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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - KNOWLEDGE

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Healing, 17:the so-called evil state, according to the knowledge of the healer. The healer must seek to linkHealing, 27:- Patient - Healer This method involves much knowledge and a high point of spiritual attainment onHealing, 33:the terminology nor an adequate groundwork of knowledge on your part. This makes my task difficult.Healing, 38:healer will approach his patient with this knowledge. He will then work through those centers andHealing, 40:in himself, not only a measure of esoteric knowledge, but - until he is an initiate - something ofHealing, 40:good psychologists and they have also a sound knowledge of symptoms and of anatomy and of curativeHealing, 40:they are entirely ignorant of one great field of knowledge - that concerning the energies whichHealing, 41:Causes of Disease There is not sufficient knowledge yet among healers to enable them to deal withHealing, 45:canal Creative energy Sound Self-consciousness Knowledge petals Mental body Average humanity -Healing, 48:but it is in the combination of the knowledge of the physician, the psychologist and theHealing, 48:training, and a higher standard of technical knowledge should be required. Medicine is enteringHealing, 51:Dogmatism. Insanities. Mysticism. Fifth ray. Knowledge. Throat Lower psychism. Wrong metabolism.Healing, 56:reading for the average man or woman. A little knowledge along these lines can be a most dangerousHealing, 56:the realm of occult as well as of psychological knowledge. Secondly, he must [57] have a clearHealing, 65:a long past which the victim (with his limited knowledge) is unable to investigate, nor can heHealing, 76:personality and egoic. If to this you add some knowledge of his astrological inclinations andHealing, 77:definitely considered and discovered, and this knowledge will reveal to the healer the probableHealing, 77:upon the science of the centers, and upon this knowledge all diagnosis and possible cure will beHealing, 88:in the various centers. When these two means of knowledge are available, the entire subject of theHealing, 110:This brevity and this system of imparting knowledge through the medium of hints is essentiallyHealing, 110:ladder of evolution. Right timing and a sound knowledge of the working of the Law of Karma, plus aHealing, 110:of spiritual healing. To this must be added the knowledge that the form nature and the physicalHealing, 134:or increases the evil state, according to the knowledge of the healer. The healer must seek to linkHealing, 166:of certain Words and Mantrams, then the academic knowledge would indeed be needless. But theseHealing, 167:final section. Therefore (until there is full knowledge) it is vitally necessary that the structureHealing, 176:forward intelligently and as the result of knowledge, of insight and of higher and subtlerHealing, 189:life and the illumined mind to profit by the knowledge conveyed, and to see behind the form ofHealing, 201:of control or cure, and in the East, where some knowledge can be found, nothing is done, owing toHealing, 206:he must work scientifically; he must apply knowledge and - after right diagnosis, after rightHealing, 206:the energy which loving intent and skilled knowledge has tapped and brought in is not permittedHealing, 213:which characterize a Master of the Wisdom. Knowledge concerning the endocrine or ductless glands isHealing, 213:citizen. That there is a considerable wealth of knowledge anent the sacral center (as the source ofHealing, 220:mankind. Here we shall enter the realm of occult knowledge and of esoteric information, and thisHealing, 228:so [228] from the occult angle of vision. True knowledge disproves it. In the infancy of the race,Healing, 236:and "light dispels all evil." The light of knowledge and the recognition of causes will bring aboutHealing, 237:keeper, and the keeping will take the form of knowledge and of "boycott and sanctions" - as it isHealing, 249:even though - owing to man's greater scientific knowledge - the epidemic factor may be keptHealing, 253:compromise and seem unable to recognize that the knowledge accumulated by medicine and by those whoHealing, 254:and Their disciples; it takes soul power and knowledge, plus the wisdom of the other healingHealing, 256:channels of proven helpfulness and upon the knowledge (acquired over centuries of experimentation)Healing, 256:usefulness apart from the already God-given knowledge which medicine down the ages has accumulated;Healing, 256:upon the work of some healer who works with no knowledge [257] of the karma of the patient. Many ofHealing, 272:relief of the patient; it is founded on a sure knowledge of anatomy, its diagnosis of requirementsHealing, 276:cannot cope with the mass of detailed knowledge now gathered re the physical body, its variousHealing, 278:normally have died. In this developed skill and knowledge, and in this aptitude in the care of theHealing, 279:overboard the contribution of the ages to man's knowledge of the human organism, its interrelationsHealing, 281:should eventually lead to an accumulation of knowledge anent energy, its focal points andHealing, 281:already gained in the field of exact physical knowledge, and that exact knowledge is a fact. Healing, 281:of exact physical knowledge, and that exact knowledge is a fact. Healing, 285:with some group which has sound occult knowledge, which can ascertain the