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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - KNOWLEDGE

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Intellect, 252:of personalities, and will have a working knowledge of the apparatus with which they are working.Intellect, 252:themselves upon a pedestal of righteousness and knowledge from whence they proclaim the truth asIntellect, 253:none of the sons of God outside its field of knowledge. It is possible to mention other forms ofMagic, 7:guided so many out of darkness into the light of knowledge [8] and experience. The postulates mightMagic, 11:and steadily matured. Through a clear knowledge of the goal, that entity sets in activity thoseMagic, 11:with his own higher self, he participates in the knowledge of the objective, and when throughMagic, 12:consciousness which brings with it faculties and knowledge of a different order than that in theMagic, 12:imprison, and give man a range of contacts and a knowledge which is infallible, free from error,Magic, 14:on White Magic - Introductory Remarks 5. Knowledge might be divided into three categories: First,Magic, 14:three categories: First, there is theoretical knowledge. This includes all knowledge of which manMagic, 14:is theoretical knowledge. This includes all knowledge of which man is aware but which is acceptedMagic, 14:by the specialists in the various branches of knowledge. It is founded on authoritative statementsMagic, 14:mind. Then, secondly, we have discriminative knowledge, which has in it a selective quality andMagic, 15:to the emergence of the third branch of knowledge, the intuitive. The intuition is in reality onlyMagic, 16:and many are hovering on the borders of a new knowledge. The intuition which guides all advancedMagic, 16:call it omniscience, infallibility, the "correct knowledge" of the Hindu philosophy. When manMagic, 17:are the mass of the educated people who have knowledge but not understanding, and who have yet toMagic, 24:or love-wisdom, and of group intelligence or knowledge, covering all by the generic term ofMagic, 26:phrase is legitimate) and means of knowledge of which average man has no idea; they penetrate orMagic, 27:responsive to the soul. Man was awakened to a knowledge of himself as he really was and to theMagic, 40:the second aspect of the Monad. 3rd Aspect - Knowledge. This aspect is brought into touch with theMagic, 41:comprehension by the man who has arrived at soul-knowledge. The great need at this time is forMagic, 55:Later we may get down to the application of knowledge to the outer manifestation of world forces,Magic, 55:as to the reality of that divine fact. This knowledge renders the hitherto assumed reality of theMagic, 55:to Understand his own nature. This involves some knowledge of the teaching of the past as to theMagic, 58:the whole matter with greater interest and knowledge. They will also save themselves much lookingMagic, 59:the radius of awareness grows and new fields of knowledge unfold. The first field of knowledgeMagic, 59:fields of knowledge unfold. The first field of knowledge receiving illumination might be describedMagic, 59:and thoughts under control, the second field of knowledge is revealed - knowledge of the self inMagic, 59:the second field of knowledge is revealed - knowledge of the self in the spiritual body, knowledgeMagic, 59:- knowledge of the self in the spiritual body, knowledge of the ego as it expresses itself throughMagic, 60:forward into ever clearer light. As the knowledge of the self and as the consciousness of thatMagic, 66:the silence that comes from strength and from knowledge, how will they bear the apparent lack ofMagic, 67:to the Universal Mind must protect some of their knowledge from the intrusion of other minds.Magic, 67:to inhibit certain thoughts, and prevent certain knowledge from leaking out into the publicMagic, 69:method he will grow, for the roots of intuitive knowledge are laid deep within the soul and theMagic, 78:such an adequate school of endeavor. There knowledge of occultism dates back tens of thousands ofMagic, 82:student can contrast preceding lives, and gain knowledge of the basic coloring of his previous lifeMagic, 85:This is in line also with the law of occult knowledge that one begins with universals. It should beMagic, 90:over those who are simply aspiring to that knowledge, and their contact and the results of theMagic, 100:light bearer, transmitting the light of knowledge, of wisdom, and of understanding, and this in theMagic, 100:the result of man's growing illumination. His knowledge aspect of light has brought this intoMagic, 108:at will. Then, by the act of the will and the knowledge of certain words of Power he can enter intoMagic, 110:one serves one's apprenticeship? Is not true knowledge a species of intellectual love? If a poetMagic, 110:to know God, with the view of interpreting that knowledge in love to all. [111] Responsible love,Magic, 111:forms of life, will follow on a more developed knowledge of God, but this will be part of hisMagic, 120:[120] rest assured that, until the path of Knowledge has been added to the path of Love, he canMagic, 120:the other. To answer categorically: The path of knowledge is that of the occultist and the sage;Magic, 120:occultist has been the saintly mystic. True knowledge is intelligent love, for it is the blendingMagic, 120:application to life has to be worked out through