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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - KNOWLEDGE

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Psychology2, 277:the people to the Path of Light, of which knowledge and wisdom are two aspects. These, when broughtPsychology2, 280:exist. There is no mystery where there is knowledge and faith. The coming of the Avatar Who willPsychology2, 280:which will express the light, the love and the knowledge of God. These three Temples of thePsychology2, 286:the unfolding of the outer layer of petals, the knowledge petals, which are formed of three typesPsychology2, 318:teaching of certain schools of psychologists) of knowledge anent this wish life and its increasingPsychology2, 324:of the equipment. There will be no true wisdom. Knowledge comes, as the individual integrates intoPsychology2, 324:soul arrives at a full awareness of the field of knowledge. This soul is the identity which isPsychology2, 324:and the center of experience expands in knowledge. Today this knowledge is of a very high order,Psychology2, 324:of experience expands in knowledge. Today this knowledge is of a very high order, and the world isPsychology2, 325:power of the soul which is ready to transmute knowledge into wisdom. An incarnate soul, which isPsychology2, 382:man is definitely oriented to soul contact and knowledge, and frequently the mind (when it is thePsychology2, 383:proves inadequate to the demands of soul knowledge) into three major groups, or ratherPsychology2, 386:which brings the illumination of direct knowledge to the mind. The one to which I here refer is,Psychology2, 390:of the higher mind. From the higher mind to the knowledge petals of the egoic lotus. From thesePsychology2, 394:ray has been [394] called the Ray of Detailed Knowledge and where this term has been employed, thePsychology2, 395:effort in my attempt to show the vastness of the knowledge required When a man begins to use thesePsychology2, 396:will usurp the place of the present theoretical knowledge and belief. The creative imagination willPsychology2, 396:The disciple will seek to bring the light of knowledge to them first of all, and then the light ofPsychology2, 397:slowly coming into expression and to fruition - knowledge, synthesis, beauty, science, idealism andPsychology2, 401:to that assured faith which is based upon direct knowledge and vision. I have briefly indicated thePsychology2, 413:psychologists add to the amazingly interesting knowledge they have of the lower man, an occidentalPsychology2, 467:call illumination for lack of a better word. All knowledge is a form of light, for it throws lightPsychology2, 468:and sees too much. It becomes aware of too much knowledge. This produces irregularities in thePsychology2, 486:Some of these people are working with real knowledge, and, therefore, quite safely; others arePsychology2, 492:some Member of the Hierarchy; he may regard the knowledge as coming to him through his ownPsychology2, 492:of the Plan. If he achieves and interprets this knowledge in a truly right way, he is perforcePsychology2, 502:the man can impress the physical brain with a knowledge of those activities [503] and on returningPsychology2, 508:the happenings, the ideas, and the life and knowledge of the soul realm are [509] being registeredPsychology2, 509:or process. Only the man himself, from his knowledge of himself, can rightly interpret this classPsychology2, 510:information is of no true importance where knowledge of the divine is concerned. It is claimed thatPsychology2, 511:ever seen - but it has made no mass use of the knowledge, and the people in the Orient do notPsychology2, 513:and physically - along with deep spiritual knowledge, definite mystical phenomena and highPsychology2, 521:interested to do so. They can thus clarify their knowledge anent the various centers. One thing IPsychology2, 521:Conflict - Ajna center. Ray five - Concrete Knowledge - Sacral center. Ray six - Devotion - SolarPsychology2, 543:occult life have been (and rightly) the notes of knowledge, of the mental approach to the problemPsychology2, 543:he must lose his sense of the Beloved in the knowledge that he and the beloved are one and that thePsychology2, 544:that the occultist over-estimates the way of knowledge and repeats glibly that the mind is thePsychology2, 546:Then (under right direction and guidance plus a knowledge of the rules) the mystic can work withPsychology2, 546:by the same correct occult and psychological knowledge. The ills with which we are dealing are,Psychology2, 556:the future to proceed with a greater surety and knowledge. They will thus be more accurately surePsychology2, 560:service 3. Realization 4. Perfection 5. All knowledge 5th 6th [561] 5th 4th 3rd It can be notedPsychology2, 562:idealism. Spiritual discernment. Idealism. All knowledge. Psychology2, 563:and its realized adequacy. Smell - Perfected Knowledge. The principle of manas in itsPsychology2, 566:The recipient simply knows and the imparted knowledge takes form in the consciousness without anyPsychology2, 566:people instantaneously step down into form the knowledge which has been imparted; they will see thePsychology2, 568:neither understood nor controlled by [568] knowledge and they usually make their owner a victim orPsychology2, 575:of Occultism. All these expressions of divine knowledge are connected with, and dependent upon, thePsychology2, 584:to mental telepathy and finally to spiritual knowledge. b. Sight Clairvoyance This leads