patient's rays and whichHealing, 285:of over- or understimulation seem too great; the knowledge of the healer seems too small to permitHealing, 285:sincere investigator or slackened the growth of knowledge; in these days of pioneering [286] in theHealing, 307:method of focusing the mind, of synthesizing knowledge, and of becoming aware of the field ofHealing, 308:mental and spiritual perception and is definite knowledge, or an intuition, if you like, whichHealing, 314:by the orthodox medical profession, and this knowledge will suffice until such time as the causesHealing, 319:of the patient is not based at this time on knowledge and on mental polarization, or upon anHealing, 324:of sanitation, the use of water, and the growing knowledge of hydrotherapy are the precipitation onHealing, 346:is no pain or true suffering, and frequently no knowledge of the happening, for the vibration isHealing, 347:the soul. Where, however, [347] there is such knowledge, the soul experiences, if I might soHealing, 349:aspect of it has never been emphasized, and the knowledge of humanity on the subject of karma isHealing, 354:to consider it with greater understanding and knowledge, we shall be able to handle such diseasesHealing, 355:and how they can use whatever light and knowledge may be received, they negate any possibility ofHealing, 360:hearts and not upon our canvases. We arrive at knowledge of Him because He is ours, as we are His.Healing, 363:forward into the light? In the face of all his knowledge (and he may have much), and in spite ofHealing, 367:are the dispensers of the growing body of new knowledge in the world. Such is not the case. How canHealing, 367:and carry our thoughts from the points of living knowledge there to be found, we may become awareHealing, 375:goal. It is the synthesis of the life and of the knowledge which is desirable, and not a synthesisHealing, 375:who will be bound together by their common knowledge and aims, but who will all express this to theHealing, 379:A.A.B. on these matters which involve electrical knowledge and terms. There is no seed thought inHealing, 381:diseases. The inspiration and inflow of occult knowledge, via the disciples and initiates of theHealing, 382:direction. Man stands - in all fields of [382] knowledge - at a climaxing point; this has beenHealing, 382:physical body. The new learning and the coming knowledge will arise as a result of an awakeningHealing, 385:to a recognition above all of karma, and to a knowledge of divine destiny. This, if grasped, willHealing, 399:but an indication of a latent subjective knowledge, slowly coming to the surface. Something is onHealing, 405:is little that I can say upon this subject. The knowledge involved is not yet mine. [406] To turnHealing, 408:These form levels are (as you know well, for the knowledge constitutes the a.b.c. of the occultHealing, 440:But indication will give place to conviction and knowledge before another hundred years hasHealing, 440:will turn hope into certainty and belief into knowledge. In the meantime, let a new attitude toHealing, 443:ended and we shall soon enter upon a period of knowledge and of certainty which will cut the groundHealing, 457:new information which will slowly become common knowledge in the West during the next century. MuchHealing, 458:and eventually rupture the life thread, but the knowledge of this is too dangerous to transmit asHealing, 473:because you have confidence in my knowledge, or to reject them as fantastic, unverifiable and of noHealing, 479:to modern man a wide and definitely accurate knowledge of the outer aspects and effects of disease.Healing, 480:and disease, thereby attaining much skill, knowledge and frequent success. All this is good, inHealing, 481:of right psychological training, based upon a knowledge of the constitution of man, upon theHealing, 499:this is done through the illumination which knowledge brings and involves mainly the innate lightHealing, 502:now liberated, owning the quality of conscious knowledge and the fruit of all experience. These areHealing, 506:coordinated by the energy which streams from the knowledge petals of the egoic lotus, or from theHealing, 511:the lowest aspect of the soul, embodied in the knowledge petals, is to the concrete mind. ThisHealing, 513:within the form and to create the field of knowledge, peopled by the thought-forms into which theHealing, 514:and in full consciousness, and with real knowledge relinquishes his various vehicles. Steadily theHealing, 517:Putting it technically: the energy of the knowledge petals and the energy of the love petals areHealing, 525:of desire" of his patient. He must have exact knowledge. We read that he must "know the point exactHealing, 526:It will be obvious to you, therefore, how much knowledge and energy-control is required by the trueHealing, 526:whilst wise surgery and ameliorating medical knowledge are applied. This the usual so-calledHealing, 529:as you can appreciate, connotes much technical knowledge. Added to this, the healer must alsoHealing, 529:practicable, or impossible. This is a form of knowledge which no healer in the world at this timeHealing, 530:of orthodox medicine and in an exoteric knowledge of physical anatomy and of pathological symptoms,Healing, 530:and modes of handling disease. To this technical knowledge and understanding they will add aHealing, 530:experience gained in utilizing both fields of knowledge a new medical science will emerge, based
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