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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - KNOWLEDGE

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Intellect, 43:a human product, possessing a certain uniform knowledge, a certain stereotyped store of facts and aIntellect, 43:in the East, but a fairly high level of general knowledge. It has produced what we callIntellect, 44:West East Groups Individuals Books Bibles Knowledge Wisdom Objective Civilization SubjectiveIntellect, 44:West, and the grafting upon his body of imposed knowledge, of a technique of Soul Culture, as itIntellect, 44:which is so fast breaking down. The East needs knowledge and the imparting of information. The WestIntellect, 45:are needed: - trained minds with wide general knowledge as a foundation (and this our westernIntellect, 59:devotee and mystic. Direct experience is sought. Knowledge of the divine Self, and mental assuranceIntellect, 59:external aspects of manifestation) is towards knowledge of the soul and the use of the mind in theIntellect, 61:see, a strictly mental process, leading to soul knowledge and illumination. It is a fact in natureIntellect, 66:and recognitions which become formulated knowledge. Much confusion exists in the minds of many onIntellect, 67:to the practical work of preparation for divine knowledge and the man who started his long careerIntellect, 68:meditation, the reverse is the case, and through knowledge and understanding, the illuminated manIntellect, 68:those who are transiting into the realm of pure knowledge and of certainty. They cover those statesIntellect, 69:belief in insight as against discursive analytic knowledge; the belief in a way of wisdom, sudden,Intellect, 69:is belief in the possibility of a way of knowledge which may be called revelation or insight orIntellect, 69:vision: what others dimly seek he knows, with a knowledge beside which all other knowledge isIntellect, 69:knows, with a knowledge beside which all other knowledge is ignorance." "The second characteristicIntellect, 70:the mystical way is a preparation for the way of knowledge and where the mystic stops in adorationIntellect, 70:after the Beloved, the seeker after true knowledge takes up the task and carries the work forward.Intellect, 70:but there is something more. There is direct knowledge. There is an understanding of the lawsIntellect, 72:God and a child of God, have faded away in the knowledge and realization of unity. Dualism hasIntellect, 74:of strivings which drive us on towards knowledge, and of interior promptings, which have forcedIntellect, 76:of those [76]we love, forms of desire, forms of knowledge - the list is endless! For what are formsIntellect, 77:IV, 2. Slowly and gradually the work of direct knowledge becomes possible, and the glory which isIntellect, 80:into heaven. Through meditation, spiritual knowledge grows up within the mind, and from the basisIntellect, 80:within the mind, and from the basis of ordinary knowledge, we steadily expand our understanding ofIntellect, 80:expand our understanding of the term, until knowledge merges into wisdom. This is direct knowledgeIntellect, 80:knowledge merges into wisdom. This is direct knowledge of God by means of the mental faculty, soIntellect, 82:mind transmits (as we shall see later) soul knowledge to the physical brain; the emotional natureIntellect, 83:and through it the soul or Self transmits knowledge to the physical brain. Intellect, 86:its correct use may be profoundly true, but this knowledge serves no purpose unless each educatedIntellect, 95:the intellect and the power to think through to knowledge and understanding. The man who isIntellect, 96:of all channels of information in order to gain knowledge. This is fundamentally the meaning ofIntellect, 96:he gains practice in doing this, he arrives at a knowledge of Truth and is no longer taken in byIntellect, 97:forth from the soul a downpouring of light and knowledge, and Christ points this out in the words:Intellect, 98:man out of the realm of feeling into that of knowledge and then of intuitive illumination. TheseIntellect, 99:down into the brain consciousness of the knowledge achieved. Inspiration. The result ofIntellect, 99:followed, lead to union with the soul and direct knowledge of divinity. For the majority of thoseIntellect, 111:medium, information as to five vast fields of knowledge, or of five ranges of vibrations, is madeIntellect, 124:for the conclusions reached and the realm of knowledge entered are recorded as truth and provenIntellect, 125:states of consciousness and ranges of knowledge which have hitherto been sealed to him but whichIntellect, 125:awareness has given place in man to intellectual knowledge. Is it not possible that thisIntellect, 126:as the important factor. Second: As man grows in knowledge and in intellectual awareness, the brainIntellect, 127:Reality. This urge to a wider understanding and knowledge is being demonstrated on a large scale atIntellect, 127:the great world religions offer to man a way of knowledge and a process of unfoldment which can andIntellect, 129:and the spoken word, it reorients itself to new knowledge and begins to tap new sources ofIntellect, 129:of the memory and the cataloguing of world knowledge has prepared us. They have had their day. ForIntellect, 129:will enable a man to be aware of more fields of knowledge than he now contacts. Thus we shallIntellect, 133:dowered us, it seems possible that through knowledge of the way and through understanding of theIntellect, 133:experience may itself be transcended, and knowledge of divine things, and