knowledge. It is of prime value to recognize theMagic, 126:is intelligent love can be trusted with the knowledge, the symbols and the formulas which areMagic, 132:approach and impress upon the quiescent soul the knowledge that He seeks to impart, the lesson thatMagic, 134:the balance that comes from self-acquired knowledge. The forces that have been set in motion by theMagic, 134:power of thought. The need for scientific knowledge on these two matters. Magic, 143:remembering the injunction, "You must attain to knowledge, ere you can attain to speech"? HavingMagic, 146:As the mind appropriates and synthesizes this knowledge, the dweller in the form passes through theMagic, 153:but that the strength of the band is theirs, the knowledge of the band is theirs too as theyMagic, 165:He experiences flashes of insight, and of knowledge which seem unaccountable and of no immediateMagic, 169:the lower sheaths. They can use the infallible knowledge of the intuition, and the illumination ofMagic, 173:attention and thus draw on His strength and knowledge and advice. This is an instantaneousMagic, 173:chelas who can be depended upon not to use the knowledge for anything except the need of the work;Magic, 175:souls have to impart. They tap the sources of knowledge stored in the egoic consciousness. TheyMagic, 175:egoic consciousness. They become aware of the knowledge stored up in the brains of disciples on theMagic, 176:must be ready to superimpose upon the modicum of knowledge which they possess a further structureMagic, 177:the following ways: 1. They write from personal knowledge, and therefore employ their concreteMagic, 177:their concrete minds at the task of stating this knowledge in terms that will reveal the truth toMagic, 178:educated a man may be, the wider his range of knowledge and scope of world interests, the easier itMagic, 178:inner side to render, through his agency, the knowledge to be imparted. Frequently the dictatedMagic, 180:again, as in the case of H. P. B. you have deep knowledge, ability to be inspired and mentalMagic, 180:that the soul is always good; it may lack knowledge in the three worlds and in this way beMagic, 180:but in the case of those who write from personal knowledge the errors in expression will be of noMagic, 182:enough experience of truth in the world. More knowledge must be acquired as to the nature ofMagic, 182:use it in their work, knowing that right use of knowledge leads to experience and achievement ofMagic, 184:and throws into objectivity three fields of knowledge. This is often forgotten and hence the undueMagic, 186:helped in other ways and has, for instance, much knowledge from books and teachers which is as yetMagic, 189:and Eye Heart, Throat and Eye Later, when the knowledge here conveyed is assimilated, the aspirantMagic, 190:I am assuming in the student an elementary knowledge of the vital body and of its force centers andMagic, 190:with purposeful intent, for until there is knowledge and clear vision, imaginative assumption is aMagic, 194:nature. The average student starts with the knowledge that he has centers, and with a desire forMagic, 196:outer circle of petals in the egoic lotus, the knowledge petals. The etheric body as a whole, as itMagic, 198:first initiation is this the case, for he has no knowledge of the history of the past, nor anyMagic, 200:in some measure the responsibility entailed by knowledge. Do you appreciate the fact that if youMagic, 203:to be strengthened. Then in the light of true knowledge, let him go forward upon the path of hisMagic, 216:modes of Being. To the disciple this will carry knowledge. To the ignorant no sense is seen for aMagic, 239:achievement for selfish ends, and the use of knowledge for personality objectives stand before theMagic, 242:the understanding of the law of cycles, we gain knowledge of the underlying laws of evolution andMagic, 246:of energy rightly used and directed. With full knowledge of his divine Sonship and a potent mindMagic, 247:When, through occult unfoldment and esoteric knowledge, the relation between the personality andMagic, 263:he lives, that for which - in ignorance, in knowledge or in wisdom - he wields as much of the lawMagic, 276:field of operation. This is now taking place. Knowledge of the seven ray types is beginning toMagic, 276:permeate among the thinkers of the race and this knowledge was in past aeons the prerogative of theMagic, 280:For him there has to be that attainment of knowledge, of strength, and of coordination between theMagic, 287:for me to hint. Those of you who have the inner knowledge will comprehend at once. To Will. TheseMagic, 288:to the word, cease their activities. Let knowledge end in wisdom. Let the point vibrating becomeMagic, 290:with the etheric body and yet little real knowledge is theirs. They know little or nothing of theMagic, 291:of the soul is tapped, the more detailed knowledge will gradually fall into place. The other typesMagic, 297:in seeking to master them that man arrives at knowledge of himself and so becomes a Master. TheMagic, 302:ended and we shall soon enter upon a period of knowledge and of certainty which will cut away theMagic, 318:advanced practice and calls for more magical knowledge, consists of the emanating of certainMagic, 319:and is utilized by the initiate. Through a knowledge of the law and of certain Words of Power he
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