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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - KNOWLEDGE

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Rays, 733:Logos, and Whose greatness, beauty, goodness and knowledge are to our planetary Logos what His lifeRays, 738:human being to pass into that kingdom. The knowledge that there may be greater manifestations thanRays, 760:events which are already within your working knowledge a definite part of your own spiritualRays, 765:are the great Helpers and in Their hands lies knowledge for the next generation. Approach. Reappearance, 10:that the Avatar should come again; it is the knowledge of both these demands which has led theReappearance, 15:Let us look at this uniqueness and gain some knowledge of the situation into which the Christ willReappearance, 18:human relations, all modes of acquiring real knowledge, all methods of transmuting knowledge intoReappearance, 18:real knowledge, all methods of transmuting knowledge into wisdom and understanding, all thatReappearance, 23:the evolutionary process) the unique spread of knowledge about the spiritual Hierarchy and theReappearance, 25:At the highest point of this consummated knowledge and at the moment of His complete surrender toReappearance, 26:small attention to the aspect of His reaction to knowledge, as it unfolded itself to [27] Him. WeReappearance, 27:lesser initiates) concerns the certainty of the knowledge the initiate has gained throughReappearance, 39:that today there should be a measure of fuller knowledge concerning the "center where the will ofReappearance, 40:and sound that - united to the wisdom and the knowledge of the Spiritual Hierarchy - it has givenReappearance, 47:unbelievers), will soon give place to certain knowledge, to visual recognition, to provable signsReappearance, 84:unfolded in humanity a mass responsiveness to knowledge and to the principle of intelligence, so inReappearance, 84:systems of the world and the spread of that knowledge which is distinctive of our presentReappearance, 94:exist. There is no mystery where there is knowledge and faith. All we know at this time is that theReappearance, 94:which will express the light, the love and the knowledge of God in a crescendo of revelation. [95]Reappearance, 97:over His task, the intelligent principle or knowledge, which is the outstanding characteristic ofReappearance, 97:of which we know nothing but of which both knowledge and wisdom have been expressing themselvesReappearance, 101:by some the astral body and the sum total of His knowledge and His thought, called His mind orReappearance, 120:will attempt to go. 'When Christ reappears, our knowledge will become more true and realistic; weReappearance, 120:experimenting with us. This proven and accepted knowledge will regenerate the very sources of ourReappearance, 120:power. The Law of Rebirth embodies the practical knowledge which men need today to conduct rightlyReappearance, 123:greatest spiritual science and area of divine knowledge in the world, the fringes of which haveReappearance, 123:revelation of the soul that Mystery (which soul knowledge veils) will stand revealed. TheReappearance, 150:facts must be added man's assured, instinctive knowledge of the existence of the Path to God and ofReappearance, 163:for Whom all men wait, the Christ, can come. The knowledge that He is ready and anxious publicly toReappearance, 165:mankind has steadily moved onward in wisdom and knowledge, and a wide inclusiveness, plus theReappearance, 165:with us at all times; it must be grounded in the knowledge that the war - with all its unspeakableReappearance, 166:as they are, thus arriving at a better knowledge of ourselves and of our motives. Reappearance, 180:is, and a new form of divine appeal which a knowledge of meditation has now made possible. There isReappearance, 182:will be ushered in by an outpouring of the Love, Knowledge and Harmony of God Himself, as well asReappearance, 183:has been reorganized and revitalized; the knowledge of its existence is spreading all over theReappearance, 187:and this zeal are founded on a deep intuitive knowledge. May it not be a divine fact that "faith isSoul, 15:or composite school, [15] based upon the exact knowledge of the Occident and the introspectiveSoul, 16:past, much gained experience and accumulated knowledge, which stands thus waiting, but it is also aSoul, 17:of mind for students in all fields of human knowledge, Bertrand Russell says: "What we need is notSoul, 17:appropriate in psychology, the oldest branch of knowledge in the world, and yet the youngest toSoul, 19:book as follows: "The most precious bit of knowledge we possess today about Man is that he is theSoul, 20:about man, his behavior and equipment. This knowledge should be invaluable in producing a betterSoul, 25:prove his position and cite his cases, and his knowledge of the mechanism of man which he claims isSoul, 28:claiming to know the Self, and through that knowledge to be in touch with the subjective Self, withSoul, 29:results may be achieved? Cannot the scientific knowledge of the West about the form, and theSoul, 36:by more adequate and better [36] grounded knowledge, we will find the seat of temperament in, or inSoul, 87:effects