identification with theIntellect, 139:they find themselves possessed of a distinct knowledge of things, more luminous and more perfectIntellect, 143:right record and an accurate registering of its knowledge. Then, following upon this mentalIntellect, 147:which meditation brings the eastern aspirant to knowledge. But at this point the parallel breaksIntellect, 150:he has known and not merely felt, and often that knowledge remains an abiding possession which noIntellect, 151:Scriptures, the mind that reflects the light and knowledge of the omniscient soul, and the brainIntellect, 151:place, leading up to full illumination." "The knowledge (or illumination) achieved is sevenfold andIntellect, 154:himself as a Knower. The nature of the soul is knowledge and light, and its realm of existence isIntellect, 154:the Mind of God - that universal storehouse of knowledge whose door stands ever open to thoseIntellect, 155:to impress upon it as much of its Wisdom and Knowledge as it is capable of receiving andIntellect, 155:page 206. The illumination of the mind with knowledge and with a realization of union with DeityIntellect, 156:feeling altogether. It is a condition [156] of knowledge, it is a state wherein the mind is broughtIntellect, 157:is strongly stressed, and the quality of knowledge most apparent. Note what Meister Eckhart himselfIntellect, 157:that the kernel of eternal life lies rather in knowledge than in love... The soul is not dependentIntellect, 158:the difference between the two ways as follows: "Knowledge raises the soul to the rank of God; loveIntellect, 158:noted. For many at this time, the achievement of knowledge of God is of greater import than love ofIntellect, 159:the waiting and attentive "mind-stuff" of that knowledge and wisdom which is the prerogative of theIntellect, 159:of truth and direct understanding of a knowledge which is so wide and synthetic in its grasps thatIntellect, 159:nebulous term, the Universal Mind. This type of knowledge is sometimes called the Intuition, and isIntellect, 162:of a knowing faculty with its object. All knowledge is in some sort an assimilation; intuition isIntellect, 164:or of intuitions which convey exact and direct knowledge, for the intuition is ever infallible.Intellect, 164:down into the receptive brain the intuitions and knowledge which the soul has transmitted. WhenIntellect, 165:to the intuitive thinkers in all fields of knowledge, and to the telepathic and inspiredIntellect, 173:to be Sons of God and they carried that knowledge down into full realization in physicalIntellect, 177:to another dimension of living, seeks the way to knowledge and certainty. He discovers - when heIntellect, 179:of the knower with the instruments of knowledge... The illusion that the Perceiver and that whichIntellect, 186:He tells us that it was through "supreme perfect knowledge" that the Buddha arrived at the wisdomIntellect, 186:him from a Bodhisattva into a Buddha. This knowledge is "...a faculty both intellectual andIntellect, 189:of outer and inner), and thus, by the eye of Knowledge (Jnana-chaksus, an expression which might beIntellect, 189:of all existence, knowing (without this Knowledge implying any distinction of subject and object,Intellect, 189:by meditation...,then burning with the fire of Knowledge (realizing its essential identity with theIntellect, 189:is purified in fire." "When the Sun of spiritual Knowledge arises in the heart's heaven (that is toIntellect, 194:- this is the definite goal of the seeker after knowledge. The self, the not-self, and the relationIntellect, 200:indicating the call of the soul to the Path of Knowledge. No one should be deterred if he discoversIntellect, 200:at once if we choose. We possess a great deal of knowledge, mental power, and capacities, whichIntellect, 200:between the knower and the instrument of knowledge becomes steadily and revealingly apparent. AtIntellect, 205:to follow, for instance, after death... By true knowledge the individual soul does not becomeIntellect, 209:them to reach the same goal, and attain the same knowledge, and enter into the same [210] Light toIntellect, 211:presents no barrier to the inflow of spiritual knowledge to the brain. When these two effects haveIntellect, 211:eastern teaching that the soul (with the higher knowledge and the faculty of intuitionalIntellect, 212:and potently as he discovers new realms of knowledge. Two: In the region of the pituitary body, weIntellect, 215:give up their pursuit in this field of knowledge because they lack the needed perseverance, orIntellect, 233:be confounded with emotions? Why should not knowledge be just as divine as feeling? Of course, thisIntellect, 233:breaking through into the realm of ascertained knowledge and leaving its more brilliant brotherIntellect, 234:that the goal can be achieved and definite knowledge of the technique of the method. This, with theIntellect, 240:thought." From the realm of ideas (or of soul knowledge) energy pours through. The "public opinion"Intellect, 241:betterment; all religious concepts and all outer knowledge of the Causes which produce objectivity.Intellect, 246:by the very wonder of the contacted vision and knowledge. But they over-estimate their capacity;Intellect, 247:should always bear in mind is that all knowledge and instructions are conveyed to the mind andIntellect, 250:may be tapping the wealth of the subconscious knowledge which is his, and which he has accumulatedIntellect, 251:and racial barriers; it will convey definite knowledge and carry a note of authority by its appeal
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