eventuallyPsychology2, 585:this time on Mars. It is spiritual telepathy and knowledge. Sight - is the keynote of the evolutionPsychology2, 596:of the Masters. Only where there is direction, a knowledge of a man's governing rays and a grasp ofPsychology2, 605:at this time, who lack much technical knowledge either of divine law or of the constitution of manPsychology2, 607:in the head and the other to the acquiring of knowledge. This registering of light within thePsychology2, 612:of the brain and the dissemination of knowledge in the brain. Psychology2, 625:to be found of [625] the finiteness of man's knowledge, of the insufficiency of his accumulatedPsychology2, 664:and also to direct and further their efforts. Knowledge of these ideals will be spread everywherePsychology2, 673:lines but with differing methods. Through their knowledge of their own country, and of the best wayPsychology2, 678:only theories to the mass, though established knowledge to the few. They are: The fact of anPsychology2, 700:the full moon period, nor have they any personal knowledge of the situation as outlined. Some doPsychology2, 705:proposition of the value to psychology of a knowledge of the rays. We have considered thePsychology2, 710:their higher mental equipment and their wider knowledge of the world. Nothing has been done reallyPsychology2, 711:the wealth of information is of real service. Knowledge when given must be used; it must be made ofPsychology2, 712:men and by the constant dissemination of any knowledge which you may possess. Distribution of thePsychology2, 737:they work in touch with the Plan and have a deep knowledge of the general trend of the evolutionaryRayslower life perceptions into the field of clear knowledge and the realm where daylight is found; heRays, 6:vast and (to the majority) unknown fields of knowledge. Rays, 7:development which will put into his power: The knowledge of certain laws governing matter and form.Rays, 11:light. The work you have to do is to take the knowledge which is yours and adjust its applicationRays, 26:"new" in this connotation is related to human knowledge but not to the initiatory procedure. ThatRays, 27:have to grasp the fact of the extent of their knowledge being dependent upon theirRays, 33:personal self, and the subordination of the knowledge aspect of the soul to the clear pure light ofRays, 37:refers to the usage by the group of the given knowledge and intuitively perceived information inRays, 44:must be invoked if he is to arrive at right knowledge. I shall sometimes indicate the initiationRays, 53:He can then penetrate into the divine arcana of knowledge, share in the divine omnipresence and -Rays, 56:it is the task of the Hierarchy to restore the knowledge of its meaning, of its threefoldRays, 83:subject. It is essential, however, that some knowledge begin to reach the public anent the highestRays, 103:of form and its contacts (which we call knowledge), have in themselves produced a greatRays, 116:of separation. Such is its goal. Reflect. Knowledge will come." "Beyond the door is greater lightRays, 117:the form, he knows himself as rich in love, in knowledge, wisdom, insight, and all the panoply ofRays, 127:are still fanatically working in the Hall of Knowledge and are still so earnest over the physicalRays, 131:attainment; it steadily supersedes soul knowledge, and the energy pouring in to his [132]Rays, 133:of the effects of this steadily growing fund of knowledge. It has become the possession of the manyRays, 133:or the crass credulity of the recipient. But the knowledge, belief and hope in the existence of aRays, 139:of truth will be found to convey all the knowledge with which the initiate must stand equippedRays, 142:of gas, and later of electricity. The light of knowledge, as the reward of educational processes,Rays, 145:was seen on a worldwide scale prior to 1825. The knowledge of the Hierarchy is also spreading overRays, 200:if it provides an alibi for grasped knowledge, if it is assumed in order to avoid responsibility,Rays, 202:those of the higher degrees of initiation. This knowledge constitutes the first step towards theRays, 202:pairs of opposites, and towards the knowledge which lies behind the significance of negation. TheRays, 229:It is through intuitive human beings that knowledge of the Plan is given to humanity and the workRays, 231:though they will be experiments based upon vast knowledge and implemented with wisdom andRays, 233:World Servers, even though they have no occult knowledge and have never heard of their co-workersRays, 249:Then no questioning can ever arise and sure knowledge takes its place. There are no questions ofRays, 250:There are certain phases of teaching and knowledge which I have given to the world which areRays, 255:of bridging treatises between the material knowledge of man and the science of the initiates hasRays, 257:the Earth; a new divine quality, of which no knowledge at present exists, will make its presenceRays, 286:note that the applicant eventually arrives at knowledge and begins to know; the disciple or theRays, 287:of those conditions which permit of soul knowledge are the elementary lessons of the aspirant. WithRays, 288:between the knowing of the aspirant and the knowledge of the initiated disciple? It is theRays, 288:of form and soul, and the area covered by his knowledge is that of the three worlds, plus the levelRays, 288:triplicity: himself as the knower, his field of knowledge, and that which is the agent of knowing,
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