align the knowledge petals in the two inner groups, as theFire, 1124:evil. Separation negates comprehension, or knowledge of that which is to be found outside theFire, 1124:the separated consciousness, for separative knowledge entails identification with that which isFire, 1125:going a great way along the line of Mahat, or knowledge, the principle of Universal Mind. They canFire, 1125:system of an earlier greater cycle in which the knowledge, or the manasic principle, was the goalFire, 1130:darkness gives place to light, and the Sun of Knowledge arises and dispels the darkness ofFire, 1141:too much dangerous information. It is the knowledge of this law as it concerns rounds, races,Fire, 1141:therefore, through correspondences, imparts knowledge as to past achievement, present opportunityFire, 1142:force" of every life. It is through this knowledge that the Lipikas control the bringing in, andFire, 1144:that practically the whole range of possible knowledge is thereby surmounted. To comprehend thisFire, 1155:has accumulated which is based (not on spiritual knowledge) but on a study of the effects producedFire, 1155:conscious control of the physical body, but a knowledge of the laws of energy, and of theFire, 1165:from the point of view of centers until their knowledge of the mystery underlying dense physicalFire, 1166:of Vishnu, because the navel of Vishnu or all-knowledge is necessary desire, the primal form ofFire, 1171:as a triple law: The Law of Solar Heat - Knowledge petals. The Law of Solar Light - Love petals.Fire, 1173:and his ability to attract to himself through knowledge, His own Higher Self, so as to produceFire, 1175:consideration) the "seven grades of psychic knowledge or the seven divisions of the field ofFire, 1175:knowledge or the seven divisions of the field of knowledge." The inner round, which carries with itFire, 1183:streams pass in different directions, and in the knowledge of occult direction comes knowledge ofFire, 1183:and in the knowledge of occult direction comes knowledge of the various hierarchies of being, andFire, 1194:earth thus demonstrating the three aspects of knowledge, love and will and all taking form. ThisFire, 1194:in his astral body - having in addition all the knowledge of an Adept. The Bodhisattva develops itFire, 1194:of the Sambhogakaya, only the great and complete knowledge, and remains in his Nirmanakaya. TheFire, 1212:will result in a great expansion of the knowledge of the planetary Logos regarding the lawsFire, 1217:and guides its activities through a knowledge of the laws of its own being. This law is not theFire, 1223:principle. 12. Buddhic energy. Ray of Concrete Knowledge. 13.Correspondence of forms to type,Fire, 1225:given, and from the close scrutiny of these some knowledge as to the essential character of theFire, 1226:the two inner rows of egoic petals are unfolded; knowledge would not reveal it, and it is only as aFire, 1226:reveal it, and it is only as a man transcends knowledge, and knows himself to be somethingFire, 1234:every form veils, and this he does through a knowledge of his own soul. He begins then himself toFire, 1236:| 4. Harmony or Beauty. 5. Concrete Knowledge. 6. Devotion or Idealism. 7. Ceremonial Magic. | THEFire, 1237:with, manipulates and correlates; through the knowledge thus gained there comes an understanding ofFire, 1237:and long is the process of attaining that knowledge. "Know the Self" comes next and when that isFire, 1241:three aspects to each other has arrived at the knowledge that back of all form is a subjective LifeFire, 1248:Ray people, those who have the Ray of Concrete Knowledge for their monadic ray, pass to this lineFire, 1251:of approach is responsiveness to heat and a knowledge of rhythm. These words will, of course, meanFire, 1251:are laying a groundwork upon which this later knowledge may be superimposed. But this is not theFire, 1252:WORK Attributes - Responsiveness to heat and knowledge of rhythm. Source - An unknown constellationFire, 1262:the skin is touched. It is not consciousness but knowledge through vibration. They are themselvesFire, 1270:or their insertion would convey too much knowledge to the man whose perception is sufficientlyFire, 1278:of that which is. It marks the point of cosmic knowledge that extendeth far ahead [1279] into theGlamour, 10:of the intellect, using your memory and what knowledge you have, to understand it exoterically.Glamour, 12:and of line has given you a rich background of knowledge upon the objective plane - a richness inGlamour, 12:your own personal reading, mental equipment and knowledge. Your capacity to read a "meaning" into aGlamour, 14:memory. The registering of old information and knowledge anent the figures in a symbol serves toGlamour, 15:all aspirants