somehow cohere in consciousness, and the knowledge of this fact inspired the hypothesis ofSoul, 90:first of all, and produced a structure of knowledge, based on natural facts, which has offset theSoul, 92:has done much, through his books, to bring a knowledge of this Eastern teaching and of thisSoul, 93:about it. It lies in the fact that through a knowledge of a certain technical method it becomesSoul, 95:from it, and that it is only our infirmity of knowledge which obliges us, in our attemptedSoul, 103:are located in the cortex of the brain, where knowledge of action and sensation is manifested.Soul, 129:it is to be hoped, we shall have sufficient knowledge and experience to work with intelligenceSoul, 131:about a union of the wisdom of the East and the knowledge of the West, so that the best aspects ofSoul, 131:have always been the starting point for knowledge. We assume then, as a working hypothesis that manSoul, 132:and the mind, in order to arrive at spiritual knowledge. This long line of knowers of God have usedSoul, 133:through the wide dissemination of human [133] knowledge and the close intercourse existing betweenSoul, 133:treatment of the physical body, utilizing the knowledge of the West, particularly with reference toSoul, 133:and a sane psychoanalysis, thus arriving at a knowledge of the mechanism, mental, emotional andSoul, 134:It is also apparent that perfect intellectual knowledge of the soul and of the world which thatSoul, 134:it can go forward from feeling and adoration to knowledge, and from love of God into knowledge ofSoul, 134:to knowledge, and from love of God into knowledge of God. [135] This will be the case when theSoul, 135:case when the wisdom of the East is added to the knowledge of the West and the technique of theSoul, 135:achieved purity and poise. He is not permitted knowledge of the laws governing energy until suchSoul, 136:brain (by way of the controlled mind) of soul knowledge and energy. This activity of the soulSoul, 136:we are taught that man can arrive at a definite knowledge of the soul, and can know himself to beSoul, 138:body and the centers is admitted, much real knowledge may come. Soul, 151:from things spiritual. Once we realize that the knowledge of higher laws can overcome theTelepathy, 14:wish, of imprint, and therefore of some form of knowledge. [15] This is the simplest statement ofTelepathy, 15:the West by the terms: the Knower, the Field of Knowledge, and the Known. You have oft been toldTelepathy, 35:being; it is based, as you know, upon direct knowledge, unimpeded by any instrument normallyTelepathy, 47:element which binds together the entire realm of knowledge, of science and of religion. TheTelepathy, 47:deeper into the arcana of all wisdom, for which knowledge is the preparatory stage. This Science ofTelepathy, 55:will not be frustrated in the long run. In this knowledge of goals already achieved in the threeTelepathy, 57:- in time and space - what we invoke; and the knowledge of this fact, scientifically applied, willTelepathy, 58:for my laying the foundations of further knowledge which will clarify still higher contact,Telepathy, 73:desire; later, through the use of his acquired knowledge, he proceeds to what is called "theTelepathy, 91:which are hidden in the Mind of God. To that knowledge - germinated and formed in the solar systemTelepathy, 92:a responsibility. This he does through a growing knowledge of himself and through learning the artTelepathy, 94:Purpose is added to the content of his available knowledge. The point which I seek to make here,Telepathy, 95:the material for teaching and the "fount of knowledge" upon which he can draw when he seeks to aidTelepathy, 96:aura (with which he has surrounded himself) the knowledge and the wisdom which he realizes hisTelepathy, 96:A disciple is a magnetic center of light and knowledge just in so far as the magnetic aura is heldTelepathy, 97:Response. I would recall to your minds the knowledge that the aura which each of you has createdTelepathy, 110:Real," and the sources and modes of subjective knowledge still remain in a dark area of the humanTelepathy, 111:The soul of the telepathic individual, using the knowledge petals of the egoic lotus - a high formTelepathy, 117:such neophytes and thus to impress them with the knowledge and the subtle information needed forTelepathy, 121:can judge and recognize. This Plan is based upon knowledge of divine guidance in the Past, theTelepathy, 128:is, after all, simply the development of the knowledge of substance and of form; this knowledgeTelepathy, 128:of the knowledge of substance and of form; this knowledge will make it possible for humanityTelepathy, 130:Will, and animates all forms with electric fire. Knowledge of this Will and Purpose comes to theTelepathy, 144:students are apt to forget. It is here that knowledge of the egoic and of the personality rays isTelepathy, 173:use of energy in service. It is here that the knowledge of the number of the petals which form aTelepathy, 173:which form a center is involved, because this knowledge indicates the number of the energies whichTelepathy, 182:System We shall now endeavor to apply whatever knowledge is available to you at this time in
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