is to arrive at that intuitional knowledge and that intelligent understanding ofGlamour, 15:but in the course of the next few years, your knowledge of the subject and of the methods wherebyGlamour, 19:a working, mediating body, and transmit the new knowledge and teaching for the race; they can mouldGlamour, 24:all to the subject of glamor and see at what knowledge you will arrive. [25] Then write it down inGlamour, 28:time is short and you have an adequate technical knowledge with which to understand that whereof IGlamour, 34:out of paragraphs but a formulation of your knowledge so that you [35] can answer clearly questionsGlamour, 35:also as a group learn the meaning of true self-knowledge and so learn to stand in spiritual being,Glamour, 53:and the sense of their responsibility and their knowledge. Again they over-estimate themselves,Glamour, 54:is frequently lightly used to signify lack of knowledge, unsettled opinions, glamor,Glamour, 65:you that constructive analysis which leads from knowledge to wisdom. We have noted that the sevenGlamour, 77:stand in the world of fog and glamor. Thus, with knowledge, you can begin to free yourselves fromGlamour, 100:instruction, with the consequent [100] growth of knowledge, wisdom and right relationships. TheseGlamour, 101:between the truth and the truths, between knowledge and wisdom, between reality and illusion. WhenGlamour, 122:form. The glamor of the intellect. The glamor of knowledge and of definition. The glamor ofGlamour, 136:grasped and man can enter into that pure knowledge, that inspired reason, which will enable him toGlamour, 138:and to formulate into temporary systems of knowledge. There are many such, working patiently todayGlamour, 138:has taken place, no barriers are felt and true knowledge as a result of revealed wisdom is the giftGlamour, 144:Causes of Glamor Illumination and the light of knowledge can be regarded as synonymous terms andGlamour, 145:that it is impossible to bring in the light of knowledge with ease and effectiveness. IlluminationGlamour, 169:such a test is not dependent upon the esoteric knowledge of the few, the relatively few, to whomGlamour, 174:accurately, to [174] interpret and transmit knowledge coming from the world of phenomena and wisdomGlamour, 176:constant appeal and demand for further light and knowledge. To judge what is the next neededGlamour, 191:the use of the light of the mind. The light of knowledge is a major dispelling agent in the earlierGlamour, 191:this streams forth, blending with the light of knowledge. The stage wherein the disciple and theGlamour, 192:through the blended [192] medium of the light of knowledge (personality light) and the light ofGlamour, 192:of its power. You have therefore the light of knowledge, the light of wisdom and the light of theGlamour, 194:understanding just as the light of soul produces knowledge, through the medium of that experience.Glamour, 194:through the medium of that experience. Knowledge is not a purely mental reaction but is somethingGlamour, 194:axiomatic. The five senses bring physical plane knowledge; psychic sensitivity brings a knowledgeGlamour, 194:plane knowledge; psychic sensitivity brings a knowledge of the astral plane; the mind bringsGlamour, 194:but all three are aspects of the light of knowledge (coming from the soul) as it informs itsGlamour, 205:The light of the intellect or the light of knowledge. The light of the soul. The light of theGlamour, 240:mode whereby limited understanding and material knowledge interpret truth, veiling and hiding itGlamour, 246:him as desirable. He has now a certain amount of knowledge as to the equipment available for hisGlamour, 248:of the work to be done, giving assurance and knowledge but leaving the situation as it was. HisGlamour, 249:begins to clarify and the disciple can work with knowledge and understanding. He becomes aGlamour, 253:- dangerous because it is based on book knowledge and its exponents have never practiced itGlamour, 266:of which He has hitherto been totally unaware. Knowledge comes to Him after the fifth initiation.Healingright use of the healing faculty and forces, the knowledge is in its infancy. Only in this age andHealingof healing, one enters a world of much esoteric knowledge, and of an infinity of conclusions, andHealing, 7:to the desired activity. This involves occult knowledge and a trained mind. The healer mustHealing, 9:life of the patient. In the evolution of knowledge on every hand we are now on the surface ofHealing, 9:"superficial"), and the hour has struck in which knowledge can again re-enter the realm of theHealing, 15:his way. He will have earned the right to divine knowledge. But the above recognition will suffice
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